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Upwork Introduces How to Put Together An Effective To Do List

Both individuals and businesses will have certain tasks that they are looking to accomplish on a daily basis. One of the ways in which they look to accomplish these tasks is to put together a to do list. With a to do list, both businesses and individuals will be able to carefully plan their days and complete all of the objectives they look to meet. Putting together a to do list can be a bit of a challenge at times. However, there is a certain set of steps that they can follow in order to devise their list and make progress towards completing all of their necessary tasks each day.

According to Upwork, there are ten steps that companies and individuals can take in order to put together a to do list. This will consist of a number of things such as delegating tasks, writing down specific tasks to complete, divide them into sub tasks and also monitor their progress. Following these ten steps has proven to help businesses and individuals more efficiently plan their actions and achieve their goals of being more productive. Putting together and following a to do list is one of the best ways for businesses and individuals to organize their day.

Upwork is a website that serves as a medium for freelance professionals and companies that are looking for projects. The site works by allowing freelance workers, find available projects and inquire about them. Companies are able to list assignments and hire freelance professionals for their projects. Upwork has established a reputable image due to offering legitimate assignments as well as ensuring that freelance professionals get paid in a timely manner on a consistent basis. For the last four years Upwork has established itself as the leading freelance work website in the world. The company was organized after a merger between two other companies that specialized in freelance work. In 2014, Odesk and Elance merged together to form Upwork. During the last few years, Upwork has not only became the leading freelance website, it has also issued an initial public offering and stock on the major exchanges. This has allowed the company to become publicly recognized.

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The Vision and Mission of Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a privately owned company that is certified, insured and bonded. It has an executive team of workers who are tremendously concerned about their client’s taste and preference. They are always after meeting their customers’ objectives to their level best for maximum satisfaction. Apart from its devotion towards its clients, this form is also fond of giving back to the society via philanthropic activities. David Farbasky is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Aloha Construction. Dave Farbasky played an incredible role in the establishment of ‘Building Better Communities’ campaign which was set to fund Camp One Step which is an organization that offers camping experiences to the kids with cancer.

Above all, Aloha Construction has managed to maintain a positive reputation since it’s an all-inclusive contractor offering both external and internal home repair and replacement services. Let’s have a look at the mission of this company. Their primary objective is to serve their customers with the highest quality level of construction at the most friendly price in the competitive market. They also want to maintain the best level of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness in their relationships with their subcontractors, suppliers, and serial associates inclusive of agents, insurance adjusters, and mostly their dear esteemed customers. They want to make sure that they attain the longevity of their clients via repeat and referral by ensuring that they achieve customer satisfaction in various areas such as attention to detail and timeliness within their service team, sales team, and office staff.

The entire Aloha Construction fraternity sticks and abides by these values. They offer strong and stable careers and not just a temporary position. They also train candidates and manage them to make sure that they earn a high-grossing (six-figure) incomes. Aloha has high probability of growing and expanding more.

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Amicus Therapeutics is One of the Top Drug Makers in America

Amicus Therapeutics was founded in small-town new Jersey in 2002, only five years later becoming publicly traded. The biopharmaceutical agency is so promising because it deals with cures of rare, “orphan” diseases that aren’t targeted by most other drug makers, meaning that the cures that Amicus Therapeutics comes up with will be patented for long periods of time, effectively holding a monopoly over the particular niche it created a treatment for.


Virtually every company has something for sale, whether it’s a product, service, or simply advice, as consulting firms offer (,-NJ-jobs.html). This sentiment holds especially true for entities that are publicly traded on stock exchanges. Believe it or not, Amicus Therapeutics has zero products for sale right now, although its leading drug, migalastat, is currently in the last stages of development. Migalastat is designed specifically for treating people that have Fabry disease, characterized by cells growing very large and causing problems like pain, premature death, and skin rashes.


Another drug that Amicus Therapeutics is developing is SD-101, which could very well be the first treatment for epidermolysis bulls, a rare genetic disorder that causes countless problems in everyday life occurring from bad skin that’s fragile, weak, and painful. Both of these drugs made by Amicus Therapeutics are in the final stages of creation, expected to hit the market within the next few years.


CHART, a treatment for Fabry disease, lysosomal storage disorders, and Pompe disease, stands for Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, classified as a novel enzyme replacement therapy. CHART is currently named ATB200/AT2221, and is the basic platform that both of the above cures rests on. This platform is broad enough to have other drugs created from it, far more than the two it currently supports.


Amicus Therapeutics is a highly successful company despite not currently selling any products, or even having the capacity to manufacture drugs on their own. The drugmaker currently has just over 100 employees and maintains its operation on financing from other pharmaceutical companies in exchange for giving them exclusive rights to manufacture their drugs, whenever they’re finished. John Crowely has been the CEO since 2005, helping maneuver contracts into Amicus Therapeutics’ grasp time after time.

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Omar Yunes and His Business Experience

Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur and has a lot of experience working for his own businesses. Currently, he works on franchises and makes sure that he can run them as efficiently as possible. As someone who has a large influence over many different things in Mexico, he has been able to make a difference in the lives of thousands and has made the industry a much better place for people to be able to make money. Since Omar Yunes has been working in different industries, he knows what he is able to do and makes an effort to always be as successful as possible with all of his opportunities. He wants to be sure that he can continue seeing a lot of success in all of the businesses that he runs and that he has been a part of in the past. Omar Yunes knows how to run a business well and does so on a regular basis.

One of the biggest accomplishments that he has done is create many jobs for people who are living in Mexico. He wants to be sure that everyone has a place and that it is not hard for them to make the money they need to survive. He also wants to be sure that people can get what they need out of the different things that they are doing. When it comes to the businesses that he runs, Omar Yunes knows the right way to show people what a good business is really all about.

