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William Saito is a Technology Enthusiast who has majored in Software Development

The beauty of success is that it is not determined by race or anything. An individual’s success is determined by the ability to work hard and smart at the same time. As for William Saito, he has showcased that he has a keen eye when it comes to identifying a viable business to invest in. With that said, William Saito started out by launching his own software firm while in college.

Background Check

As for education, William Saito undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of California. During his era as a college student, William Saito had the urge to become an entrepreneur. There and then, he decided to establish his own software firm at the convenience of his dorm. Since he did all this while young, he has also been able to garner various skills that have come in handy as in the case of how to succeed as an entrepreneur. With that said, through his experience and willingness to help others, William Saito has contributed significantly to the success of various business startups.

William Saito’s Life as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it is always good to come to terms with the fact that failure is part of the journey to success. If an entrepreneur is not ready to come to terms with the fact that ups and downs come from time to time, they will not have the capability to innovate; this is attributed to the fact that failure makes us more creative since you must find a way to curb the crisis that has presented itself.

Far from that, William Saito has faced various challenges such as the lack of proper understanding of the English language, but such factors did not hinder him from becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today. By founding I/O software in 1991, William Saito was able to curve his name in the technology industry as a software expert. Since then, Saito has worked as a lecturer in various universities, he is a board member of multiple companies operating on a global scale, and he had also served as an advisor to Prime Minister Abe’s Cabinet back in 2013.


Before achieving success at such great heights, William Saito had faced various challenges. Nevertheless, his spirit of endurance brought him this far, and he has taught other entrepreneurs that failure should not hold you back from achieving your goals.

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Psi-Pay And Kerv Launch To Global Market

This is a message that came from British Retail Consortium, they said that more than half of all purchases are done using the credit cards. There was a recent announcement that occurred between the affiliate Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay where it seems that cashless payments with being now dominating the market. The two companies have been championing about doing cashless payments and now they have combined their effort where they will release the first contactless payment so that they can ring the Internationale market.


So the people should start saying goodbye to wallets for the spare cash or where they used to punch PIN numbers. The stores in the United Kingdom have grown rapidly and worldwide, and contactless payments have become the fastest way of checking out using a device that is on your at that time.


The coins and notes have already been overtaken in the United Kingdom and it is something that has been done first time when looking at the history. The contactless payments from Kev’s have been for the first time poised to the threatening the traditional mode of transactions. Contactless payments which are commonly regarded as “wave and pay” revolution, has now been in the market for a period more than 10 years and it is accounting for a third in the payments that were made from 2015 in the UK.


Church England has also jumped into the trend, where it has piloted electronic collection that is the forty churches where they collect donations. I think it as the beginning of the end of cash completely. PSI-Pay said that the revolution is something that is easy when making payments and it will eventually surpass the use of cash.


Contactless payments are the use of debt, credit or even smart cards which is the form of payment when purchasing some goods and services. PSI-Pay is the company behind the offers of the system where Kerv is PSI-Pay affiliate organization and it does with the proprietary ring. It has been designed to have both durability and comfort and it comes with 12 different sizes, which are fashioned for both genders, where they are also made to be able to withstand scratches and water damage. It is the two companies effort combination to launch the ring into a global market.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Rhinoplasty Specialist

If you are living in the Dallas area and want to get a nose job done, give Dr. Rohrich a call. He is a specialist in rhinoplasty. He performs this surgery regularly in his office. His patients are very satisfied with their results.

Rhinoplasty involves changing the shape and look of the nose. It requires altering the tip of the nose, reducing the dorsal hump, and deviated septum. If you are having breathing difficulties, you should consider this surgery. If you just don’t like your nose, it can be altered to make you look nicer.

In case you did not know, there are two types of rhinoplasty. One is called open rhinoplasty, while the other is called closed rhinoplasty. The one Dr. Rohrich prefers is the open rhinoplasty because he can see all of the underlying structures of the nose. Being that this type of surgery is complicated to begin with, he wants to have the best precision so the results are satisfying to the patient. To know more about him click here.

