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Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus Continues To Focus On Growth At Both Of His Companies

Guilherme Paulus is an entrepreneur who has successfully tackled two industries, hospitality and tourism. His first company, founded in 1972, is CVC Brasil, recently renamed as CVC Corp. Now this company’s chairman of the board of directors, he built Brazil’s largest tourism retail chain with locations in over 400 shopping malls. CVC Corporation earned R $3 billion in 2017 and provided its services to about 2.6 million people including those traveling domestically and internationally.

His second company, founded in 1995, is GJP Hotels and Resorts. Starting this company with a single hotel, Guilherme Paulus now owns and operates 20 hotels or resorts in several Brazilian cities and towns. GJP Hotels and Resorts are three-star to five-star. The nightly room rates range from R $144 a night at the Linx Confins to R $467 a night for County Galway’s Marbles. He is also the chairman of this firm.

At CVC Corp., Guilherme Paulus is focused on expansion. He said that he wants to expand into far more of Brazil, many places where no other tourism company has ever operated before. While his team at CVC Corp. celebrated its best results in the company’s history in 2017 he said that he isn’t satisfied and will continue to focus on growth.

One way he is expanding CVC Corp is by creating different business units, each of which will focus on a different aspect of tourism. One of these is Rextur Advance which will only handle business to business and corporate travel. Guilherme Paulus also created the Cultural Exchange Experiment business unit which exclusively handles niche tourism such as those on their honeymoon or travelers looking for an ecotourism experience.

CVC Corp is also bringing more and more technology into use. Guilherme Paulus says that his company has a huge database filled with his prior customer’s information. His team can see where they chose to travel, their consumption habits, where they’ve never been, and how much they spent. This information is used to offer them travel packages specifically tailored to meet their individual preferences.

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