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Mike Heiligenstein Heads the Well-coordinated Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a transportation infrastructure development agency determined to improve and develop the transportation system in counties of Williamson and Travis. This agency handles other projects that do not fall into the category of infrastructure development. Below are five key facts of the CTRMA:


CTRMA is non-governmental organization


CTRMA was unveiled in 2002 after the enactment of a state law. The agency does not collect, assess, or levy taxes. It possesses condemnation authority. In the 2015 financial year, this organization had expenses and operating revenue worth $38, 135,309 and $55, 814, 033 respectively. CTRMA generates three-quarters of its revenue to finance construction projects from the sale of bonds in the stock market. Currently, it has $1.8 billion worth of assets. The other quarter comes from the Texas Department of Transportation.


The CTRMA’s Board of Governors


CTRMA has seven members six of whom are appointed by the Travis and Williamson County Commissioners Court. County Governor names the chairman of the board. The seventh member is a woman of African-American descent. Most of the members are men with keen interest in development and business.


The agency’s travel assistance


This organization operates a Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO). This division assists motorists by changing their punctured tires, removing roadblocks from travel lanes, and providing refreshments to drivers awaiting towing trucks.


CTRMA executive director’s salary


Mike Heiligenstein, who serves as the executive director, is one of the highly paid executives in the Central Texas transportation sector. He receives a basic salary of $274, 912 with additional compensation of $366,112. The Mobile Authority has about 11,775 employees.


The MoPac Improvement Project


MoPac is a project aimed at adding toll lanes on the highway from West Cesar Chavez Street to Parmer Lane. Additionally, this project will solve the traffic issue when the toll lanes open in December 2017.


Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority


Mike Heiligenstein is the principal of the CTRMA, a development agency based in Texas. This Mobility Authority specializes in the designing of the smart roads as wells as developing a modern, regional transportation networks in Texas. Heiligenstein began working with this authority in 2002. He has supervised all the agency’s projects including 183A in Williamson County. This organization recently launched the 290 Toll project and is finalizing the Express Lanes on MoPac. Heiligenstein serves in several other associations and boards related to mobility matters. His main objective is to build modern transportation system that will solve the problems faced by Central Texas’ residents.