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Trump’s Online and Offline Reputation is Spreading Beyond Borders

With a reputation of insults and a bombastic nature, Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene has disrupted the political scale and has managed to confuse many. As Americans seem to vote in his favor, one must wonder why with his recent scandals and his constant insults.

Trump’s reputation as a business person was always a shady one, but there was no denying his sense of marketing and promotion. That is what has gotten him this far. Self-promotion has been his best friend and in doing so, he has garnered a group of followers but also a group of protestors.

Insults, half-truths, and lies are what Trump is known for and has been for years. He has yet to lay out actual plans of action. He would rather mention the topic without giving his audience the information. But in some circles, that seems enough to keep his numbers high and attendance to his speeches full.

The media jumps on the wagon every day. When Trump speaks, the news cycle repeats his words until they each is ingrained into the memories of Americans. Whether bullying Hilliary Clinton or making wild claims of deportation of Muslims, the media is right there to report it repeatedly. Not even an expert online reputation company can compete with that nonsense.

As Trump’s insults go beyond the borders of America, his reputation has suffered in other countries as well. From the Mexican President to Chinese leaders of commerce, the reputation of Trump is not kept within the borders of the United States. But the mixture of reviews keeps everyone at the edge of their seat to catch what he says next.

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Athleisure in the Nightlife

Athleisure has become a hot fashion trend that people are embracing for their active life, casual days and even as work attire. Now athleisure is taking the next step out —while clad in a stylish athletic shoe- into being a part of the nightlife.

In an interview with the magazine for fashion and beauty minded people -Marie Claire- Kate Hudson details how her own line of active wear has began to branch into selling athleisure nightlife style.
Read the full interview on Kate Hudson Fabletics Interview 2016

Kate Hudson is affiliated with the popular Fabletics active wear company. Fabletics is a branch off from the JustFab fashion membership retail company. Likewise Fabletics has a membership option for their customers to get the best deals from them every month. They do however offer customers to shop as guests from the Fabletics webstore or brick and mortar locations.

The company just launched their first ever designed dresses on April 1 of this year. They have so far been earning praise from athleisure trendy ladies.

When asked why women like the idea of athleisure dresses Kate Hudson immediately identifies the reason to be a desire for comfort while still looking stylish. She says that all of the Fabletics dresses are made from the same material as the rest of the athletic wear from the company. The material allows ladies to stretch, bend, walk, and relax comfortably. It isn’t difficult to get in and out of a car with a Fabletics athleisure wear dress on. The dresses are form-fitting so spanx aren’t necessary to wear underneath them and a few of them have bras built in. This makes the dresses all the more comfortable.

Kate Hudson also mentioned to Marie Claire information about the other new products from Fabletics. They just released swim wear this year. The secure design of the swimsuits with cute, feminine designs make these swimsuits a match made in heaven for your summer if you don’t want your swimsuit accidentally falling off or slipping from your body.

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