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Madison Street Capital: The Most Reputable Investment Banking Institution


Madison Street Capital is a leading investment bank that does Debt Financing Investment and Private Equity. Madison Street Capital’s reputation is on the rise following their success over the many years of experience in the industry. The company has experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships to match the dynamic middle market of investment banking and financial services. The company is one of the leading providers of mergers & acquisitions and corporate financial advisory. Madison Street Capital wide base of financial experts can arrange the appropriate capitalization structure and finance to suit your unique needs.

The Chicago-based company is targeting the top middle investment banking markets. Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. The company draws out a full set of skills to prove a wide range of services in the investment banking industry. The company has a reputation to protect. Their seasoned experts understand every client’s unique problems. For this reason, they will develop the most appropriate solution to your company. For the company owners looking for prospective investors and buyers, Madison Street Capital has the best solution for you. The offer services including building a sound exit strategy, selling a business, favorable lending, and the simple corporate matters concerning governance. The company has a reputation and history for excellence in the industry.

For all these years of professional experience, Madison Street Capital has helped their clients in numerous ways. The company has an in-depth understanding of the vertical industries. Their experience has stretched beyond corporate finance and governance areas. For this reason, they remain the leader in financial services advisory, mergers & acquisitions, and other property valuations. The company has a worldwide view that emphasizes on business networks and local relationships.

Madison Street Capital’s know-how includes:
Tax Planning and Wealth Preservation
• Tax Planning
• Build Wealth
• Business Exit Planning

Asset Management Industry Focus
• Portfolio Valuation Services
• Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
• Financial Sponsor Coverage
• Restructuring Services

Financial Opinions
• Solvency & Capital Adequacy
• Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions

Valuation for Financial Reporting
• Structured Finance Products
• Purchase Price Allocations
• Share-Based Compensation
• Goodwill & Intangible Asset Impairment

Business Valuation
• Tax Compliance
• Company Valuation

Corporate Advisory
• Private Placements
• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
• Reorganization Services
• Capital Restructuring
• ESOP Advisory
• Bankruptcy Services
• Corporate Governance
• Buy Out Advisory

Madison Street Capital is one of the companies in the world that are committed to excellence and integrity. Their services and leadership portray the benefits of operating with them. For them to stay at the top, they have taken the great interests of their highly-esteemed clients at heart. For every tenacious opportunity, they are there to respond quickly. Their approach creates financial transactions for both the investors and business owners. For all special needs presented to the company, they have a better way to provide solutions in finance and mergers & acquisition. Learn more:

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All about Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup line ‘Lime Crime.’ Back in 2008, she searched everywhere for bright colored lipstick, but couldn’t find it anywhere. The only thing she found was the typical nude and natural colors. She eventually got tired of looking and made her own. She eventually came out with her own unicorn lipstick products. Doe Deere has always been a unique individual and you can really see that in her makeup line. lime Crime is very different from the other makeup lines. Her unicorn lipstick line was one of the very first odd and radical colored lipsticks to hit the market. And apparently, Doe wasn’t alone in the drive for crazy colored lipstick because her lipsticks were a huge success. And still today Doe is coming up with unique products that are really popular. Lime Crime has a brand new matte liquid lipstick line that has been a huge success!

Doe states that she has always been a dreamer. She was born in Russia, but moved to New York City at the age of seventeen. She wanted to pursue a music career, so she joined a band while she was there. Doe says that longing to be a musician is what started her idea to dream big. Later on she really got into makeup and fell in love with it. She wanted to do something different and she did just that. Doe is also known as the “Queen of Unicorns.” She makes all thing rainbow and you can tell by her line that she is and always has been a dreamer. She always has a new color of hair, and a new shade of lipstick. Doe has always been into makeup and fashion. Makeup and fashion has always been the perfect way for her to express her uniqueness. She has her own sense of style and wears it proud. Doe encourages others to follow their heart and to “Go where you love,” and to explore it. She also encourages others to be themselves and she is a perfect example of why we should listen!

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Town Residential Expanding their Business; Opening another outpost

You know that your business is really growing when you are able to afford a 10th outpost less than 3 years after you started out. Well, this is the success story that Town Residential has had. The company, which was started in 2011, was able to open their 10th outpost in 2013. The office was to be located in a position between TriBeCa and Hudson Yards so as to serve those communities. It is important to note that raising the rent for the meat packing district is no mean fete.

