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Statement Issued By Squaw Valley On Quality Of Water In Upper Mountain

An extended statement has now been issued by Squaw Valley. This had to come after the news broke out this week regarding the E. coli along with coliform bacteria being found in the drinking water that is being supplied at the upper mountain at Squaw Valley.



This is a serious health hazard. Hence this issue got reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. This incident took place on Nov. 9.



The drinking water has now been undergoing treatment as well as monitoring. It is showing a lot of improvement now. This is something that has to be announced so that the confidence of people returns regarding the quality of the drinking water here.



All the four wells serving upper mountain have been tested. Out of these, three have been showing no trace of E. coli and very low levels of coliform. All this has been confirmed by the Placer County Environmental Health.



The fact is that the eating places at the upper mountain are still shut down. Skiers are not drinking this water until this issue gets fully resolved. But there have been no health issues that have been reported so far. Also, skiing continues as usual at this ski resort.



The Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has issued a statement regarding the background of this water contamination. There was reference made to the rain storm that was unusually heavy. It was due to this reason that a number of water systems were impacted in the Placer County. Even at Squaw Valley, it was this weather issue that led to the water system getting inundated. This resulted in the system getting contaminated. All this only impacted that system. The other water systems were not affected in any way. But such contaminated water was never made available to the common public here, under any circumstances.



Once the routine testing confirmed this detection, the Placer County Environmental Health was immediately contacted, along with the Squaw Valley Public Service District in order to bring this issue to their notice. A number of water safety experts are being contacted in order to seek their help.