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GRAND RAPIDS, MI-Dick, and Betsy DeVos have contributed over $139 million to charity work over their lifetime. But Dick DeVos is no stranger to this big donations as he has grown in a family of philanthropist, over the years his family alone has contributed over $1.33 billion. All in all Betsy’s family are also people that give, Betsy is a daughter of the late Edgar Prince an industrialist and the family has contributed to a number of charity organizations and political parties. Talk of a match made in heaven. The DeVos believe in civil rights, and they feel that the current education system is not fulfilling the American Dream. This explains their huge contributions towards the education sector, in 2015 26% representing $3 million of their total contributions went to education causes. Further, the amazing couple through their foundation gave $ 357,000 to groups supporting education reforms.

Among the schools that have benefited from the funding are: Michigan school in 2015, in 2013 Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids ($ 50,000), Ferris State University in Big Rapids ($ 100,000), West Michigan Aviation Academy ($ 315,000) and Rehoboth Christian School ($50,000).On the grounds of the Gerald Ford International Airport, the couple launched the first aviation-themed charter school five years ago. The couple not only give sizable donations to the school for instance the $315,000 donated in 2013 buying the school’s first airplane, they hold galas annually to raise funds for the school and attract A-list guest like President George W. Bush and Apollo astronauts. The school focuses on STEM, robotics and aeronautical and is able to host kids from seven different counties among which 40% are economically disadvantaged. Apart from education, the couple contributes towards art, in 2015 they gave over $ 2.4 million that is 21% of the charitable giving that year. To ensure high-quality management of high-quality Arts they donated $ 22 million to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland.

Other areas that the Dick DeVos’ support includes: Civic, community, and others ($ 1.8 million), leadership and development ($ 1.5 million), Health and Human services ($ 618,000), churches ($ 488,250) and public policy ($ 1.3 million.) The couple believes in philanthropic investment returns and term such investments as remarkable. This explains their sizeable donation to the Spectrum Health Foundation that aimed at recruiting top physician and a researcher in cancer in children and neuroblastoma. Dick and Betsy are upholding the family legacy and are including their children in their charity works and in a way getting fresh ideas.

Dick DeVos is the 11th US Secretary of Education and a businessman from Michigan. He was born on October 21, 1955, and studied at the University of Northwood. He is a Republican whose focus is on supporting the education system.


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Anthony Petrello is a Talented Executive and Operations Leader

Anthony Petrello is a philanthropist, president, and CEO of Nabors Industries Limited, the largest company involved in oil exploration in the United States. Anthony Petrello has served as CEO since 2011 and has acted as the company’s president for over two decades. Petrello majored in mathematics at Yale University. He is also an alumnus of Harvard law school.

Anthony Petrello’s responsibilities at Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is an oil & gas, drilling, and exploration Company, which was established in 1968. The Company is based in Houston, Texas. Petrello began working at Nabors Industries in 1991 as a chief operating officer. In 1992, he was appointed the president of the company. In 2003, he was promoted to deputy chairman of the board of directors, a position he held for nine years. Since he joined the company, Petrello has strived to expand the company globally. In 1992, he facilitated an increase in the company’s revenue to US$40 million. The same year, Nabors Industries featured in the S&P MidCap 400 Index stock market.

In the 1993-1994 financial years, Petrello helped the company stabilize following a serious economic regression. Under the guidance of Petrello, Nabors’ stock has continued to rise in stock exchange market. In 2007, he facilitated the company’s sale of Sea Mar Fleet, a vessel management agency. This transaction earned the company over US$180 million.

Anthony Petrello’s previous work experience and philanthropic acts

Prior to working at Nabors Industries Limited, Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie. Petrello was the managing partner of Baker & McKenzie from 1986 to 1991. In 2011, Petrello was the head of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC a company that deals in manufacturing of specialized equipment. Additionally, he also served as a director of, a creative market and design agency that deals in web design, and promotions.

Anthony Petrello is involved in a variety of philanthropic activities. He has been serving as director of the Texas Children’s pediatric hospital for several years. This hospital is a non-profit organization that pioneers in treating children with conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart-related conditions. He donates generously towards organizations whose goal is to eradicate diseases.


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The Success of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a prominent individual who is mostly known for her success within the makeup industry and is known for her leadership skills that have inspired both men as well as women to change the way that they wear makeup and the way that they put on their makeup every morning. Doe Deere has always loved being a creative individual and has worked hard to make sure that her hard work is felt by other individuals all over the world. Doe Deere is the proud owner of Lime Crime, a company that was created in order to help others not only feel confident, but to also feel beautiful. Doe Deere wants individuals to not only try her product to feel beautiful on the outside, but also wants individuals to try her product in order to feel confident and to spread an infectious smile on the outside. In regards to the future of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has many plans.


