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End Citizens United is Still Fighting To Make Their Name a Reality

The 2010 the Supreme Court of the United States decided the case of Citizens United v. F.E.C., a case which changed the face of American elections forever. One of the landmark decisions that the case decided was the notion that corporations where people, a idea that has caused incredible harm to the integrity of the US political system by allowing millionaires and billionaires to funnel enormous and untraceable sums of money into political campaigns to potentially swing the outcome of entire elections. This has caused a massive deficiency in financial transparency for campaign donors which has subsequently lead to more corruption and less accountability.


Many people have complained about the previously mentioned court decision, but few have either the interest, resources or confidence to do anything substantial to combat it. That is where End Citizens United came in.


End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that seeks to bring about an end to ending the dangerous and corrosive effects of the 2010, C.U. v. F.E.C. supreme court decision and bring democracy back into the realms of accountability. Recently, the End Citizens United group has seen a resurgence in popularity and news coverage due to the prospective selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court by the Trump Administration. Gorsuch, though well liked and extremely successful, has been rebuffed by the Democrats in the senate due to the prospect that he would likely confirm the 2010 Citizens United court decision which Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia has publicly called, “-one of the worst decisions the Supreme Court has ever made.” However, Warner and the senate democrats are not the only ones who have vociferously taken issue with Gorsuch’s stance towards the infamous supreme court decision, End Citizens United have also entered the fray, declaring their stalwart opposition to Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. End Citizens United’s executive director, Tiffany Muller recently released a public statement after Sen. Jon Tester stated his opposition to Gorsuch:


Judge Gorsuch has ruled that corporations are people. If confirmed, he would put the rights of corporations ahead of everyday Americans. He’d allow more money and less transparency in our elections, and he’d give big campaign donors more influence in our government — the exact opposite of what Montanans want.”


Only time will tell if their efforts will bear fruit and help return transparency to the financial donation process, but for those citizens concerned about the state of big money in politics, it is certainly a case well worth following.

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Trump’s Online and Offline Reputation is Spreading Beyond Borders

With a reputation of insults and a bombastic nature, Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene has disrupted the political scale and has managed to confuse many. As Americans seem to vote in his favor, one must wonder why with his recent scandals and his constant insults.

Trump’s reputation as a business person was always a shady one, but there was no denying his sense of marketing and promotion. That is what has gotten him this far. Self-promotion has been his best friend and in doing so, he has garnered a group of followers but also a group of protestors.

Insults, half-truths, and lies are what Trump is known for and has been for years. He has yet to lay out actual plans of action. He would rather mention the topic without giving his audience the information. But in some circles, that seems enough to keep his numbers high and attendance to his speeches full.

The media jumps on the wagon every day. When Trump speaks, the news cycle repeats his words until they each is ingrained into the memories of Americans. Whether bullying Hilliary Clinton or making wild claims of deportation of Muslims, the media is right there to report it repeatedly. Not even an expert online reputation company can compete with that nonsense.

As Trump’s insults go beyond the borders of America, his reputation has suffered in other countries as well. From the Mexican President to Chinese leaders of commerce, the reputation of Trump is not kept within the borders of the United States. But the mixture of reviews keeps everyone at the edge of their seat to catch what he says next.