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It’s Time For Brands To Shift To Reputation Marketing and Not Reputation Management.

Correct me if you think am wrong, but I think “reputation management” doesn’t have a good reputation. There is a tendency of many businesses and brands owners associating “reputation management” with a form of “crisis management.” It can only mean one thing. Companies and individuals would not see the need for managing their reputation until there is a problem.

According to, the reputation management industry has long reinforced this negative thought to promote the concept as a form of salvage and not a smart move to promote a brand. All brands and business owners have a reason to feel desperate when their brands are in trouble because they face forces beyond their control. In a world where consumers have the immediate and total access to information at their fingertips, professionals, and brand owners have to think about their reputations, both professionally and personally.

When people engage your brand through recommendations, comments, mentions, and reviews across a buzzing pool of online publishers, this is not a problem center for your brand but a place to catch valuable information that can help you manage brand and businesses. Most brands and business owners are aware of the facts. It is the job of the brand owner to exploit opportunities that come with these forums and using them to manage reputation as well as marketing the brand.

The today’s environment of business demands the brand owners to not only think about reputation management as a crisis management strategy but as a constant competitive advantage to drive growth and prosperity to the brand. When reputation management is treated as a marketing strategy, it has the chance of improving the brand to new heights. The new form of reputation management is referred to as reputation marketing. However, it also demands a lot of attention from the brand owners requiring them to be online on various platforms including Google, Amazon, Yelp, Angie’s List, and TripAdvisor.

The golden rule still stands that consumers trust what others like themselves are saying. Therefore, you can conclude that online reviews from many of the platforms consumers use can have a big influence on other consumers.