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George Soros: A Real Representative of Ukraine

Ukraine is a Country East of Europe, bordering Russia with a lot known about this Nation. According to George Soros, the Nation was born one year ago because the previous one was not worth of a Country. The toppling of the former leader caused an internal war that led to the birth of a new Ukraine. Previously, the Country was known for rampant corruption, violation of human rights, and dwindling economy.

With this new regime, there is hope for democracy, global participation and engagement, and respect for human rights according to George Soros. Despite the fact that Russia has taken part of Ukraine, the new leadership has proved to be vigilant, and active. The separatists being supported by external forces must fail in their mission and let Ukraine grow and develop just like other nations. The departure of the previous regime has led to more citizens wanting to serve their Country as volunteers. Most of them have decided to let their jobs go and instead help millions who displaced internally due to the ongoing war with the separatist.

Unfortunately, the detractors of Ukraine have not let their eyes off this Country. Leaders who are praying for the fall of Ukraine as the Russian president are still hopeful for their evil plans. Radical changes that were the hope of the people when the new leadership came into power have not yet taken place. Nevertheless, the slow pace of these reforms still keeps the hope alive. There is an urgent need for quick and tangible changes like those implemented by Georgia 2004 when the new regime came into power. For example, reforms in the police force enabled the corrupt force to work for the citizens without asking for bribes. The road blocks were done away with tremendously.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Likewise, the Ukrainian Government must formulate policies that will ensure a corrupt free police force and build trust with the people. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU) have an obligation to provide assistance regarding military and financial help to deal with many challenges being created by detractors like Russia. The aid will discourage the Russians from doing their dirty games and instead empower the people of Ukraine to move ahead with their reform agendas. But the contrary is expected if NATO and EU do not come to Ukraine’s aid. Russia will seize the opportunity and use force to suppress Ukraine’s democracy.

Europe right now faces an uphill task of cohesion given the types of challenges it is facing as a block. There is the fear of recession in Greece, the exit vote in Britain and the great challenge coming from Russia especially toward Ukraine. There is a real confusion, not only to the authorities but the public as well.

Learn more about George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true

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SEC Whistleblower Attorneys for Your Case

A great lawyer can make all the difference for you and your upcoming court case. If you have been involved in a fraud case and need help with this, it is important that you begin working with an attorney who is specialized in this particular field. This is one of the best ways for you to know that your entire case is going to have a better outcome than if you were simply trying to represent yourself in a court of law. People who try to represent themselves in court have a tendency to not do as well as they would if they were working with an attorney.

By hiring the SEC whistleblower Attorney Law Firm, you are able to work with professionals who are there to help you every step of the way. They have worked with cases like this in the past and so they are professional and experienced with working with you as well. It is important that you contact them and let them know a little bit about your case so they are able to tell you if they will be able to take you on as a client.

By contacting them, you are also able to find out how much it is going to cost you if you do choose to hire them for their services. This is a company that you can trust and who you know is going to represent you beautifully while you are in court. It does not matter if you are the plaintiff or defendant, these lawyers are there to help every step of the way and we’ll go above and beyond what they need to in order to get your case the outcome that you deserve. Because they are also not horribly expensive with their services, you will find that they easily fit into your budget no matter how strict the budget happens to be.

Now is the time to contact these lawyers and have them working for you on your upcoming case. You do not have to represent yourself in court if you have a fraud case in the future. There are experts out there who are going to be able to do this for you and take the guesswork out of it all for you as well. The lawyers take care of any and all of the paperwork, so this saves you a ton of time as well and I’m sure that everything is done in a professional and proper manner.

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Just Fab Making Online Sales Look Easy

There are a lot of online companies operating today. Some of them are not doing so well and customers are moving to different options. Just Fab, however is going great. You might be wondering what they are doing to make themselves a great business and turning a profit.

What is Just Fab?
Just Fab is an online retailer that focuses on giving customers great shoes and handbags that are wonderful and beautiful. The way they work is you create an account online where you are given choices as to what kind of trends you like.

Then you are shown awesome shoes and bags that match your likes. They also have a unique thing where you save more the more you buy. That can make a huge difference when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothing and shoes.