Since most of the business opportunities that Omar Yunes has taken advantage of have been food businesses, he knows the right way to handle them. He also knows that it is necessary to make sure that things are going to work out for people who are a part of the food industry. When Omar Yunes first started, he knew that he was going to be successful. He also knew that things would work best if he could do everything that was related to success. Since Omar Yunes never gave up, he holds a huge portion of the food industry.

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What does the Avaaz company do?

Avaaz is a professional online organization that helps bring to light the world’s biggest issues to be found today in the environment and throughout social classes. There are countless people who want to make a change but don’t know how to do it, and Avaaz is here to help provide this opportunity to have your own voice heard. They specifically focus on promoting global activism on issues like human rights, corrupting, poverty, and climate change. With the growing amounts of idealists looking to create change, Avaaz is here to help spread awareness and open doors for opportunities to come about through realistic changes.

The best part is that they do not receive funding for their projects. They did initially receive funding from corporations when they started the company, but in the end they have used the money from generous individual members over the years since 2007 and have now earned $20 million. They have helped bring ideas and issues to the forefront of the media and allowed for those who want to create change to a place where they can create such recommendations and build a future.

When creating campaigns, they always like to listen to the people. They utilize the ideas of members and a couple of people who are specialists that dictate where a specific campaign is headed and if it should come into fruition. They utilize the more than 10,000+ members to help find out where the organization is headed and what they will be doing next. It’s incredible what the company is capable of on bringing new ideas to the forefront and also giving a voice to the voiceless. What’s incredible is that anybody with a strong heart can join Avaaz and have their voice heard and seen by the world. Avaaz is the organization worth joining to succeed.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made By Congress

Wikipedia is the most recognized general reference work on the internet. It is among the top ten popular websites. The multilingual encyclopedia is open source, meaning anyone with an internet access can make changes to Wikipedia articles. However, there are cases of limited access where making changes to an existing article is restricted to prevent vandalism. Wikipedia users can contribute anonymously or with their real identities if they choose to.

Using Wikipedia to Build a Brand

The Internet and Social Media is an open battleground. Finding your way to success can prove challenging. One of the surest ways to succeed is to create a Wikipedia page about you, your business or your brand. Sadly, many people underestimate the power of a Wikipedia page.

A Wikipedia page for business, company or even a person will appear in the top ten results of almost all search terms. Having this in mind, creating a Wikipedia page about yourself or your company can make a great first impression on potential customers or the general public searching for your name or brand.

Hire Wikipedia Experts to Create a Page for you

Creating a good Wikipedia page is not that easy. Writing a Wikipedia article is not similar to the usual content creation. Most people who rely on their academic, advertising or journalistic writing skills often end up frustrated as Wikipedia writing entails much more than basic writing skills. The complex Wikipedia Writing guidelines make involving a professional experienced in writing and editing Wikipedia content vital.

Creating Wikipedia content requires thorough research, proper grammar, correct vocabulary and inclusion of pictures. This is the reason why most people opt for Wiki writers to do the work on their behalf. The strict guidelines by Wikipedia can deter business people, companies, and individuals from creating or editing Wikipedia articles about their company or selves.

So if you need a page created for your company, self, or brand, veteran Wikipedia writers can help. Wikipedia editors will create a page that is properly formatted, reliably source-referenced and written as per Wikipedia’s manual of style.

Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made By Congress

Congress is popular for being a house of some interesting characters. In May 2014, Ed Summers came up with a Twitter account, @congressedits. This Twitter account tracks all Wikipedia revisions made to Wikipedia pages from IP addresses that are within the range allocated to the United States Congress. These edits involve promotions or change in the status of members of Congress, and even more interesting ones like resume padders. A good example of resume padder, found in SF Gate, involves a Republican from Kansas, Timothy Alan Huelskamp. Someone anonymously added a section dubbing him a “National Conservative Leader.” Tim Huelskamp has alienated himself from party leaders of late, and the edit was made anonymously, so it is not clear what the editor’s true intentions were.

CongressEdits has resulted in the creation of similar accounts all around the globe in the hopes of improving transparency in government.

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Why Women Matter

Women are told all the time that they’re not as good as men; I hear it all the time. “Why didn’t you speak up?”; “That was Tod’s idea, wasn’t it?”; “Go get some coffee while the men talk” and other phrases all come up. We women even face a glass ceiling in many traditionally male jobs – CEO, business partners, welding, firefighting, police work, and many others that have only recently opened up to females.

Another woman who knows how hard it can be to shatter that glass ceiling is Helane Morrison. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. When she attended college, she got a degree in journalism. However, she was never one to stop after one goal had been accomplished and promptly set off to study law. While she was studying for her law degree, she put her journalism degree to good use and became the editor in chief of the law review at the University of California Berkeley School of Law.

After she graduated with her law degree, Morrison worked as a law clerk in the 7th circuit US Court of Appeals. Shortly thereafter, she began to work under Harry A. Blackmun. From there, she worked at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin law firm in 1986. In 1991, she became a full partner at the firm.

During her time at this particular law firm, she became a force of integrity in the financial world. There are people termed “untouchable” due to how much money, power, and influence they accrue in whatever job they have. These are the people she started to take down; one at a time, she would find a way to bring the “untouchables” down in the financial world using the law. A couple of said people she brought down include the CEO of Google and of HBO and Co.

In 1991, Morrison changed jobs again. She went to work for the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC. Here, Helane Morrison continued her work of taking down those that had too much power, money, or influence for the regular courts to bring down. Smaller courts would have the same issue if it weren’t for Morrison.

Her crusade to bring integrity to the world of business continued via the SEC until 2007. She now works at Hall Capital Partners, LLC.