With today’s technology, patients can have a natural looking nose without it looking similar to another person. Modern rhinoplasty consists of more advanced tools and equipment than yesterday’s advances. That is why Dr. Rohorich is always keeping up with the times and uses this technology in his practice. If you find yourself needing to have a nose job done, getting a consultation before the procedure is very important. Dr. Rohrich can definitely help you determine the look you are going for.


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The untold story of Louis Chenevert ‘s revolution

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian citizen, who prides himself on a legacy of having brought a revolution in the aerospace industry. Initially, after he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in production management, and his experience at General Motors (production manager), it appeared like his main line of career advancement would be in production management. However, this took a complete turn when he became president of Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace company.

Initially, when he went to Pratt & Whitney, he went there just as a junior member of management. However, Louis Chenevert, being the charismatic leader, he is, made great efforts to bring the very much needed changes in the management of the company. these efforts worked well and helped the company out of an economic crisis they had previously gotten into. Naturally, Louis ascended the ranks and was later president of the company prided for being a successful aerospace manufacturer.

Pratt & Whitney was a subsidiary of the UTC (United Technologies Corporation). The decisions that Louis made as the president of Pratt & Whitney attracted a lot of attention from UTC. His charisma could not be ignored, neither would be his undivided effort. The changes he had made in management and in the financial stability of the company made him rise and get elected as chairman of UTC.

At this point, he got a platform to implement the many things he had learned from his experience in the past. Having in mind that production is the most prominent process of any company, he chose to enhance the same in UTC. Other companies in the industry outsourced cheap production (especially labor) but he moved his to the USA, making it more expensive. However, the minds were brilliant and with brainstorming, they were able to come up with products of very high quality, compared to those of other companies. Their performance improved to an extent they were able to acquire the Goodrich Corporation, previously the leading aerospace manufacturer. The shares of the company rose from a market price of $37 to $116, an indication of the success of efforts made. This is how he revolutionized the aerospace industry.

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Dr. Mark Mofid: A Phenomenal Plastic Surgeon Giving the Gift of Beauty and Beyond

Beauty is not a characteristic that everyone is born with, but it is something that can be definitely achieved with the right plastic surgeon. Thanks to Dr. Mark Mofid, San Diego has one of the best plastic surgeons the west coast area has to the offer. I can say so many things about Dr. Mofid. When describing Dr. Mark Mofid and his work, it’s not enough to say that he is just a phenomenal Plastic Surgeon. Especially, when in fact, he is much more than that. According to the opinions of several of his previous patients, he is an absolute artist, perfecting physical features on the canvas of the human body—creating one masterpiece at a time.

So Who Is Mark Mofid?

Dr. Mark Mofid is a well-versed plastic surgeon, specializing in several areas of medicine. Some of his specialties include the following: adjacent tissue transfer, head and neck surgery, breast reconstruction and reduction, nipple reconstruction, nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty), wound repair, excision of skin lesions, and skin grafts. Furthermore, he has over 14 years experience in practicing medicine. Also, he is currently employed as a staff surgeon to three different hospitals in the San Diego and La Jolla area: Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and Palomar Medical Center. Equally important, he is not hard to locate and is more than happy to be scheduled for new upcoming appointments. Customers often express a deep appreciation for Dr. Mofid and his talents. In the same fashion, patients are quite pleased with his work, stating that the quality level of care that he provides is nothing short of amazing.

Are You thinking About Becoming A Future Patient?

A decision to have plastic surgery is a big deal, but there are some other factors to consider, besides what kind of work to have done. Prior to making an informative decision to get plastic surgery, it’s a great idea to do as much research as possible on the doctor who will be performing your future surgery. You want to be confident that whatever doctor that you choose, will give you the highest level of quality patient care. Well take a deep breath and relax. Because future patients can rest assure that Dr. Mofid is more than qualified and has a plethora of accomplishments to confirm his well-established reputation; a reputation of being one of the best surgeons in the medical profession today. Read on and allow me to elaborate.