How They Made it Work?
They made their business work by giving customers the items they want at a price they can live with. They also make things easier by shipping the items customers purchase to their homes instead of making them go out and get them from the store. They also have items that people love and want to own.

They are doing well enough they are looking at hiring more people to their business in order to make it better for those that want to order. According to Brandettes, Just Fab is set to turn a great profit in 2016 and beyond. They are on a good track to make more money than some other online businesses and stay in business for several more years.

Businesses online and off are struggling to make things better for their companies, but with a little work and some innovation, they can learn to make their businesses work for the best and create ideas that will help speed the company in the right direction.

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What to Consider When Renting Your Property on Airbnb

For most individuals, renting their entire or part of their property on Airbnb is a fast and simple method of making money. This procedure allows most homeowners to earn money they require to pay for their residential property by hosting visitors on short term basis. There are several factors to consider when renting your residential property via Airbnb. These include:

Potential Risks

You are likely to face several risks when hosting tenants in your property. You are also responsible for any damages on your property or neighbor’s property left by the tenants. Furthermore, if any guest is injured, it is your responsibility to ensure that he or she receives the right treatment. At times, tenants may refuse to pay the rental fees. As a homeowner, you should be prepared for such risks.

Insurance Cover

You should note that short-term rental facilities are not covered by most homeowner’s insurance plans. This means that you are liable and responsible for all costs incurred by your guests.


Airbnb offers secondary coverage protection to its clients. As a property owner, the protection is only effective when you have completely exhausted your resources. You can therefore decide on whether you want to host short-term guests. It is advisable to speak with qualified insurance professionals or wealth and investment managers such as Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions.

Richard Blair

As the main owner of Wealth Solutions, a company headquartered in Austin, Texas, Blair has been offering wealth and investment advice to clients for 22 years. Blair’s Wealth Solutions offers financial planning services and information regarding funds to wealthy people. Through professional partnerships with companies such as Crownbridge Wealth LLC, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Worldwide Ventures GP LLC and United Global Securities, Blair has assisted many people to achieve their investment goals.

Richard Blair’s areas of specialization include integrated and financial planning, estate tax planning, employee benefits, insurance and asset protection. He has more than $55 million assets in terms of investment. Blair’s passion for financial and investment planning compelled him to emancipate himself on the modern financial trends. He began his financial services career after graduating from college and creating Wealth Solutions in 1994.

Wealth Solution’s Services

Wealth Solution offers trusted and expert financial advice to clients. The company also offers retirement planning through a series of stages. They advise clients to begin planning for retirement early. This involves amassing, developing, managing and investing wealth to the final step of retiring. Based on Blair’s expertise and knowledge, you can create a financial plan by assessing your assets, establishing goals and developing a working action plan.

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McGalla Makes A New Fashion For Pittsburgh Through Listening Steelers’ Fans

Just when the Steelers were about to start their first home game of the season, Pittsburgh Steelers fashion launched its new website, new fashion and lots of other fun ways for fans to connect with the team. Expectations are higher to the Steelers in their upcoming game on Sunday, but the team is already scoring points with fans who want the new fashion to connect with the team. The director of the strategic planning, Susan McGalla said that the new fashion is already available on the new company website. The goal of the new site is to make it easy for the customers to easily and quickly do their shopping using any device.

Some of the fashion introduced this year include big labels like Tommy Bahama, Pandora jewelery with Steelers charms, Victoria’s Secret and Nike Golf. Everyone is catered for in the store especially the younger girls who can find lots of pink, yellow and metallic gold. According to Susan McGalla, a lot of girls look for thumbholes and sport that goes into the street. It all about fashion that you can dress up, or you may dress it down. Most of them look out for great zip and understated Steeler logo which they expect to find whatever they buy.

Susan McGalla is not new to the world of fashion and online retail. Before becoming the director at Steelers, Susan McGalla was the president of Eagle Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal. This time, she has chosen to bring her experience and expertise to the world of branding, merchandising, and lifestyle at Steelers. Her strategy is quite clear, “She is listening to the fans”.

