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Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made By Congress

Wikipedia is the most recognized general reference work on the internet. It is among the top ten popular websites. The multilingual encyclopedia is open source, meaning anyone with an internet access can make changes to Wikipedia articles. However, there are cases of limited access where making changes to an existing article is restricted to prevent vandalism. Wikipedia users can contribute anonymously or with their real identities if they choose to.

Using Wikipedia to Build a Brand

The Internet and Social Media is an open battleground. Finding your way to success can prove challenging. One of the surest ways to succeed is to create a Wikipedia page about you, your business or your brand. Sadly, many people underestimate the power of a Wikipedia page.

A Wikipedia page for business, company or even a person will appear in the top ten results of almost all search terms. Having this in mind, creating a Wikipedia page about yourself or your company can make a great first impression on potential customers or the general public searching for your name or brand.

Hire Wikipedia Experts to Create a Page for you

Creating a good Wikipedia page is not that easy. Writing a Wikipedia article is not similar to the usual content creation. Most people who rely on their academic, advertising or journalistic writing skills often end up frustrated as Wikipedia writing entails much more than basic writing skills. The complex Wikipedia Writing guidelines make involving a professional experienced in writing and editing Wikipedia content vital.

Creating Wikipedia content requires thorough research, proper grammar, correct vocabulary and inclusion of pictures. This is the reason why most people opt for Wiki writers to do the work on their behalf. The strict guidelines by Wikipedia can deter business people, companies, and individuals from creating or editing Wikipedia articles about their company or selves.

So if you need a page created for your company, self, or brand, veteran Wikipedia writers can help. Wikipedia editors will create a page that is properly formatted, reliably source-referenced and written as per Wikipedia’s manual of style.

Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made By Congress

Congress is popular for being a house of some interesting characters. In May 2014, Ed Summers came up with a Twitter account, @congressedits. This Twitter account tracks all Wikipedia revisions made to Wikipedia pages from IP addresses that are within the range allocated to the United States Congress. These edits involve promotions or change in the status of members of Congress, and even more interesting ones like resume padders. A good example of resume padder, found in SF Gate, involves a Republican from Kansas, Timothy Alan Huelskamp. Someone anonymously added a section dubbing him a “National Conservative Leader.” Tim Huelskamp has alienated himself from party leaders of late, and the edit was made anonymously, so it is not clear what the editor’s true intentions were.

CongressEdits has resulted in the creation of similar accounts all around the globe in the hopes of improving transparency in government.