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Cotemar, the Most Important Part of Mexican Energy Sector

Cotemar is the company which is believed to be the most important part of Mexico’s energy sector especially for its services to Petroleos Mexicanos, also known as Pemex. It was 1971 when Cotemar was founded to cater the needs of Mexican oil & gas industry. Gradually the company transformed into a leading service provider in various fields especially accommodation, catering, and specialized vessels. Most of Cotemar’s work is in the area of Campeche Bay.



To provide efficient processes and solutions to the oil & gas industry, Cotemar uses the latest technology. It has been thirty-eight years since Cotemar is providing Pemex with result-oriented and highly efficient solutions for meeting their requirements. Pemex gets a wide range of services from Cotemar which includes engineering, maintenance, modernization, construction, specialized vessels, catering, and accommodation.



Unfortunately, the unstable oil prices in the international market forced Petroleos Mexicanos to cancel two of its contracts with Cotemar. According to Cotemar, they will come out of the crisis soon. A company official said it is normal to happen in the energy sector, and mainly the reason is a budget cut. Other companies are also affected by the step taken by Pemex. Cotemar had to delay the boats which it was seeking from Prosafeā€”a specialist in this field.



Prosafe also confirmed that the budget cut made by Pemex had affected its contracts with Cotemar. Prosafe was working on three platforms for Cotemar that are semisubmersible. However, the cancellation of the order has forced Prosafe to dismiss two thousand of its workers. Now there is about five thousand personnel left in the company’s workforce.



Despite all that, National Oil Company is getting specialized vessels service from Cotemar. They are used for different tasks like production platform construction, maintenance, and personnel transportation. The Prosafe’s Manager said that Cotemar uses boats made by other companies too. Pemex and Cotemar still have many other contracts for which Cotemar is providing a huge number of boats. The manager said things are expected to get better soon.



Two years ago, the per barrel price of crude oil was reduced to fifty dollars which forced Cotemar to reduce the renting price of its equipment. The Prosafe’s Manager denied of criticizing Pemex. He said he supports the actions taken by the company to make changes in the management and contracts. He admitted that the actions taken are by international trends. Meanwhile, Cotemar is continuing to innovate and modernize its processing centers and offshore rigs.