Things To know About The Man With The Gifted Hands

First, I would like to point out that Dr. Mofid has demonstrated remarkable achievements, both academically and professionally. In his academic career, he obtained his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude. He then attended John Hopkins University, completing his medical degree with a specialty in plastics. In his professional career, he is Board Certified in two distinguished areas of medicine: the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Fascial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mofid is not only a remarkable surgeon, but he is also exceptional teacher. He has presented at several medical conferences both in the United States and internationally. In addition to teaching, he has authored several publications on facial and breast surgeries. Some of his publications have been featured in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal. The accomplishments of Dr. Mofid just go on and on.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s Passion For Safety: Safety Before Beauty

It is also safe to say that Dr. Mofid has a high regard for patient safety. Listen carefully. What all future patients should ultimately know about Dr. Mofid is that safety and quality are his primary concerns. Taking this into account, please be mindful that safety does and will always come first. Dr. Mofid is not going to put a patient’s safety at risk by performing a surgery that is deemed unsafe. To quote Dr. Mofid’s stance on buttock augmentation implants, He commented, “I place only intramuscular implants, and I never overdo it even if patients try to push for larger implants,” he replied to Plastic Surgery Practice during an interview session.

What To Expect During A Visit?

During your initial visit with Dr. Mofid, he will perform a medical evaluation and customize a treatment plan for you (the patient). The treatment plan consists of every thing the patient needs to know about the approved surgical and recovery plans. Beauty sometimes is blinding that people do not always know what’s best for them. Not to worry, Dr. Mofid is highly skilled and has the capability to assist patients in making the best decision possible. Again, Dr. Mofid is great what he does. However, he will not put your body in harms way. Plastic Surgery should never be performed at the expense of someone’s safety. If you want it done right the first time and safely, then Dr. Mofid is your guy every time.

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More Changes Coming to Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies owns over 20 subsidiaries that provide technology services to government agencies to include JPay, Satellite Tracking of People, Telerus, T-Netix, and a host of others. You can now add government payment processing giant, GovPayNet, to the list. Chief Operating Officer of Securus Technologies announce in early January that the company has reached an agreement to purchase GovPayNet. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Chief Operating Officer of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie, will continue to be CEO after the acquisition. This moves now allows Securus to process over 4 million payments for government agencies per year, making them a leader in the game.


GovPayNet has current contracts to provide payment processing for nearly 3,600 agencies in 35 states, covering nearly 30% of counties. They are located in Indianapolis and have been in operation since 1997. MacKenzie said of the deal, “We are looking forward to expanding our capabilities under Securus Technologies. We have a great team and cutting-edge solutions.”


Securus Technologies is a prison and inmate technology holding company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. They employee over 1,000 people in four locations. They have over 20 subsidiaries providing services to over 3,500 corrections facilities all over North America. A few of the subsidiaries that operate under the company are JPay, JOBView, CellBlox, and Voice Analytics. Securus continues to look for other companies to acquire to expand their infrastructure and quality of service.


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Sahm Adranji’s Career with Kerrisdale Capital

Sahm Adrangi founded one of the world’s most successful investment firms. His company is Kerrisdale Capital, and the organization is known for the variety and quality of their investment plans.

How Did He Begin His Career?

He went into the financial sector as soon as he started his career. While he was in the financial sector, he worked for two widely known companies. The first company that he worked for was Chanin Capital Partners. After he left this company, he was hired by Longacre Fund Management as an analyst.

The Company He Started:

Kerrisdale Capital makes it possible for investors to choose from a variety of stocks. These are some examples of investment options that clients can choose from:

  • Blue chip stocks
  • Shares of small businesses
  • Hedge funds

The Clients Of Kerrisdale Capital:

Kerrisdale Capital has a wide range of clients. Many of them are retired, but some of their clients are just starting their career. Kerrisdale Capital even makes it possible to choose alternative investments.

What Has He Written?

