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McGalla Makes A New Fashion For Pittsburgh Through Listening Steelers’ Fans

Just when the Steelers were about to start their first home game of the season, Pittsburgh Steelers fashion launched its new website, new fashion and lots of other fun ways for fans to connect with the team. Expectations are higher to the Steelers in their upcoming game on Sunday, but the team is already scoring points with fans who want the new fashion to connect with the team. The director of the strategic planning, Susan McGalla said that the new fashion is already available on the new company website. The goal of the new site is to make it easy for the customers to easily and quickly do their shopping using any device.

Some of the fashion introduced this year include big labels like Tommy Bahama, Pandora jewelery with Steelers charms, Victoria’s Secret and Nike Golf. Everyone is catered for in the store especially the younger girls who can find lots of pink, yellow and metallic gold. According to Susan McGalla, a lot of girls look for thumbholes and sport that goes into the street. It all about fashion that you can dress up, or you may dress it down. Most of them look out for great zip and understated Steeler logo which they expect to find whatever they buy.

Susan McGalla is not new to the world of fashion and online retail. Before becoming the director at Steelers, Susan McGalla was the president of Eagle Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal. This time, she has chosen to bring her experience and expertise to the world of branding, merchandising, and lifestyle at Steelers. Her strategy is quite clear, “She is listening to the fans”.

According to Susan McGalla, the whole point is to bring innovative products to the fans. It’s all about how to make the fans engage and connect with themselves as well as sharing and being part of the organization they love. Steelers can only fulfill the dreams of the fans and embrace social networking in ways that will make the fans see it as part of having fun.

Susan McGalla chooses the direct way of listening to what the customers want. She understands that many men are looking for something to wear even at work, and many women want the style that looks feminine. Fans would, therefore, send letters to McGalla describing how they would like their outfit to be and she chose to listen and give them what they wanted. According to McGalla, the website has made everything easy.


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Athleisure in the Nightlife

Athleisure has become a hot fashion trend that people are embracing for their active life, casual days and even as work attire. Now athleisure is taking the next step out —while clad in a stylish athletic shoe- into being a part of the nightlife.

In an interview with the magazine for fashion and beauty minded people -Marie Claire- Kate Hudson details how her own line of active wear has began to branch into selling athleisure nightlife style.
Read the full interview on Kate Hudson Fabletics Interview 2016

Kate Hudson is affiliated with the popular Fabletics active wear company. Fabletics is a branch off from the JustFab fashion membership retail company. Likewise Fabletics has a membership option for their customers to get the best deals from them every month. They do however offer customers to shop as guests from the Fabletics webstore or brick and mortar locations.

The company just launched their first ever designed dresses on April 1 of this year. They have so far been earning praise from athleisure trendy ladies.

When asked why women like the idea of athleisure dresses Kate Hudson immediately identifies the reason to be a desire for comfort while still looking stylish. She says that all of the Fabletics dresses are made from the same material as the rest of the athletic wear from the company. The material allows ladies to stretch, bend, walk, and relax comfortably. It isn’t difficult to get in and out of a car with a Fabletics athleisure wear dress on. The dresses are form-fitting so spanx aren’t necessary to wear underneath them and a few of them have bras built in. This makes the dresses all the more comfortable.

Kate Hudson also mentioned to Marie Claire information about the other new products from Fabletics. They just released swim wear this year. The secure design of the swimsuits with cute, feminine designs make these swimsuits a match made in heaven for your summer if you don’t want your swimsuit accidentally falling off or slipping from your body.

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