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More Changes Coming to Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies owns over 20 subsidiaries that provide technology services to government agencies to include JPay, Satellite Tracking of People, Telerus, T-Netix, and a host of others. You can now add government payment processing giant, GovPayNet, to the list. Chief Operating Officer of Securus Technologies announce in early January that the company has reached an agreement to purchase GovPayNet. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Chief Operating Officer of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie, will continue to be CEO after the acquisition. This moves now allows Securus to process over 4 million payments for government agencies per year, making them a leader in the game.


GovPayNet has current contracts to provide payment processing for nearly 3,600 agencies in 35 states, covering nearly 30% of counties. They are located in Indianapolis and have been in operation since 1997. MacKenzie said of the deal, “We are looking forward to expanding our capabilities under Securus Technologies. We have a great team and cutting-edge solutions.”


Securus Technologies is a prison and inmate technology holding company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. They employee over 1,000 people in four locations. They have over 20 subsidiaries providing services to over 3,500 corrections facilities all over North America. A few of the subsidiaries that operate under the company are JPay, JOBView, CellBlox, and Voice Analytics. Securus continues to look for other companies to acquire to expand their infrastructure and quality of service.


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Securus Technologies Is Working To Make Correctional Facilities Safer For Inmates and Corrections Officers

Located in the middle of Texas, Securus Technologies has it’s headquarters in Dallas. Here it serves over 3500 public officials from those in public safety to corrections facilities. Securus Technologies is in charge of over seeing more than a million inmates all across North America. They are committed to helping and serving those in charge of helping during emergency response incidents.


Securus Technologies does more than just that. They are also over the public information sector as well as investigating and biometric analysis. They help in the information management for law enforcements and corrections enforcement. They aid in helping to keep the prisons safer for both inmates and the workers.


By offering services such as recording of phone calls to helping to train those who work within the prison system, Securus strives to create a much safer environment for those who are in the corrections systems. They are in charge of meeting expectations of those who depend on them to keep them safe while working in these kinds of situations.


For the inmates who reside inside of correctional facilities, they are under the watch of Securus Technologies by recording phone conversations, observing videos, making sure that inmates who perform crimes against other inmates are prosecuted for their roles in the inmate crimes. When phone calls are being monitored, the inmates who discuss information pertaining to crimes, the audio is them dictated and transcribed and given to the right officials.


When inmates receive contraband inside the prison, Securus helps to keep it inactive while in the prison system. The drugs inside of the prisons is still going to happen without much aid from Securus, well at least until they find a way of preventing it completely. The phone contraband is able to be prevented by using a device which blocks out the cell signal from within the prison. This helps to keep cell phones out of the hands of inmates.


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Securus Technologies Keeping a Local Community Safe

Part of my duty as a crime scene investigator is to collect evidence quickly enough that we can make a profile of the suspect and get officers to that suspect as fast as possible. We were dealing with a criminal who was robbing local businesses after hours, making off with several hundred thousand dollars of product in only a few weeks. The way he robbed these locations was the same, so we knew we were dealing with the same suspect.


Although we had a description of our suspect, we needed help finding out his real identity so we could close the books on this case before another shop was burglarized. We posted information on several news websites and even handed out flyers, but no one was able to help us identify this suspect. One thing I have learned in all my years in law enforcement is that criminals love to brag, we just needed to go where there would be a ton of them in the same place.


Our investigation took us to the local prison, and we let the inmates know why we were in town. Securus Technologies is responsible for the installation of the new inmate telephone monitoring system the corrections officers are using to listen to the prisoners on the phone. We discovered very quickly that they began talking about our visit to their family and friends right out of the gate. Once call was very interesting to my team.


The Securus Technologies system picked up chatter from an inmate warning his brother not to buy any stolen property for a while. Although brief, we thought this could be a lead that may pan out. This person had already bought stolen goods from our suspect, and his cooperation led us right to the fugitive and his ultimate arrest.


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Securus Goes Against All the Odds to make Christmas a Special Day

Christmas is usually a tie for people to have fun, enjoy and be with their loved ones. However, the situation is not the same in correction facilities. Many inmates in correction facilities find it difficult to communicate with their loved ones and miss their families. The holidays become a sad event because they miss almost all the happenings. Many inmates do not want to go home and spend time with their family. They only want to witness the whole event and even participate a little. That has been made possible thanks to Securus Video Visitation program.


The Christmas video visitation allows inmates to see their family and loved ones during opening gifts and taking meals. They get to be part of the holiday. Even though they cannot be there in person, it makes a difference in a big way. They can enjoy and go through the holiday in a more pleasant way.


Before planning for a visit, one should submit their information electronically. The user id and photo are necessary for identification. It allows the staff and wardens in correction facilities to have more control over people expected to make the visits. The feature restricts users from bad behavior. Apart from just being a communication system, it improves the general safety in the correction facility. The scheduling system is integrated into the jail system. It ensures that visitors get the appropriate time to schedule jail visits.


Anyone that has used the video visitation program knows that it is highly advantageous. The video service gives one the ability to monitor and even record visits. It acts as a great chance for people in authority to launch an investigation. The video monitoring service has reduced violence in correction facilities. The service has created efficient communication between the parties involved. The result is that friends and family have been able to enjoy their Christmas and holiday season together.


If you may never want to take your children to prison for any visit, then I recommend considering the video visitation program. Securus has played a huge role in transforming communication in correction facilities. The company has grown to become a technology leader and provider in several prisons. Securus has improved its services and areas of operations. The firm is currently available in different parts of the world such as Texas, Canada, Mexico and Atlanta. Securus Technology company motto is making connections that matter. The firm considers family as the most important part of the community. Securus strives to bring in more advanced technology to make the world a better place.