Doe Deere is a passionate individual when it comes to creating new and improved makeup products. What makes Lime Crime a company that stands out is the fact that Lime Crime specializes in offering beautiful and vibrant colors that even encourage neon colors. Doe Deere has made these products and has instructed her clients to specifically use these products on their cheeks, their eyes, as well as on their lips. As the name of the company suggests, Doe Deere loves to use the color of lime as she believes it brings out the beautiful features of all of her customers.


Doe Deere is an individual who has worked hard to create her business. As a businesswoman, Doe Deere is an advocate for individuals to pursue their dreams and to pursue a career that truly inspires them to be the best that they can be. Though Doe Deere is presently living her dream as a businesswoman, Doe Deere has experienced a job that she felt as though sucked the soul from her. It was not until Doe Deere found her true calling within the makeup industry that she began to know exactly what she wanted to do in the future and knew how to challenge herself.


Doe Deere is an inspirational individual because she was able to create and to develop a company within the competitive industry of makeup. Doe Deere has not only made her company successful, but has also changed the way that individuals look at wearing makeup. People now look to makeup as a way to express themselves rather than a way to coverup the blemishes or the imperfections on the face. Doe Deere believes that imperfections do not exist and that bright colored makeup is a great way to express oneself.

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The Success Story about Sam Boraie

When you think of real estate development in New Brunswick, the person that comes to mind is Sam Boraie. He is the vice president of Boraei Development Company which is one of the development companies located in the north east United States. This company is located in New Jersey and has dedicated it’s entire existence in changing the face of New Brunswick. Under his watch, the company has developed a multi-use facility that has attracted many businesses and residents to the city in search of office space, retail shops, and even residential apartments. The company is also dedicated to changing the landscape of Atlantic City which has not improved economically.

His development projects

Sam Boraie has worked with other experienced developers and other likeminded individuals who manage and develop properties and top notch projects in a variety of communities across the country. Sam Boraie also liaised with basket ball star Shaquille O’Neal to bring his home town a new residential building. The Boraie Company boasts of having built “The Aspire” which is a 238- unit high rise near the New Brunswick Train station and a spring street. The company has also built a health club, a roof deck, among other social amenities. The 25 story mixed used space of 400,000 square feet is also one of their projects. The beach at south inlet Atlanta city which hosts 250 residential units near the Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean is a project done under their watch. A project in the downtown area which features commercial spaces and 20,000 square feet of retail space was built by Boraie Development Company.

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His philanthropic character

Sam Boraie is not only a developer but a philanthropist who is involved in several charity organizations. He is also involved with Elijah’s promise which is a charitable organization involved with the welfare of the community. Its main mandate is to end poverty in the various communities located in New Jersey. The company which largely depends on donations seeks to end hunger and provide healthy food to the community. They also create businesses that empower individuals to get sustained employment that will help them provide for their needs with ease. He sits on the board of this noble organization.

Summer projects sponsored by Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie sits on the board of the historical state theater. The theater which largely depends on donations got a sponsorship from Boraie Development Company to air a free summer movie series to the community. The program gave families an opportunity to share quality time together by sitting together to watch these family movies. The theater was also renovated to its old form. Today it’s the place where teachers and students gather to watch performances. It also hosts dances and performances from various groups.


Sam Boraie has done a lot of development projects that have improved the lives of so many individuals in New Brunswick. His development projects have impacted the lives of those residents positively. It has also brought closer state of the art amenities which has greatly improved the status of the town.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa explains how to take the perfect Smartphone Photo

One of the main reason behind the popularity of the Smartphones is that they take great photos on, hence the selfie-trend. However, if you want the perfect photo from your phone, a good amount of homework is needed. The normal Smartphone will have a front camera with 5 to 13 megapixels and a back camera with 8 to 13 megapixels. As developed as these cameras are, they still do not match the features that come with the traditional camera. Below are some tips that can help you take the ideal shots with your smart Device.

Several takes
If you were to have a peek at the galleries of people that post the best camera photos, you will see tens of other takes of the same photo. The idea is to try and replicate that photo idea you have in mind until you get the perfect balance of light and shadows.

The balance of photo components
A photo will have the foreground, the object and the background. When these three of the five components are in good balance, the photo will look perfect for Figueroa. The rule of the thumb when trying to create this balance is to ensure that these aspects are placed a third of the distance from each side. In case you take a photo and one of the components seems too domineering, try and crop it to restore the balance.

