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Wild Ark

Wild Ark is a company who cares about the worlds green belts and is trying to protect the biodiversity in an attempt to conserve the wildlife. The have created opportunities for people to get back to nature and regain the desire to protect it.


A group of conservationists who are passionate abut education created Wild Ark. They wanted people to understand what is needed to maintain the wild areas left in the world. They are committed to making absolutely certain our planet receives the protection required so future generations can enjoy nature at its best. Wild Ark was created by a team led by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson. They understand the perils the world is facing and are trying to make a difference.


There are numerous destinations that are eco-conscious and should be visited. The Republic of Palau is a small country comprised of over 500 islands. It is between Guam and the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. Due to the damages the country suffered the government takes great care to keep the environment from being too impacted by man. There are reefs stretching 500 miles populated by endangered species of fish and the beaches are gorgeous. The water is warm and the diving is superb.


Costa Rica is a glorious tropical get away filled with nature reserves, national parks and rainforests. The lodgings have been designed to be environmentally conscious and offer incredible amenities such as rock pools that are heated naturally, guided tours and an amazing natural beauty. The dining is organic and the food goes right from the farms to the tables. This destination should not be missed.


Kenya is the destination for exciting safaris and breathtaking savannahs. The area is full of majestic and beautiful animals in the wild. The preserves and parks are plentiful and the fauna and flora is protected. The coastline features beaches of shimmering white sand and coral reefs. Anyone choosing to visit between the months of June and October will see a large amount of wildlife. The lodges here even have a rating system so you will know their policies regarding the environment.


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