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Osteo Relief Institute Backs New Ways to Manage Arthritis

Daily arthritis pain bothers nearly one out of five Americans, according to Osteo Relief Institute and the Arthritis Foundation. The most common culprit is degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis, which causes stiffness, swollen joints, and damage to connective tissue. Dr. Matthew CiRullo of Lake Norman Regional Medical Center warns that arthritis cannot be cured but certain treatments increase mobility. Use the following plan to secure a good quality of life (HealthGrades).



  • Stretch before bed to reduce stiffness in the morning.
  • Stand and walk at least 10 minutes every hour.
  • Focus on small exercises throughout the day instead of one massive workout.
  • Walk, ride a bike, take an aquatics class, or find another enjoyable, low-impact, aerobic exercise. Avoid running, jumping, tennis, and golf.
  • Reduce joint stress by losing weight, stopping smoking, and avoiding repetitive, high-impact motions.



The board-certified doctors at Osteo Relief Institute understand that even the most committed patient cannot get total relief without help. Grinding knees, swollen joints, back stiffness, and neck problems cause serious pain. Doctors can discuss your immediate options, such as Tylenol, NSAIDS, or topical pain relief creams.


At the same time, Osteo Relief Institute’s in-house physical therapists can walk you through movements for lasting comfort. Simple exercises improve range of motion and flexibility. The therapists have experience with numerous conditions, including spinal stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica, and neuropathy.


As part of a long-term plan, non-surgical treatments safely restore mobility with little downtime. You may be a candidate for all-natural joint lubrication injections, biomechanical bracing, or videofluoroscopy ( Osteo Relief Institute warns that surgery should be a last resort. In addition to their tremendous cost, joint repairs and joint replacements involve considerable risks and slow recovery times.


Based out of New Jersey, Osteo Relief Institute oversees independently owned multidisciplinary clinics across the United States. Each location focuses on advanced techniques for relieving arthritis and spinal disc pain. Medicare and major insurance companies cover most treatments. With the right medical care, you can enjoy a fulfilling life for years to come.