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Richard Mishaan Design, the leader in the Design industry

Whenever a list of the best architects in the world is drafted, the name of Richard Mishaan is expected to be at the top. His taste in interior design and architecture has remained top notch. Many people recognize Richard Mishaan Design for its distinctive jaw dropping art work. From when he was young, Richard’s passion for design was evident. He would later join the Columbia University school of Architecture and then attend the New York University to pursue a BA. After college, Richard Mishaan began working at Philip Jonson’s office as an apprentice.

The work of Mr. Mishaan has remained distinctive since he adds a little dose of yesterday’s art to the current trends. Following his mastery in arts together with the knowledge he possesses in fashion, interior design and architecture, Richard has come up with some of the most incredible places in the world. He is not mean with his information. He has written about design and architecture in his two books titled Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. Most people who have had a chance to work with Richard Mishaan Design have praised its work and more so Richards understanding on design spaces and his sense of touch. When he gets to work be it in residential homes or hotels, Richard Mishaan Design leaves a mark.

Richard Mishaan started a firm which is known as Richard Mishaan Design. The organization is comprised of talented individuals, who can see beauty in what many would term as unattractive and turn a hidden beauty to something worth a second look. While most designers opt to dwell on the 21st-century designs, Richard comes up with the unimaginable. The designs produced at the Richard Mishaan Design are unique, and display’s a story of a continuation of time. For this reason, many people are right to refer to Richard Mishaan as the best interior designer.