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Securus Technologies Is Working To Make Correctional Facilities Safer For Inmates and Corrections Officers

Located in the middle of Texas, Securus Technologies has it’s headquarters in Dallas. Here it serves over 3500 public officials from those in public safety to corrections facilities. Securus Technologies is in charge of over seeing more than a million inmates all across North America. They are committed to helping and serving those in charge of helping during emergency response incidents.


Securus Technologies does more than just that. They are also over the public information sector as well as investigating and biometric analysis. They help in the information management for law enforcements and corrections enforcement. They aid in helping to keep the prisons safer for both inmates and the workers.


By offering services such as recording of phone calls to helping to train those who work within the prison system, Securus strives to create a much safer environment for those who are in the corrections systems. They are in charge of meeting expectations of those who depend on them to keep them safe while working in these kinds of situations.


For the inmates who reside inside of correctional facilities, they are under the watch of Securus Technologies by recording phone conversations, observing videos, making sure that inmates who perform crimes against other inmates are prosecuted for their roles in the inmate crimes. When phone calls are being monitored, the inmates who discuss information pertaining to crimes, the audio is them dictated and transcribed and given to the right officials.


When inmates receive contraband inside the prison, Securus helps to keep it inactive while in the prison system. The drugs inside of the prisons is still going to happen without much aid from Securus, well at least until they find a way of preventing it completely. The phone contraband is able to be prevented by using a device which blocks out the cell signal from within the prison. This helps to keep cell phones out of the hands of inmates.


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Desiree Perez In Attendance At UMG Lunch in Santa Monica

Jay Z is one of the largest names in the musical industry and over the past decade he has Live Nation to thank for part of his rise. Back in 2008, Jay Z signed a $150 million contract spread over ten years with the company Live Nation. Jay and Roc Nation called it their 360 Deal and in 2018 each individual party has the option to pursue a ‘buy-sell’ option. With Jay Z and his team at Roc Nation potentially back on the market, the entire music world is taking note.

Of course, making the decision to walk away from Live Nation isn’t a foregone conclusion. Live Nation and Jay Z have had a close relationship over the past decade and Jay’s A-List roster including Rihanna and Jay Z himself have grown by leaps and bounds due to the contract. The rumors surrounding the potential buy-sell situation seem to have Live Nation opting to step away from the recorded music aspect of the enterprise. Live Nation is, coincidentally, more interested in maintaining the live shows and entertainment of the Roc Nation brand. Would Roc Nation and Jay Z want to split up their business in that matter?

Jay Z’s ascent is due in large part to the great employees working behind the scenes at Roc Nation. Of those employees, Desiree Perez has set herself apart as one of the biggest leaders at Roc Nation. Perez has been a longtime associate of Jay and she was at table when Jay Z and Sir Lucian Grainge met for lunch in Santa Monica, CA. Grainge is the CEO and Founder of Universal Music Group and any sitdown with him in the room is an important one. UMG has had a longstanding relationship with Jay Z and the sentiment in the room is that they would be interestedin working with Jay Z in a larger capacity.

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Richard Mishaan Design Incorporates Era and Style Elements

Richard Mishaan Design is prevalent in the interior design segment for the creation of eye-catching models for both residential and commercial clients. The exclusivity of Richard’s works has given him an opportunity to design a variety of prestigious locations. For instance, Richard Mishaan Design demonstrates its style exclusivity at the St. Regis Hotel, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau among others. Richard Mishaan design inspiration roots from his background in Columbia and partly in India. His hometown, Cartagena, inspired Mishaan’s love for art due to its color composition and mixture bringing out a beautiful city. Additionally, Richard Mishaan Design is motivated by his customers. According To Richard, his style and art are directed by his client’s life context for the creation of a suitable technique for them regarding their choice.

Richard Mishaan Design retains its popularity despite the design trend in the market due to Richard’s incorporation of era and models. Richard Mishaan blends different styles of various periods creating a standard component. His outstanding works are often admired, and as such, Richard Mishaan is compelled to provide meaningful information concerning architecture and design. As such, Richard Mishaan has written two books; Artfully Modern, and Modern Luxury. The books are helpful in providing style information as well as relevant apartment and townhouses images for a clients’ satisfaction.

Many prospects postulate that Richard Mishaan Design shows a story displaying time continuation. Hs high-end and stylish designs have over time retained their popularity. According to Richard, success is achieved through hard work and going beyond your set limits. Additionally, Richard postulates that daring to create the unimaginable is a challenge that raises the bar of his firm. His outstanding works have impacted much residential as well as commercial sites including the Shelborne Restaurant situated in South Beach and Hotel Tcherassi in Columbia. Richard Mishaan is the globe’s iconic figure for interior and architectural designs.