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William Saito is a Technology Enthusiast who has majored in Software Development

The beauty of success is that it is not determined by race or anything. An individual’s success is determined by the ability to work hard and smart at the same time. As for William Saito, he has showcased that he has a keen eye when it comes to identifying a viable business to invest in. With that said, William Saito started out by launching his own software firm while in college.

Background Check

As for education, William Saito undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of California. During his era as a college student, William Saito had the urge to become an entrepreneur. There and then, he decided to establish his own software firm at the convenience of his dorm. Since he did all this while young, he has also been able to garner various skills that have come in handy as in the case of how to succeed as an entrepreneur. With that said, through his experience and willingness to help others, William Saito has contributed significantly to the success of various business startups.

William Saito’s Life as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it is always good to come to terms with the fact that failure is part of the journey to success. If an entrepreneur is not ready to come to terms with the fact that ups and downs come from time to time, they will not have the capability to innovate; this is attributed to the fact that failure makes us more creative since you must find a way to curb the crisis that has presented itself.

Far from that, William Saito has faced various challenges such as the lack of proper understanding of the English language, but such factors did not hinder him from becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today. By founding I/O software in 1991, William Saito was able to curve his name in the technology industry as a software expert. Since then, Saito has worked as a lecturer in various universities, he is a board member of multiple companies operating on a global scale, and he had also served as an advisor to Prime Minister Abe’s Cabinet back in 2013.


Before achieving success at such great heights, William Saito had faced various challenges. Nevertheless, his spirit of endurance brought him this far, and he has taught other entrepreneurs that failure should not hold you back from achieving your goals.