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Fabletics Moving To Brick and Mortar Shops

Just recently an active wear brand known as Fabletics announced that they will be opening several more store fronts around the country, according to an article on Fabletics was first launched online but has since opened actual brick and mortar stores. The company plan to expand up to 100 stores over the next 3-5 years according to the co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg. The Kate Hudson active wear line has been under allegations in recent months as some customers complained that the subscription model run by the company was a scam. However things are looking up as problems are being ironed out.

Shifting from being purely online to allowing for a brick and mortar store gives customers and opportunity to actually try on the clothing in person. Activewear can be difficult to size when buying online as different brands use different fitments. Fabletics is also known to provide customers with an option for a subscription service that will be charged to their credit cards accordingly. The monthly subscription will send out outfits that have been Kate Hundson approved, giving members the opportunity to stay ahead of the active wear trend and enjoying the newest combinations and colors.

In the past customers had complained that they did not remember agreeing to the subscription service and then found it very difficult to opt out. The parent company of Fabletics, JustFab and its co-CEO Adam Goldenberg told Forbes that the number of complaints had slowly been declining as issues were being addressed. He said the vast majority of the users really liked the subscription. 800 000 items were typically shipped out on a monthly basis which proves of its popularity.

The Better Business Bureau commented on the question by Forbes wether customer complaints were on the decline. They confirmed the claim but also said the reason for complaint numbers reducing was due to the parent company and Fabletics listing its subsidiaries separately.

Fabletics has been doing their best improve their customer experience by addressing the system as well as re-writing the FAQ section on the website. This should improve the over all understanding of the subscription by the customer says Adam Goldenberg.

The company had initially started in October 2013 and has come a long way from being a women specific brand to now also providing a mens line. Their idea with the brand was to fill a gap that existed within active wear. This gap was the quality vs affordability which was not evident at the time. They have succeeded and the small brand is steadily growing.