The great thing about the new location is that it is close to the residential homes of the affluent. This means that the company is now close to the type of clientele that they have been targeting. In addition to getting this wonderful location, they have found a great building, where they have rented out an entire floor, together with a private roof. The private roof will be the perfect place to take the clients they are trying to close deals with. Andrew Heiberger who is the CEO at town residential states that getting a branch in this side of town, and the building was a step in the right direction because they needed better office space for their expanding base of clients.

He stated that he was happy about the new place because it would provide the ideal environment with the needed relaxed environment where the deals would be struck. The move they made was to help them tap into the high profile clientele base in the area and close on the deals. He expressed optimism that this move would help them grow their sales.

It is interesting to note that in this area, rental space goes for as much as $90 per square foot. The fact that the company has made a commitment to pay this amount of rent shows that they are really confident about their growth and profitability. The owner of the rental space is a shareholder at the company ad they have been engaging him in talks over the further expansion of the company.

Thor Sitts, the owner of the building is one of the many people that have invested in Town Residential. His support for them came at the perfect time because as a startup, they were having a hard time convincing investors to get on board. However, he must be really proud of his decision to invest because the little boutique company has now turned into a fully fledged real estate investment that is dealing with clientele from all the parts of the town. It is the hope of the company’s leadership that as they continue with their plans to expand their business, they will achieve more success.


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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa explains how to take the perfect Smartphone Photo

One of the main reason behind the popularity of the Smartphones is that they take great photos on, hence the selfie-trend. However, if you want the perfect photo from your phone, a good amount of homework is needed. The normal Smartphone will have a front camera with 5 to 13 megapixels and a back camera with 8 to 13 megapixels. As developed as these cameras are, they still do not match the features that come with the traditional camera. Below are some tips that can help you take the ideal shots with your smart Device.

Several takes
If you were to have a peek at the galleries of people that post the best camera photos, you will see tens of other takes of the same photo. The idea is to try and replicate that photo idea you have in mind until you get the perfect balance of light and shadows.

The balance of photo components
A photo will have the foreground, the object and the background. When these three of the five components are in good balance, the photo will look perfect for Figueroa. The rule of the thumb when trying to create this balance is to ensure that these aspects are placed a third of the distance from each side. In case you take a photo and one of the components seems too domineering, try and crop it to restore the balance.

Read more: Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa da 8 Consejos para la compra de una propiedad para alquiler en Panamá.

Manual Zoom
The other weakness that comes with the cameras on the smart devices is lack of the auto-zoom option according to Figueroa. To correct this error, it is recommended that you move closer or further away from the object till you achieve the perfect distance balance. This will bring out the ideal image size in connection with the object.

Ignore the flash
For the conventional camera, the flash is what improves the quality of the photographs that are being taken. This is because it is possible to control the intensity of the flash and other aspects. The flash on the smart device on Tumblr is not easy to regulate, which means the image quality is compromised in the process. To avoid these funny shadows, it is best to ignore the flash altogether.

Some other great tips that will improve the image quality include utilizing filters and editors, cleaning the camera lens, and using the HDR setting.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa hails from Venezuela. He has served as the president, treasurer and director in 5 different companies. Figueroa was appointed the president of Panama group in 2011and has effected changes that are bringing growth. He is a great mentor for young business leaders and an advocate for change.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:án-josé-velasquez-figueroa

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David Osio Offers His New Real Estate App For Investors

David Osio and his staff at Davos Real Estate released a new application for customers that calculates the return on investment for real estate purchases. Investors spend quite a lot of money on their investments, and they are entitled to accurate information on profitability. This is a story of how someone may use the app for their investments. Creating a portfolio is far more complex than purchasing several properties while awaiting a rise in value.

#1: The App Uses Current Market Information

The app uses current market information when calculating return on investment. ROI is an industry tool used to determine the overall value of a property, and David has spent quite a lot of time with clients determining ROI. He calls in clients every day who offer the same information requested by the app, and he believes his clients will see a surge in their profits when they check each property with his app.

#2: How Does David Manage His Clients?

David manages his clients using a simple system he shares in every meeting. His clients learn quite a lot about real estate investment before they leave his office, and they discuss each investment with him before writing a check. He is quite knowledgeable as he has industry experience that outdoes many others just like him.

