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Wild Ark

Wild Ark is a company who cares about the worlds green belts and is trying to protect the biodiversity in an attempt to conserve the wildlife. The have created opportunities for people to get back to nature and regain the desire to protect it.


A group of conservationists who are passionate abut education created Wild Ark. They wanted people to understand what is needed to maintain the wild areas left in the world. They are committed to making absolutely certain our planet receives the protection required so future generations can enjoy nature at its best. Wild Ark was created by a team led by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson. They understand the perils the world is facing and are trying to make a difference.


There are numerous destinations that are eco-conscious and should be visited. The Republic of Palau is a small country comprised of over 500 islands. It is between Guam and the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. Due to the damages the country suffered the government takes great care to keep the environment from being too impacted by man. There are reefs stretching 500 miles populated by endangered species of fish and the beaches are gorgeous. The water is warm and the diving is superb.


Costa Rica is a glorious tropical get away filled with nature reserves, national parks and rainforests. The lodgings have been designed to be environmentally conscious and offer incredible amenities such as rock pools that are heated naturally, guided tours and an amazing natural beauty. The dining is organic and the food goes right from the farms to the tables. This destination should not be missed.


Kenya is the destination for exciting safaris and breathtaking savannahs. The area is full of majestic and beautiful animals in the wild. The preserves and parks are plentiful and the fauna and flora is protected. The coastline features beaches of shimmering white sand and coral reefs. Anyone choosing to visit between the months of June and October will see a large amount of wildlife. The lodges here even have a rating system so you will know their policies regarding the environment.


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Bruce Levenson Funds The University Of Maryland’s DO Good Institute

Bruce Levenson‘s support of the Do Good Institute has enhanced the success of the non-profit initiative. The Do Good Institute was established by the University of Maryland to bring change to the higher education. The campaign is aimed at encouraging undergraduate students at the University and other universities to support philanthropic causes by exposing them to the world of non-profit and volunteering. It is hoped that such exposures would help in creating the next wave of non-profit business leaders. Levenson embarked on supporting the campaign right after selling Atlanta Hawks, claims

In an interview with Benzinga,, Levenson noted that many organizations have failed to achieve their mission because the people who led them did not possess the needed skills to see them succeed. His involvement with the Do Good Institute hopes to change this scenario by providing young students with adequate exposure.

Levenson and his wife seeded the $75 million initiative. The University of Maryland, who came up with the idea, contributed $20 million towards the noble cause. The first group of students to benefit from the Institute was Philanthropy 101. Do Good Institute provided every student with $10,000 to donate to a cause of their choice. News on the event went viral both inside and outside the university.

The program has proven to be successful as seen from the works of former students who participated in the same. For instance, Ben Simon went ahead to co-found the Food Recovery Network (FRN). The organization operates under the DO Good Institute umbrella. Its core goal is waste-prevention. Notably, students at the campus run the movement.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an investor and philanthropist. The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks is a founding member of UCG and tech target. He also sits on the company’s board of directors. Bruce has engaged in various charitable undertakings. The shrewd entrepreneur is affiliated with many charitable organizations such as I Have a Dream Foundation, the US Holocaust Museum, and Seeds of Peace. Levenson lives in Potomac, Maryland.

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What does the Avaaz company do?

Avaaz is a professional online organization that helps bring to light the world’s biggest issues to be found today in the environment and throughout social classes. There are countless people who want to make a change but don’t know how to do it, and Avaaz is here to help provide this opportunity to have your own voice heard. They specifically focus on promoting global activism on issues like human rights, corrupting, poverty, and climate change. With the growing amounts of idealists looking to create change, Avaaz is here to help spread awareness and open doors for opportunities to come about through realistic changes.

The best part is that they do not receive funding for their projects. They did initially receive funding from corporations when they started the company, but in the end they have used the money from generous individual members over the years since 2007 and have now earned $20 million. They have helped bring ideas and issues to the forefront of the media and allowed for those who want to create change to a place where they can create such recommendations and build a future.

When creating campaigns, they always like to listen to the people. They utilize the ideas of members and a couple of people who are specialists that dictate where a specific campaign is headed and if it should come into fruition. They utilize the more than 10,000+ members to help find out where the organization is headed and what they will be doing next. It’s incredible what the company is capable of on bringing new ideas to the forefront and also giving a voice to the voiceless. What’s incredible is that anybody with a strong heart can join Avaaz and have their voice heard and seen by the world. Avaaz is the organization worth joining to succeed.

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Tips To Make Money With The Traveling Vineyard

The best thing to do when you join the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide is to know how to talk to people. Use your first few wine tasting events to not focus on making money or even making sales. Use them as a way to know how to understand the world of people and psychology, and the fact that some people aren’t exactly receptive to receiving new ideas or ready to just make a random purchase if it’s something so impulsive like buying wine in an instant.

There is no one step process to making direct sales in any sales related industry. It’s a numbers game, so the more events you have the more success you’re gonna get.

Making money in this specific business is also about knowing and understanding the way it works. You need to know how to showcase the best wines, talk to the right people, have several events, and also make good friends with people. Traveling Vineyard provides wonderful training as well to help you make the most out of your overall experience so you can make good money and see a future with the company.

People who have become successful wine guides find this job to be very exciting, definitely inspirational and inspiring, and ultimately it’s the job to have if you wanna succeed and make more money in a different industry not common to others. It’s filled with great events, wonderful pay, and a long list of money making opportunities that expand further than you think.

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Todd Lubar Knows a Successful Business

The business that Todd Lubar has is one that focuses on the financial aspects of life and of the different things that he is able to do with the options that he has. He works hard to make sure that he can do what he has available to him and that he is able to get the most out of the different things that are going on with the business. The current financial business that he runs is one that allows people to get debt relief and get the loans that they need. Even when traditional lenders won’t even look at these people, Lubar uses his business to be able to show them what they are able to get and the options that they will have from the business and being able to reach the different aspects of it. Todd Lubar wants to help people who have not had the chance to get help from anywhere else.

When Todd Lubar first started out, Todd Lubar worked hard. This was something that he felt made him be able to do more with the business that he had. It was also something that he was confident in so that he could show people the options that they had. When Todd Lubar did the best things for his business, he showed people the right way to try more with the things that they were doing. Todd Lubar worked hard and did what he could to make the opportunities into realities for people who could try more with their financial situations.

Organization is key for Todd Lubar. He is very into organization and he does what he can to stay organized in all aspects of his life. He works to make sure that things stay organized and that he can do what he has set out to be able to do with the options that he has. He also does what he can to stay on top of all of the parts of his business. This has allowed him the chance to show people that he is able to do more with the various options available to him.

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