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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Rhinoplasty Specialist

If you are living in the Dallas area and want to get a nose job done, give Dr. Rohrich a call. He is a specialist in rhinoplasty. He performs this surgery regularly in his office. His patients are very satisfied with their results.

Rhinoplasty involves changing the shape and look of the nose. It requires altering the tip of the nose, reducing the dorsal hump, and deviated septum. If you are having breathing difficulties, you should consider this surgery. If you just don’t like your nose, it can be altered to make you look nicer.

In case you did not know, there are two types of rhinoplasty. One is called open rhinoplasty, while the other is called closed rhinoplasty. The one Dr. Rohrich prefers is the open rhinoplasty because he can see all of the underlying structures of the nose. Being that this type of surgery is complicated to begin with, he wants to have the best precision so the results are satisfying to the patient. To know more about him click here.

With today’s technology, patients can have a natural looking nose without it looking similar to another person. Modern rhinoplasty consists of more advanced tools and equipment than yesterday’s advances. That is why Dr. Rohorich is always keeping up with the times and uses this technology in his practice. If you find yourself needing to have a nose job done, getting a consultation before the procedure is very important. Dr. Rohrich can definitely help you determine the look you are going for.


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Dr. Mark Mofid: A Phenomenal Plastic Surgeon Giving the Gift of Beauty and Beyond

Beauty is not a characteristic that everyone is born with, but it is something that can be definitely achieved with the right plastic surgeon. Thanks to Dr. Mark Mofid, San Diego has one of the best plastic surgeons the west coast area has to the offer. I can say so many things about Dr. Mofid. When describing Dr. Mark Mofid and his work, it’s not enough to say that he is just a phenomenal Plastic Surgeon. Especially, when in fact, he is much more than that. According to the opinions of several of his previous patients, he is an absolute artist, perfecting physical features on the canvas of the human body—creating one masterpiece at a time.

So Who Is Mark Mofid?

Dr. Mark Mofid is a well-versed plastic surgeon, specializing in several areas of medicine. Some of his specialties include the following: adjacent tissue transfer, head and neck surgery, breast reconstruction and reduction, nipple reconstruction, nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty), wound repair, excision of skin lesions, and skin grafts. Furthermore, he has over 14 years experience in practicing medicine. Also, he is currently employed as a staff surgeon to three different hospitals in the San Diego and La Jolla area: Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and Palomar Medical Center. Equally important, he is not hard to locate and is more than happy to be scheduled for new upcoming appointments. Customers often express a deep appreciation for Dr. Mofid and his talents. In the same fashion, patients are quite pleased with his work, stating that the quality level of care that he provides is nothing short of amazing.

Are You thinking About Becoming A Future Patient?

A decision to have plastic surgery is a big deal, but there are some other factors to consider, besides what kind of work to have done. Prior to making an informative decision to get plastic surgery, it’s a great idea to do as much research as possible on the doctor who will be performing your future surgery. You want to be confident that whatever doctor that you choose, will give you the highest level of quality patient care. Well take a deep breath and relax. Because future patients can rest assure that Dr. Mofid is more than qualified and has a plethora of accomplishments to confirm his well-established reputation; a reputation of being one of the best surgeons in the medical profession today. Read on and allow me to elaborate.

Things To know About The Man With The Gifted Hands

First, I would like to point out that Dr. Mofid has demonstrated remarkable achievements, both academically and professionally. In his academic career, he obtained his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude. He then attended John Hopkins University, completing his medical degree with a specialty in plastics. In his professional career, he is Board Certified in two distinguished areas of medicine: the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Fascial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mofid is not only a remarkable surgeon, but he is also exceptional teacher. He has presented at several medical conferences both in the United States and internationally. In addition to teaching, he has authored several publications on facial and breast surgeries. Some of his publications have been featured in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal. The accomplishments of Dr. Mofid just go on and on.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s Passion For Safety: Safety Before Beauty

It is also safe to say that Dr. Mofid has a high regard for patient safety. Listen carefully. What all future patients should ultimately know about Dr. Mofid is that safety and quality are his primary concerns. Taking this into account, please be mindful that safety does and will always come first. Dr. Mofid is not going to put a patient’s safety at risk by performing a surgery that is deemed unsafe. To quote Dr. Mofid’s stance on buttock augmentation implants, He commented, “I place only intramuscular implants, and I never overdo it even if patients try to push for larger implants,” he replied to Plastic Surgery Practice during an interview session.

What To Expect During A Visit?

During your initial visit with Dr. Mofid, he will perform a medical evaluation and customize a treatment plan for you (the patient). The treatment plan consists of every thing the patient needs to know about the approved surgical and recovery plans. Beauty sometimes is blinding that people do not always know what’s best for them. Not to worry, Dr. Mofid is highly skilled and has the capability to assist patients in making the best decision possible. Again, Dr. Mofid is great what he does. However, he will not put your body in harms way. Plastic Surgery should never be performed at the expense of someone’s safety. If you want it done right the first time and safely, then Dr. Mofid is your guy every time.

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Imran Haque Treats All With Respect – And He Is Respected

When a doctor runs a good practice, they will be respected. Others will see the work that they do and they will look up to them. Imran Haque is someone who is well respected in his community, and he is respected because he works in a good way. This man is a doctor who takes on all kinds of issues that his patients are facing, and he helps each patient receive the kind of care that changes their life. Imran Haque is fully licensed to handle the work that he does, and he has the needed experience to do a good job when dealing with each patient.

