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Securus Technologies Is Working To Make Correctional Facilities Safer For Inmates and Corrections Officers

Located in the middle of Texas, Securus Technologies has it’s headquarters in Dallas. Here it serves over 3500 public officials from those in public safety to corrections facilities. Securus Technologies is in charge of over seeing more than a million inmates all across North America. They are committed to helping and serving those in charge of helping during emergency response incidents.


Securus Technologies does more than just that. They are also over the public information sector as well as investigating and biometric analysis. They help in the information management for law enforcements and corrections enforcement. They aid in helping to keep the prisons safer for both inmates and the workers.


By offering services such as recording of phone calls to helping to train those who work within the prison system, Securus strives to create a much safer environment for those who are in the corrections systems. They are in charge of meeting expectations of those who depend on them to keep them safe while working in these kinds of situations.


For the inmates who reside inside of correctional facilities, they are under the watch of Securus Technologies by recording phone conversations, observing videos, making sure that inmates who perform crimes against other inmates are prosecuted for their roles in the inmate crimes. When phone calls are being monitored, the inmates who discuss information pertaining to crimes, the audio is them dictated and transcribed and given to the right officials.


When inmates receive contraband inside the prison, Securus helps to keep it inactive while in the prison system. The drugs inside of the prisons is still going to happen without much aid from Securus, well at least until they find a way of preventing it completely. The phone contraband is able to be prevented by using a device which blocks out the cell signal from within the prison. This helps to keep cell phones out of the hands of inmates.