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How Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Can Protect Your Retirement

Richard Blair is a well-experienced financial expert who has been giving great investment advice for decades. After finishing up his education in 1993, he founded the independent investment firm Wealth Solutions as a way of giving his clients the kind of objective advice that they need in the difficult world of investment.

Blair was dedicated to pulling away the kind of “opinion-based” advice he’d seen ravage the industry and wanted to provide his clients with real-world and fact-based advice that would get things done.

One of the biggest focuses of his firm has been providing investment advice to those who are looking to fund their retirement. Blair believes that everyone deserves to have the kind of funds later in life that they need to live a comfortable and happy life.

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is what is known as a Registered Investment Advisory or RIA firm, one that offers three different pillars for investment.

The first of these pillars is used to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of each client. It also involves gauging their risk tolerance and their ability to grow their savings in a safe and comfortable way.

The idea is to get a feeling for where the client is coming from as an investor and to use this information to fuel a sound and realistic investment strategy.

This strategy will be focused on in the second pillar. Using the information learned in the first pillar, a long-term strategy will be developed, including reallocating assets to maximize portfolio success.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions will tweak your portfolio repeatedly, and as the market changes, to ensure that your hard-earned savings don’t disappear in a puff of smoke when stocks take a little tumble. The idea is to protect your investment and to add valuable years to your retirement.

Last, but not least, is pillar three. This is the final endpoint of the whole solution and it is designed to provide you with the kind of insurance you need to live a happy life.

For example, you will find a way to earn long-term care insurance, life insurance, and various annuities that will help protect your family in the case of an untimely death. Too few companies focus on this aspect of retirement and leave their clients high-and-dry.

That is what sets Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair apart from their competitors. They have worked hard for decades to become a successful and helpful retirement investment firm. The goal, as always, is to help you save money, earn money, and retire when you want and with the money you deserve.