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Construcap – Helping The Infrastructure Development In Brazil At Various Levels

Brazil ranks among one of the most developing nations in the world and has a fast growing economy. Any country that is on the road to achieving economic success must have a develop infrastructure to meet its long-term goals at The real estate market has seen some downfall in the recent times due to the volatile economic situation globally as well as some the most important political issues in the country.

However, even with so many internal and external issues acting as a hurdle to the country’s economic growth, the government of Brazil has continued to make advances in infrastructure development across the nation on Facebook. There are many dams, highways, flyovers, bridges, subways, metro rail expansion, railroad expansion, and more happening across the length and breadth of the country. It has helped in attracting foreign investors to the country, and the domestic real estate market noticed some improvements too in the last few quarters as a result.

The demand to supply ratio for the residential housing market hasn’t been very encouraging, but as the internal issues in the political sphere continue to settle, the market is slowly holding a firm ground. There is some very encouraging upward movement in the real estate prices, especially in the metropolitan and developing cities and areas in the country. There are also many new factories being set up, which is sure to help the manufacturing industry in Brazil. Find more on

Construcap is one of the most prominent names in the field of construction, engineering, and infrastructure development in the country. In 2015, it received the “Best Construction Company” award by the popular Exame Magazine. It entered the field of infrastructure development and construction in the year 1944 and is today listed among the top ten construction companies in the country. In 2015, it also received the highly prestigious ENR Global Awards, which reflects upon the quality of its projects and high professionalism maintained by the company over the years.

Construcap follows only the highest standards in its construction and infrastructure development projects. It follows the set standards and central guidelines, such as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001, and others. Construcap does internal audits regularly to ensure safety and federal guidelines are followed accurately, and the end users only get the best.