According to Susan McGalla, the whole point is to bring innovative products to the fans. It’s all about how to make the fans engage and connect with themselves as well as sharing and being part of the organization they love. Steelers can only fulfill the dreams of the fans and embrace social networking in ways that will make the fans see it as part of having fun.

Susan McGalla chooses the direct way of listening to what the customers want. She understands that many men are looking for something to wear even at work, and many women want the style that looks feminine. Fans would, therefore, send letters to McGalla describing how they would like their outfit to be and she chose to listen and give them what they wanted. According to McGalla, the website has made everything easy.


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Thor Halvorssen, Political Pot-stirrer

At only 39 years of age, the vigorous and vociferously outspoken and opinionated Venezuelan, Thor Halvorssen has made quite a name for himself, both in America and all around the world. Mr. Halvorssen is primarily known for his political commentary on various news outlets and platforms such as Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and TED Talks as well as his creation of The Human Rights Foundation, a nonpartisan group which works internationally to protect free societies from tyrannical and despotic rule and draw attention to fundamental human rights violations.

Mr. Halvorssen has a great deal of personal reasons to be a detractor from politically extreme and authoritarian governments, for instance his great grandfather was a vehement detractor from the Nazis. In addition, Thor Halvorssen’s father, during a 1993 money laundering investigation, was arrested on very questionable charges, subsequently imprisoned, then beaten and tortured. Halvorssen’s mother, Hilda Mendoza, a vocal political activist, was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez whilst attending a non-violent protest of the Venezuelan recall referendum – thankfully she was not fatally wounded and made a full recovery. Lastly, his cousin, a man by the name of Leopoldo Lopez, is currently serving time as a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Thor himself has not remained entirely unscathed in his battle against tyranny either. For instance, during a 2010 trip to the city of Ho Chi Minh for a interview with a local Buddhist leader whose church was being suppressed by the local government. Thor was able to covertly set up a interview but was eventually found out by the local police, beaten and detained until he could convince them he was a Buddhist seeking guidance.

Because of this visceral and very personal experience Thor Halvorssen believes that if you want to change the world you have to do more than simply complain about it online, one has to roll up their sleeves and get down in the muck. Finally, his stand against dictatorship extends across all political aisles, as he was a vociferous detractor of the ardently right-wing Augusto Pinochet every bit as much as he a detractor from the far left, Hugo Chavez. Because of Thor Halvorssen’s belief that what is truly important is not the particular ideology which breeds intolerance and tyranny but merely the emergence of intolerance and tyranny itself, he works tirelessly with both liberal and conservative individuals and organizations to spread awareness about myriad political problems facing freedom loving peoples the world over.


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Trump’s Online and Offline Reputation is Spreading Beyond Borders

With a reputation of insults and a bombastic nature, Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene has disrupted the political scale and has managed to confuse many. As Americans seem to vote in his favor, one must wonder why with his recent scandals and his constant insults.

Trump’s reputation as a business person was always a shady one, but there was no denying his sense of marketing and promotion. That is what has gotten him this far. Self-promotion has been his best friend and in doing so, he has garnered a group of followers but also a group of protestors.

Insults, half-truths, and lies are what Trump is known for and has been for years. He has yet to lay out actual plans of action. He would rather mention the topic without giving his audience the information. But in some circles, that seems enough to keep his numbers high and attendance to his speeches full.

The media jumps on the wagon every day. When Trump speaks, the news cycle repeats his words until they each is ingrained into the memories of Americans. Whether bullying Hilliary Clinton or making wild claims of deportation of Muslims, the media is right there to report it repeatedly. Not even an expert online reputation company can compete with that nonsense.

As Trump’s insults go beyond the borders of America, his reputation has suffered in other countries as well. From the Mexican President to Chinese leaders of commerce, the reputation of Trump is not kept within the borders of the United States. But the mixture of reviews keeps everyone at the edge of their seat to catch what he says next.

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Athleisure in the Nightlife

Athleisure has become a hot fashion trend that people are embracing for their active life, casual days and even as work attire. Now athleisure is taking the next step out —while clad in a stylish athletic shoe- into being a part of the nightlife.

