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William Saito is a Technology Enthusiast who has majored in Software Development

The beauty of success is that it is not determined by race or anything. An individual’s success is determined by the ability to work hard and smart at the same time. As for William Saito, he has showcased that he has a keen eye when it comes to identifying a viable business to invest in. With that said, William Saito started out by launching his own software firm while in college.

Background Check

As for education, William Saito undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of California. During his era as a college student, William Saito had the urge to become an entrepreneur. There and then, he decided to establish his own software firm at the convenience of his dorm. Since he did all this while young, he has also been able to garner various skills that have come in handy as in the case of how to succeed as an entrepreneur. With that said, through his experience and willingness to help others, William Saito has contributed significantly to the success of various business startups.

William Saito’s Life as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it is always good to come to terms with the fact that failure is part of the journey to success. If an entrepreneur is not ready to come to terms with the fact that ups and downs come from time to time, they will not have the capability to innovate; this is attributed to the fact that failure makes us more creative since you must find a way to curb the crisis that has presented itself.

Far from that, William Saito has faced various challenges such as the lack of proper understanding of the English language, but such factors did not hinder him from becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today. By founding I/O software in 1991, William Saito was able to curve his name in the technology industry as a software expert. Since then, Saito has worked as a lecturer in various universities, he is a board member of multiple companies operating on a global scale, and he had also served as an advisor to Prime Minister Abe’s Cabinet back in 2013.


Before achieving success at such great heights, William Saito had faced various challenges. Nevertheless, his spirit of endurance brought him this far, and he has taught other entrepreneurs that failure should not hold you back from achieving your goals.

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Psi-Pay And Kerv Launch To Global Market

This is a message that came from British Retail Consortium, they said that more than half of all purchases are done using the credit cards. There was a recent announcement that occurred between the affiliate Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay where it seems that cashless payments with being now dominating the market. The two companies have been championing about doing cashless payments and now they have combined their effort where they will release the first contactless payment so that they can ring the Internationale market.


So the people should start saying goodbye to wallets for the spare cash or where they used to punch PIN numbers. The stores in the United Kingdom have grown rapidly and worldwide, and contactless payments have become the fastest way of checking out using a device that is on your at that time.


The coins and notes have already been overtaken in the United Kingdom and it is something that has been done first time when looking at the history. The contactless payments from Kev’s have been for the first time poised to the threatening the traditional mode of transactions. Contactless payments which are commonly regarded as “wave and pay” revolution, has now been in the market for a period more than 10 years and it is accounting for a third in the payments that were made from 2015 in the UK.


Church England has also jumped into the trend, where it has piloted electronic collection that is the forty churches where they collect donations. I think it as the beginning of the end of cash completely. PSI-Pay said that the revolution is something that is easy when making payments and it will eventually surpass the use of cash.


Contactless payments are the use of debt, credit or even smart cards which is the form of payment when purchasing some goods and services. PSI-Pay is the company behind the offers of the system where Kerv is PSI-Pay affiliate organization and it does with the proprietary ring. It has been designed to have both durability and comfort and it comes with 12 different sizes, which are fashioned for both genders, where they are also made to be able to withstand scratches and water damage. It is the two companies effort combination to launch the ring into a global market.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Rhinoplasty Specialist

If you are living in the Dallas area and want to get a nose job done, give Dr. Rohrich a call. He is a specialist in rhinoplasty. He performs this surgery regularly in his office. His patients are very satisfied with their results.

Rhinoplasty involves changing the shape and look of the nose. It requires altering the tip of the nose, reducing the dorsal hump, and deviated septum. If you are having breathing difficulties, you should consider this surgery. If you just don’t like your nose, it can be altered to make you look nicer.

In case you did not know, there are two types of rhinoplasty. One is called open rhinoplasty, while the other is called closed rhinoplasty. The one Dr. Rohrich prefers is the open rhinoplasty because he can see all of the underlying structures of the nose. Being that this type of surgery is complicated to begin with, he wants to have the best precision so the results are satisfying to the patient. To know more about him click here.

With today’s technology, patients can have a natural looking nose without it looking similar to another person. Modern rhinoplasty consists of more advanced tools and equipment than yesterday’s advances. That is why Dr. Rohorich is always keeping up with the times and uses this technology in his practice. If you find yourself needing to have a nose job done, getting a consultation before the procedure is very important. Dr. Rohrich can definitely help you determine the look you are going for.


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The untold story of Louis Chenevert ‘s revolution

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian citizen, who prides himself on a legacy of having brought a revolution in the aerospace industry. Initially, after he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in production management, and his experience at General Motors (production manager), it appeared like his main line of career advancement would be in production management. However, this took a complete turn when he became president of Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace company.

Initially, when he went to Pratt & Whitney, he went there just as a junior member of management. However, Louis Chenevert, being the charismatic leader, he is, made great efforts to bring the very much needed changes in the management of the company. these efforts worked well and helped the company out of an economic crisis they had previously gotten into. Naturally, Louis ascended the ranks and was later president of the company prided for being a successful aerospace manufacturer.

Pratt & Whitney was a subsidiary of the UTC (United Technologies Corporation). The decisions that Louis made as the president of Pratt & Whitney attracted a lot of attention from UTC. His charisma could not be ignored, neither would be his undivided effort. The changes he had made in management and in the financial stability of the company made him rise and get elected as chairman of UTC.

At this point, he got a platform to implement the many things he had learned from his experience in the past. Having in mind that production is the most prominent process of any company, he chose to enhance the same in UTC. Other companies in the industry outsourced cheap production (especially labor) but he moved his to the USA, making it more expensive. However, the minds were brilliant and with brainstorming, they were able to come up with products of very high quality, compared to those of other companies. Their performance improved to an extent they were able to acquire the Goodrich Corporation, previously the leading aerospace manufacturer. The shares of the company rose from a market price of $37 to $116, an indication of the success of efforts made. This is how he revolutionized the aerospace industry.