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All about Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup line ‘Lime Crime.’ Back in 2008, she searched everywhere for bright colored lipstick, but couldn’t find it anywhere. The only thing she found was the typical nude and natural colors. She eventually got tired of looking and made her own. She eventually came out with her own unicorn lipstick products. Doe Deere has always been a unique individual and you can really see that in her makeup line. lime Crime is very different from the other makeup lines. Her unicorn lipstick line was one of the very first odd and radical colored lipsticks to hit the market. And apparently, Doe wasn’t alone in the drive for crazy colored lipstick because her lipsticks were a huge success. And still today Doe is coming up with unique products that are really popular. Lime Crime has a brand new matte liquid lipstick line that has been a huge success!

Doe states that she has always been a dreamer. She was born in Russia, but moved to New York City at the age of seventeen. She wanted to pursue a music career, so she joined a band while she was there. Doe says that longing to be a musician is what started her idea to dream big. Later on she really got into makeup and fell in love with it. She wanted to do something different and she did just that. Doe is also known as the “Queen of Unicorns.” She makes all thing rainbow and you can tell by her line that she is and always has been a dreamer. She always has a new color of hair, and a new shade of lipstick. Doe has always been into makeup and fashion. Makeup and fashion has always been the perfect way for her to express her uniqueness. She has her own sense of style and wears it proud. Doe encourages others to follow their heart and to “Go where you love,” and to explore it. She also encourages others to be themselves and she is a perfect example of why we should listen!

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Doe Deere: The Woman Behind the Make-up

Doe Deere is a New York City based make-up artist, author and entrepreneur. She is most recognized for her vibrant and artistic style which helped launch the success of her internet makeup brand Lime Crime.

Doe Deere’s unique style and brand have been dubbed a fashion anomaly. Lime Crime has managed to make waves in the fashion industry since it’s introduction to the market in 2008. The brand was launched for online retail and was niched for the girl with a more dramatic taste. The brand focuses on the use of intense lip color and twisted patterns that create a bold look for any user. The company also prides itself on making cruelty-free vegan products.

The line was invented by Deere after she struggled to find a make-up line that matched her vibrant clothing style. Deere was designing, stitching, and selling garments on Ebay at the time and wanted to establish a make-up line that was just as expressive as the clothing she was selling. Finding herself at a dead-end, she introduced Unicorn Lipsticks as her first product under Lime Crime. The product was an instant success and prodded Deere to introduce additional lip products under the brand name.

While Lime Crime has been a tremendous success as a company, many people are interested in the mystery of the designer and owner, Doe Deere. The fashionista is avid on social media but rarely shares the personal story behind her creative genius. With almost half a million followers on Instagram, it’s clear the world is intrigued.

The journalists who have managed an interview with Deere have discovered that there is more than meets the eye with the young entrepreneur. Behind the glitz and the glam is a sensitive, hardworking businesswoman dedicated to her company and her people.

The young entrepreneur was born in Russia before relocating to New York City. While growing up in the Big Apple she was introduced to fashion and make-up and was instantly hooked. This introduction sparked her dive into online retail and the eventual development of Lime Crime.

Deere claims that her two passions are make-up and fairytales and promotes Lime Crime as a collision of these two things. She names her products and customers after fairytale themes and designs all of her make-up with a fairytale vision. Doe Deere admits that her passion for color stems from a very early age. She had always been into art and fashion and was always decorating herself with the most colorful ensembles as a child. She was quite imaginative and this side of her personality carries over into her work even today.

Deere’s work and entrepreneurship has not gone unrecognized. Most recently, she was named one of the top inspiring women entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. While she appreciates the recognition, she is more interested in being a role model and example for any woman on a journey of entrepreneurship. Deere seeks to inspire women of all ages and interests but she seems to have a firm grip on the dreamers who are bold, brave, and dare to be different. Her story is one of hope for anyone looking to make their dreams a reality!

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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Is An Inspiration to Female Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere, the creator of the Lime Crime line of cosmetics, is a female entrepreneur that shocked the world. In the face of overwhelming obstacles she has created one of the fastest growing cosmetics lines on the planet. Deere did it using her creativity, willingness to work hard and desire to meet the needs of fashionistas and unicorns world wide. In a recent interview with Galore Mag she reveals some of the many secret behind successful female entrepreneurship and encouraged women of all ages to work to make their business dreams become reality. Deere herself is the perfect example of what can happen when women attempt to build a business.

Deere has been involved in every step it took to build her brand and encourages other female entrepreneurs to feel free to do the same. Self Made magazine was so impressed with her work they named her among their Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. In the interview with Galore Deere explained how she used her love for art and color to create Lime Crime cosmetics and how she turned having fun with makeup into a business. Deere explained she didn’t let her inexperience hold her back from taking the plunge and how much fun building her business has been. She even incorporated her favorite color, Lime Green, into her company name.

Deere also talks about how her boldness and not being afraid to color outside the lines helped her succeed. She also enjoys both the blessing and the challenges of being an internet based company because of the immediate feedback from customers. She sees her challenges as a normal part of the entrepreneurial journey. She encourages female entrepreneurs to ignore the ‘haters’ while giving attention to customers with legitimate concerns. She said she was inspired by women like Dita von Teese, her friends and the fearless unicorns that wear her cosmetics and hopes to be an inspiration to women considering starting a business of their own.

Doe Deere’s story is one about overcoming obstacles to get to her dream. A natural entrepreneur, the Russia born, New York raised businesswoman endured numerous failed business attempts before her Lime Crime cosmetics line became a worldwide sensation. Deere had tried her hand at becoming a model and fashion designer. She performed with a rock & roll band and even recorded a few albums. Eventually her desire to create brightly colored makeup and own her own business led her to create Lime Crime cosmetics.

Doe Deere put in years of work and marshaled all her talents to build her business. When she dreamed of a career in fashion, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to learn the skills she needed. She spent years honing her skills, putting together bands and doing shows when she went after a career in music. In order to create Lime Crime cosmetics she had to learn to produce makeup. The combination of hard work, creativity and dedication are what have made Doe Deere the successful businesswoman she is today.

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