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Timothy Armour’s Take on Passive Investments

Timothy D. Armour is the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Capital Group Companies board of directors. He also chairs the Capital Group Companies Management Committee and is the principal executive of Capital research and Management Company. Mr. Tim Armour has recently written an article discussing how Warren Buffet has made a $1 million bet for a charity’s benefit.Armour discusses how Mr. Buffet has wagered to attain greater returns than a selection of hedge fund managers by investing in the S&P 500 passive index fund. Warren Buffet seeks to prove how much more expensive and mediocre hedge funds are. Timothy Armour agrees with Mr. Buffet that a person can gain much more through investing in low cost simple investments and holding them for the long term.

Contrary to Buffet, Timothy feels that these passive index investments have a lot of risk and are highly volatile. He also thinks that the opportunity costs of such investments have largely unknown or have been greatly underestimated.Mr. Armour agrees that there are definitely a few successful exceptions who have invested in such funds. But he strongly discourages anyone who feels that passive index funds are a good investment plan for their retirement. He stipulates that this is largely due to the fact that such funds leave their investors with 100% exposure to volatility and losses during market downturns. Timothy advises that investors should instead seek to find experienced fund managers who invest their own money alongside their clients’.

About Timothy Armour,

He is an equity portfolio manager with over 32 years of experience. All his experienced has been attained with Capital Group. He started his career in 1982 as an investment analyst after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury college. Currently based in Los Angeles, Timothy was named the chairman of Capital Group in 2015 after James Rothenburg passed away. As Chief Executive, he manages a significant amount of money for the group, including the American Capital Income Builder fund valued at over $100 billion.


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Todd Lubar Knows a Successful Business

The business that Todd Lubar has is one that focuses on the financial aspects of life and of the different things that he is able to do with the options that he has. He works hard to make sure that he can do what he has available to him and that he is able to get the most out of the different things that are going on with the business. The current financial business that he runs is one that allows people to get debt relief and get the loans that they need. Even when traditional lenders won’t even look at these people, Lubar uses his business to be able to show them what they are able to get and the options that they will have from the business and being able to reach the different aspects of it. Todd Lubar wants to help people who have not had the chance to get help from anywhere else.

When Todd Lubar first started out, Todd Lubar worked hard. This was something that he felt made him be able to do more with the business that he had. It was also something that he was confident in so that he could show people the options that they had. When Todd Lubar did the best things for his business, he showed people the right way to try more with the things that they were doing. Todd Lubar worked hard and did what he could to make the opportunities into realities for people who could try more with their financial situations.

Organization is key for Todd Lubar. He is very into organization and he does what he can to stay organized in all aspects of his life. He works to make sure that things stay organized and that he can do what he has set out to be able to do with the options that he has. He also does what he can to stay on top of all of the parts of his business. This has allowed him the chance to show people that he is able to do more with the various options available to him.

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