There are times when a person is focused on too many things and that stops them from doing one thing in a good way. Imran Haque is someone who has had to learn the hard way that it is best for a person to just focus on the one thing that they are good at and that gives them passion. This man was working on another business while he was also trying to find his place in the medical world. He was failing, and he had to make the decision to focus solely on the world of medicine.

The way that a person treats other human beings can affect the way that they are treated. The way that a person interacts with others can change the respect that such a person is given. Imran Haque is someone who understands that it is important to treat others with kindness at all times. He is someone who believes that it is important to treat others in the same way that he would like to be treated. One of the reasons that this man has found respect is because of the way in which he treats others and more

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Dr. Mark McKenna – Taking Aesthetics to New Heights

Dr. S. Mark McKenna is the current founder and the CEO of OVME. Dr. McKenna MD, MBA is a hardworking medical doctor licensed in both surgery and medicine from the State Board of Medical Examiners in Florida and Georgia. He is respected for his community service, and is devoted to speaking out on behalf of his patients. Dr. Mark McKenna hails originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he graduated from the prestigious Tulane University Medical School. Soon after graduation, Mark joined his father in medical practice. At the same time, fast-thinking McKenna also launched McKenna Venture Investments. This is a boutique real-estate development firm. As time moved on, McKenna wisely acquired many other companies until he had 50 employees. His business offered closing cost, finance and turnkey design-build services.

When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in August of 2005, much of the great city was underwater. Businesses and homes were demolished. The killer storm also ruined most of McKenna’s business interests. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Dr. McKenna helped the people of New Orleans by redevelopment of safe low-moderate income housing. Two years later, McKenna relocated out of state to Atlanta, Georgia, where he started ShapeMed. His new medical practice focused on wellness and aesthetics. After hard work and much success, McKenna was able to sell ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness Inc. in November of 2014. He then served as Lifetime Fitness Inc. National Medical Director for over two years.

In July of 2017, Dr. McKenna launched is innovative OVME company and is the CEO and founder. This medical aesthetic company, that is technologically enabled and consumer facing, is currently reinventing the healthcare field of elective aesthetics. This busy doctor is happily married with one cherished daughter and a spoiled Pomeranian. He is a proud member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Additionally, McKenna has served on other New Orleans organization boards in the past.

Clearly, Dr. McKenna is driven to succeed. He also makes it a priority to spend time with his wife and daughter. For balance, Mark McKenna meditates, does visualization and trains in Jiu Jitsu every evening.

Learn more about him:

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Dr. Imran Haque is the Best Rural Doctor in the Tar Heel State

Imran Haque is a medical doctor that serves rural North Carolina, specifically the areas of Asheboro and Ramseur. He’s also affiliated with several hospitals in the area, such as Randolph Hospital of North Carolina. Dr. Imran Haque spreads his time around his two practices, Horizon Internal Medicine, and the hospitals he has staff privileges at, among the days of each and every week. Imran Haque practices internal medicine, allowing him to stay close to families that have trusted him throughout the years. Although he often keeps patients within his own care, he sometimes shoots employees to specialists that can better solve their problems, although Dr. Imran Haque has a thorough grasp on medicine and its many applications.

Mr. Imran Haque first went to college in the United States of America in 1990, earning a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling in a Caribbean medical school. Tens of miles off the coast of Florida, UNIBE – Universidad Iberoamerican – is the most prestigious and reputable such program in the Caribbean islands, topping the other three popular competitors. Imran Haque, at this point before he became a doctor, enrolled in UNIBE in 1994.

He emerged as Dr. Imran Haque in 1998, smashing the program with highest honors. Although some people from Caribbean medical school have trouble finding residencies, Dr. Imran Haque quickly found one at the University of Virginia, where he studied practical application of internal medicine for three years. Finishing the Roanoke-Salem program in three years, the minimum it takes to become a licensed practitioner, Dr. Imran Haque moved to North Carolina to open up practice. He wanted to live in a rural area in the Tar Heel state because his experience in small towns in Virginia made him realize that small, rural areas were often less privileged when it comes to healthcare.



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Patients Hold Anesthesiology Doctors In High Esteem

Whether by choice or due to accident or emergency, most of us will require the expertise of an anesthesiology department in our lifetime. Unless the family steps in, we may not have a choice of anesthesiologists in an emergency situation. However, when I had elective surgery performed, I must say that Capitol Anesthesiology was a choice I made without reservation.

Having experienced their services during a prior health crisis, I must say that I was taken aback by the caring, patient attitude of the doctors, nurse anesthetists and support staff alike. All are highly, continuously trained and the doctors are either board certified or are in the process of certification. I felt absolutely no rush as the procedure was explained to me, and all my questions were answered in an understandable way with no hint of condescension. The support staff was extremely helpful after the procedure when I had questions about insurance and billing. Since insurance is such a maze currently, their attitude was a welcome surprise.

Probably one of the primary reasons I like Capitol Anesthesiology is their commitment to community involvement. This strikes me as a rare commodity in our society and illustrates to me the overall philosophy of their practice.