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Manual Zoom
The other weakness that comes with the cameras on the smart devices is lack of the auto-zoom option according to Figueroa. To correct this error, it is recommended that you move closer or further away from the object till you achieve the perfect distance balance. This will bring out the ideal image size in connection with the object.

Ignore the flash
For the conventional camera, the flash is what improves the quality of the photographs that are being taken. This is because it is possible to control the intensity of the flash and other aspects. The flash on the smart device on Tumblr is not easy to regulate, which means the image quality is compromised in the process. To avoid these funny shadows, it is best to ignore the flash altogether.

Some other great tips that will improve the image quality include utilizing filters and editors, cleaning the camera lens, and using the HDR setting.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa hails from Venezuela. He has served as the president, treasurer and director in 5 different companies. Figueroa was appointed the president of Panama group in 2011and has effected changes that are bringing growth. He is a great mentor for young business leaders and an advocate for change.

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David Osio Offers His New Real Estate App For Investors

David Osio and his staff at Davos Real Estate released a new application for customers that calculates the return on investment for real estate purchases. Investors spend quite a lot of money on their investments, and they are entitled to accurate information on profitability. This is a story of how someone may use the app for their investments. Creating a portfolio is far more complex than purchasing several properties while awaiting a rise in value.

#1: The App Uses Current Market Information

The app uses current market information when calculating return on investment. ROI is an industry tool used to determine the overall value of a property, and David has spent quite a lot of time with clients determining ROI. He calls in clients every day who offer the same information requested by the app, and he believes his clients will see a surge in their profits when they check each property with his app.

#2: How Does David Manage His Clients?

David manages his clients using a simple system he shares in every meeting. His clients learn quite a lot about real estate investment before they leave his office, and they discuss each investment with him before writing a check. He is quite knowledgeable as he has industry experience that outdoes many others just like him.

#3: A Mobile App Saves Time

Investors who invest in real estate with David Osio need not place calls to his office over every property they find. The client sees ROI information on a new property, and they may choose to speak with David and Davos Real Estate about a new location. The two sides are on the same page as the investor uses information from the app to consult with David.

#4: Money Is Saved

The Davos CAP Calculator saves money as investors no longer make hasty decisions about their purchases. They visit Davos Real Estate for information on a new property, but they know before their meeting how much they may earn on the location. Locations around the world may be researched using the app, and David often refers his clients to the app when necessary.

David has created a far better investment circle for his clients using the Davos CAP Calculator, and clients are urged to use the calculator at every opportunity. Money and time is saved when the client sees a result in the calculator that informs their choices.

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David Osio Along With other Executives of Davos Real Estate Group has Launched the Company’s New Real Estate Application

David Osio, together with other executive directors, Gerald González and Pablo Bausili of Davos Real Estate Group, have officially launched and presented the company’s new mobile application to their clients. The new application, Davos CAP Calculator, is expected to help estimate the return on real estate development and serves as a fulfillment of their customer’s interest.

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is one among the independent companies that forms Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group, on the other hand, is an international group in the Latin American that leads in offering comprehensive financial advice. It has been in operation for more than 20 years now, and its primary focus is on formulating investment strategies that meet their client’s needs and expectations.

For six months, Gerard González has been working in collaboration with Tecknolution Company on the design and development of useful tools. These tools will allow one to estimate returns from an investment property when the costs associated with the property are put into consideration. The application is based on the latest technology and is available for both the Android and iPhone devices. The application marks the beginning of a chain of other complementary applications that will help clients identify properties and forward any real estate report through a mobile device.

David Osio says that the mobile application was a long due requirement that Davos needed to help assist in guiding their clients financially as they invest in real estate across the United States. His counterpart Gerard González added that the innovative tool would help investors understand better the financial vision when buying any property. Apart from the developing the new application, Davos is also establishing new strategic partnerships to expand their services in Europe.

About David Osio
David Osio is a graduate from the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela and also holds a degree in International Banking Law from Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA. He is the founders as well as the CEO of the Davos Financial Group since its inception in 1993. Davos offers financial advises to their esteemed groups customers. He has boosted the company’s profitability which has allowed him to uplift other independent companies in the country.

He has also worked for other different companies including the OPED Enterprise, LETCO Commercial Companies, Caracas law firm MGO, and Banco Latino International (BLI). Later in 1993 is when he established Davos Financial Group of Companies which in years has successfully maintained an enduring corporate responsibility. The companies also collaborate with other non-profit organizations to support art and culture among other social responsibilities. David Osio and Davos has received several awards for the job well done.

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