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The TV series Queens of Drama

If you love reality soap opera television series, you’ll love Queens of Drama. This American drama scripted series debuted on April 26, 2015 on the POP network. Even though the series offered viewers only 30 drama-fied minutes per episode, most viewers felt like those 30 minutes gave more action than expected which was satisfactory. When the first episode, “I Don’t Do Ugly”, aired reports show up to 169,000 U.S viewers tuned in to see what Queens of Drama had in store. The second episode, “People Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves” also had an estimate of 169,000 U.S viewers.

On the contrary, Queens of Drama entails ex daytime and primetime soap stars that create a production company to introduce a new program filled with drama. Crystal Hunt, one of the cast members, is 1 of 6 soap stars who were lucky enough to star in and successfully complete the entire first season of Queens of Drama.

Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida on February 5, 1985. Not long after birth, Crystal’s career began. Her first gigs involved participating in pageants starting from 6 months old. Her adorable looks, acting and singing lessons got her noticed quickly as she won a role in a hit movie known as the “Problem Child 2” in 1991. Crystal was also able to work with stars such as N-sync and Tom Hanks.

As Ms. Hunt’s Soap Opera career continues to progress, she was offered jobs involving commercials. Two of the most memorable commercials she starred in were As Crystal developed into a skilled actress over the course of her career, she started landing roles in soap operas such as the Guiding Light, One Life to Live as well as films including The Derby Stallion and Sydney White. Due to her hard work and dedication, in 2005 Hunt received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.  Crystal is also a photographer, and her website has seen her popularity skyrocket.

Although Crystal Hunt is known on her Facebook as the youngest actress in the drama television industry, she was able to accomplish a lot of things including things outside of her acting life.  Ms. Crystal Hunt opened an upscale pet boutique in her hometown called “My Pets Dream Boutique”.

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Brian Torchin Has Moved Up Through The Ranks Of Healthcare Management

In the healthcare industry, there are quite a number of different ways that one can make it big. Healthcare management is one route to attaining great success in the field. There are different types of healthcare managers. Some healthcare managers will run a single doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare enterprise. Other healthcare managers will run companies that assist other healthcare managers. Healthcare staffing agency managers work to bring the right employees to healthcare companies. When someone hasn’t found their healthcare job yet, they often will go through these companies. Therefore, healthcare staffing agencies are an important part of the healthcare industry. Brian Torchin has made it big by being the president of a healthcare staffing agency. His company is HCRC, which brings in employees for companies around the world. However, to get to this level, Brian Torchin is highly experienced and skilled in healthcare management. He really knows just what healthcare businesses are looking for.

Brian Torchin started out working with patients at his chiropractic business. This business did very well, because patients were impressed with his chiropractic services. His major in his undergraduate years was exercise science, so his services have been exceptionally good for those with sports and exercise related concerns. He continues to run this business, and it is still doing quite well.

Then, Brian’s resume shows he graduated from being a chiropractor to healthcare manager. When he did this, he became a fairly successful healthcare manger. In fact, Brian Torchin started to manage quite a number of different businesses. These business actually were quite spread out through Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. The healthcare businesses did well with his management. In fact, he became well known enough that he was actually able to continue to advance his career even further.

Quite a while back, Brian Torchin first got his position as President of HCRC. In this position, he’s had a lot of success in taking HCRC to new heights. The company is currently thriving. Brian Torchin has turned HCRC into a very customer service oriented company. Rather than just talking to bureaucrats in lower levels of the company, anyone going through the company can have a conversation with Brian Torchin. Additionally, he’s enhanced the company’s ability to find the right employees for healthcare enterprises.

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Brad Reifler: The Entrepreneur

Bradley Carl Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital Advisers; a global financial services firm that provides alternative investment management, merchant banking and investment banking services.

Brad studied Economics and Political Science at Bowdoin University; graduating in 1981. He started his career in the 1980s, when he started a company called Reifler Trading Company (RTC). RTC later became one of the largest independent futures operations; at which point Brad sold it to Refco Inc., the worlds largest futures company at the time.

Prior to Forefront Management Group, LLC, Brad was the founder of Pali Capital (1995) and was the CEO until 2008. During this time, Pali Capital made $1 billion in revenues and employed over 250 employees. Brad resigned from Pail Capital after he found out that his partner and others at the company had been involved in activities that he did not condone. Brad continued his independent career by starting the Forefront Capital Advisers company in 2009, and is now very occupied as the founder and CEO. He holds various regulatory licenses including Series 3, 7, 24, and 63. Brad has served on multiple boards and advisory boards, such as the European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, and Genesis Securities. When he is not focusing on his business, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, riding horses, and reading.

On February 9, 2016, Brad announced a partnership between Forefront Capital and Easter Seals Dixon Center. Brad mentioned that one of the reasons he decided to partner with Easter Seals Dixon Center is because they have made a great impact on the lives of veterans and military families; they provide access to education, healthcare, and jobs. The partnership between the two companies includes a $3 million donation to Easter Seals Dixon Center.  Be sure to see what Brad Reifler has said about investment tips, but also what he’s said about diversifying your portfolio.