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George Soros: A Real Representative of Ukraine

Ukraine is a Country East of Europe, bordering Russia with a lot known about this Nation. According to George Soros, the Nation was born one year ago because the previous one was not worth of a Country. The toppling of the former leader caused an internal war that led to the birth of a new Ukraine. Previously, the Country was known for rampant corruption, violation of human rights, and dwindling economy.

With this new regime, there is hope for democracy, global participation and engagement, and respect for human rights according to George Soros. Despite the fact that Russia has taken part of Ukraine, the new leadership has proved to be vigilant, and active. The separatists being supported by external forces must fail in their mission and let Ukraine grow and develop just like other nations. The departure of the previous regime has led to more citizens wanting to serve their Country as volunteers. Most of them have decided to let their jobs go and instead help millions who displaced internally due to the ongoing war with the separatist.

Unfortunately, the detractors of Ukraine have not let their eyes off this Country. Leaders who are praying for the fall of Ukraine as the Russian president are still hopeful for their evil plans. Radical changes that were the hope of the people when the new leadership came into power have not yet taken place. Nevertheless, the slow pace of these reforms still keeps the hope alive. There is an urgent need for quick and tangible changes like those implemented by Georgia 2004 when the new regime came into power. For example, reforms in the police force enabled the corrupt force to work for the citizens without asking for bribes. The road blocks were done away with tremendously.

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Likewise, the Ukrainian Government must formulate policies that will ensure a corrupt free police force and build trust with the people. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU) have an obligation to provide assistance regarding military and financial help to deal with many challenges being created by detractors like Russia. The aid will discourage the Russians from doing their dirty games and instead empower the people of Ukraine to move ahead with their reform agendas. But the contrary is expected if NATO and EU do not come to Ukraine’s aid. Russia will seize the opportunity and use force to suppress Ukraine’s democracy.

Europe right now faces an uphill task of cohesion given the types of challenges it is facing as a block. There is the fear of recession in Greece, the exit vote in Britain and the great challenge coming from Russia especially toward Ukraine. There is a real confusion, not only to the authorities but the public as well.

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