#3: A Mobile App Saves Time

Investors who invest in real estate with David Osio need not place calls to his office over every property they find. The client sees ROI information on a new property, and they may choose to speak with David and Davos Real Estate about a new location. The two sides are on the same page as the investor uses information from the app to consult with David.

#4: Money Is Saved

The Davos CAP Calculator saves money as investors no longer make hasty decisions about their purchases. They visit Davos Real Estate for information on a new property, but they know before their meeting how much they may earn on the location. Locations around the world may be researched using the app, and David often refers his clients to the app when necessary.

David has created a far better investment circle for his clients using the Davos CAP Calculator, and clients are urged to use the calculator at every opportunity. Money and time is saved when the client sees a result in the calculator that informs their choices.

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David Osio Along With other Executives of Davos Real Estate Group has Launched the Company’s New Real Estate Application

David Osio, together with other executive directors, Gerald González and Pablo Bausili of Davos Real Estate Group, have officially launched and presented the company’s new mobile application to their clients. The new application, Davos CAP Calculator, is expected to help estimate the return on real estate development and serves as a fulfillment of their customer’s interest.

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is one among the independent companies that forms Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group, on the other hand, is an international group in the Latin American that leads in offering comprehensive financial advice. It has been in operation for more than 20 years now, and its primary focus is on formulating investment strategies that meet their client’s needs and expectations.

For six months, Gerard González has been working in collaboration with Tecknolution Company on the design and development of useful tools. These tools will allow one to estimate returns from an investment property when the costs associated with the property are put into consideration. The application is based on the latest technology and is available for both the Android and iPhone devices. The application marks the beginning of a chain of other complementary applications that will help clients identify properties and forward any real estate report through a mobile device.

David Osio says that the mobile application was a long due requirement that Davos needed to help assist in guiding their clients financially as they invest in real estate across the United States. His counterpart Gerard González added that the innovative tool would help investors understand better the financial vision when buying any property. Apart from the developing the new application, Davos is also establishing new strategic partnerships to expand their services in Europe.

About David Osio
David Osio is a graduate from the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela and also holds a degree in International Banking Law from Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA. He is the founders as well as the CEO of the Davos Financial Group since its inception in 1993. Davos offers financial advises to their esteemed groups customers. He has boosted the company’s profitability which has allowed him to uplift other independent companies in the country.

He has also worked for other different companies including the OPED Enterprise, LETCO Commercial Companies, Caracas law firm MGO, and Banco Latino International (BLI). Later in 1993 is when he established Davos Financial Group of Companies which in years has successfully maintained an enduring corporate responsibility. The companies also collaborate with other non-profit organizations to support art and culture among other social responsibilities. David Osio and Davos has received several awards for the job well done.

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Geoff Cone Knows New Zealand

New Zealand has many benefits to it that cause people to want to move there. It is a beautiful country that has something to offer most people and many people move there for different reasons. One reason that people should not be moving there for is because it is a tax haven.

In fact, New Zealand isn’t even a tax haven. This is just something that people started saying and haven’t stopped saying. Other people are moving to the country because they think that it is a tax haven, but it isn’t. The people who move to New Zealand for that reason are often sorely disappointed that they moved to a country that is not a tax haven. People who live in New Zealand do have to pay taxes and they will likely always have to pay taxes when they live in the country.

There is a list of countries that are tax free or tax havens in the world. These countries guarantee that people will not have to pay taxes on the money that they have and, if they do have to pay the taxes for some reason, they are so minimal that they will not make a difference in the person’s wealth. There are many countries on the list, but New Zealand has never made the list. It has never even come close to some of the countries that are on the list and the low tax options that they can offer to all of the citizens there.

Geoffrey Cone knows a thing or two about taxes in New Zealand. He was originally from New Zealand and learned about the tax transparency in the country. He knew that he had enough capital that he would be able to benefit from a tax haven. For this reason, he left New Zealand and moved to a tax haven country. He knew that this would be the right decision to ensure that he was getting the most out of the money that he had and that he worked hard to build up during his time as an attorney.

As a global attorney, Geoff Cone has experience all around the world. He lives in a tax haven and he often advises people that they should do the same if they have a lot of money. He wants people to be able to hang onto as much of their money as possible. This is something that he has done and something that is an excellent way for people to continue making money off of the money that they already have. There were many different ways that Geoff Cone has helped people to figure out what they needed to do with their money and with the different things that they had.

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