In an interview with the magazine for fashion and beauty minded people -Marie Claire- Kate Hudson details how her own line of active wear has began to branch into selling athleisure nightlife style.
Read the full interview on Kate Hudson Fabletics Interview 2016

Kate Hudson is affiliated with the popular Fabletics active wear company. Fabletics is a branch off from the JustFab fashion membership retail company. Likewise Fabletics has a membership option for their customers to get the best deals from them every month. They do however offer customers to shop as guests from the Fabletics webstore or brick and mortar locations.

The company just launched their first ever designed dresses on April 1 of this year. They have so far been earning praise from athleisure trendy ladies.

When asked why women like the idea of athleisure dresses Kate Hudson immediately identifies the reason to be a desire for comfort while still looking stylish. She says that all of the Fabletics dresses are made from the same material as the rest of the athletic wear from the company. The material allows ladies to stretch, bend, walk, and relax comfortably. It isn’t difficult to get in and out of a car with a Fabletics athleisure wear dress on. The dresses are form-fitting so spanx aren’t necessary to wear underneath them and a few of them have bras built in. This makes the dresses all the more comfortable.

Kate Hudson also mentioned to Marie Claire information about the other new products from Fabletics. They just released swim wear this year. The secure design of the swimsuits with cute, feminine designs make these swimsuits a match made in heaven for your summer if you don’t want your swimsuit accidentally falling off or slipping from your body.

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FreedomPop Offers Free Internet Access And Eliminate Roaming Cost Worldwide

In 2014, when it moved to the Sprint LTE network, FreedomPop began to offer a $20 unlimited plan as well as its free service that gives users 200 MB of data, 200 voice calls and 500 text messages free each month. The $20 Unlimited Plan allowed unlimited talk, text and data as well as free tethering on all new LTE phones, allowing users the advantage of using their smart phones as hotspots as well. The plan gave users 1 GB of 4G data and reduced the speed to 3G after that amount has been used. It also beefed up its smart phone lineup to include the Samsung Victory and Galaxy S3 and S4. In January, FreedomPop launched a new global hotspot and SIM that offers free data in 25 countries and plans to expand its coverage to an additional 40 countries before the end of the year.

The new global plan allows users 200 MB of data and charges $10 for an additional 500 MB. The new global plan can be use with any connected device or smart phone as well. The global hotspot is currently priced at $49.99 and will eventually cost $99.99. The global SIM is only $10 and will be updated remotely as new countries are added. FreedomPop aggregated cellular networks around the world allows users a seamless single data connection.

In an interview with Carrier Wrap, a feature of RCR Wireless News, Stephen Stokol, co-founder and COO of FreedomPop, explained how the free wireless internet and mobile phone services allows 25 different networks to plug into its platform. In many markets in other countries, the FreedomPop brand is unknown because it is partnered with familiar well-known brands in these areas.

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Andy Wirth King of the Mountain at Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth is the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He is the motivating force and power at this iconic ski resort that has seen enormous changes since his involvement with the resort, local businesses and employees and residents of this picturesque location. Read more: Andy Wirth –

He has a strong commitment to the local environment and has a history of environmental support beginning with his father who was involved in writing some of the foundations for forest preservation in the country.

Andy Wirth is not only a skier but a triathlete as well, unfortunately he is also a skydiver who nearly lost his life in a horrendous landing in which his arm was severed from his torso.

Wirth is a fighter and after multiple surgeries his arm was reattached and he was rehabilitated to continue his frenetic life at Squaw Valley. After the accident he co-founded an Ironman team, named “Wounded Warrior Support”. Read more: Andy Wirth Elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation

The team honors the work done by the Navy SEALS and raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Andy Wirth was instrumental in combining Squaw Valley with the adjacent ski facility, Alpine Meadows, into a combined mega-ski resort connected by a new gondola that allows skiers from Squaw Valley to ski the trails at Alpine Meadows and vice-versa. Along the way Wirth spearheaded an opposition drive to incorporate the ski area that would have taken control away from Wirth and the ski area itself.

Andy Wirth recently was appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. His immersion into the tourist industry in this piece of paradise is complete and you can be certain that he will continue to tirelessly work toward the betterment of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows areas. We only hope he limits his skydiving.
Learn more about Andy Wirth: and