Sahm Adrangi has written a variety of papers. The content of these papers are backed by extensive research. He has published these articles on the internet, and it’s possible for anyone to read them. You can access them without paying a fee. There are a variety of subjects that Sahm Adrangi has written about, such as the following:

  • Hedge funds
  • Short selling
  • Research of businesses

The Advocacy Of Sahm Adranji:

Sahm Adrangi is a strong advocate for fair business practices. In fact, he issued a warning about companies that were not engaged in fair business practices. The companies that he alerted the public to were China Biotics and China Education Alliance. As soon as he let the public know that these companies were engaged in illegal business practices, the illegal actions of these companies were stopped by the SEC.

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Jason Hope Explains the Challenges facing the Internet of Things

From one of Jason’s favorite movie, Spielberg’s 1993 there is a scenario that Jason meditated on. In that film, Ian Malcolm a talented mathematician was arguing with a mogul and John Hammond, the founder of the park during a doomed first tour of the group in a prehistoric island. Malcolm together with other people showed their uncertainties about the dangers of pushing the limits of nature via technology. Malcolm admitted that there was a success in genetically replicating dinosaurs by engineers although they were so busy with whether they could or not succeed until they forgot to think whether they should have carried out the practice.

These thoughts were triggered when Jason Hope reflected about the impact the technology industry has done in the last five years particularly in the use of IoT devices and the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency. Due to these high impacts caused by IoT and the cryptocurrency, it seems that it will be inevitable for the two sectors to merge since there is a lot of money that gets generated and many people are enthusiastic about them. But as people invest in the two industries, it is prudent and responsible for them to give the right thoughts about the two sectors. It is because both IoT and cryptocurrency industries are facing some challenges that potential investors should consider before they invest. Some of those problems are discussed below.

In the last two years, there has been an increase in IoT attacks through botnets whereby devices are added and controlled to carry out attacks. IoT has been the prime target for such attacks since it contains sensitive data that attract hackers. Although this aspect makes IoT devices convenient, unique, able to store, and easy to operate, it also contributes to the overall weakness of it. Still, computer developers have not developed many devices that can accommodate the computing force that needed for advanced encryption. This poses another risk in IoT.

On the hand, cryptocurrency has been on the subject of public scrutiny. For instance, JP Morgan the CEO of Jamie Dimon criticised Bitcoin. He said that Bitcoin is an ideal thing and speculates that shortly it will close down. He also warned that any of his employees found trading it would be fired. Many bankers have also raised their doubts on cryptocurrency. For instances, just in case somebody steals from Ethereum or Bitcoin the investors would not get protections like in the case of other banks like Wells Fargo.

Jason Hope is a businessman, philanthropist, and futurist who has a desire in technology and supporting the society through donations. He was raised up in Tempe, Arizona. He studied his undergraduate degree at Arizona State University where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in finance. He later enrolled for a master’s in business administration from ASU’S W.P school of business. As a philanthropist, he has donated $500,000 million to SENS Foundation, a research foundation committed to fighting diseases related to age.

To know more click here

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Imran Haque Treats All With Respect – And He Is Respected

When a doctor runs a good practice, they will be respected. Others will see the work that they do and they will look up to them. Imran Haque is someone who is well respected in his community, and he is respected because he works in a good way. This man is a doctor who takes on all kinds of issues that his patients are facing, and he helps each patient receive the kind of care that changes their life. Imran Haque is fully licensed to handle the work that he does, and he has the needed experience to do a good job when dealing with each patient.

There are times when a person is focused on too many things and that stops them from doing one thing in a good way. Imran Haque is someone who has had to learn the hard way that it is best for a person to just focus on the one thing that they are good at and that gives them passion. This man was working on another business while he was also trying to find his place in the medical world. He was failing, and he had to make the decision to focus solely on the world of medicine.

The way that a person treats other human beings can affect the way that they are treated. The way that a person interacts with others can change the respect that such a person is given. Imran Haque is someone who understands that it is important to treat others with kindness at all times. He is someone who believes that it is important to treat others in the same way that he would like to be treated. One of the reasons that this man has found respect is because of the way in which he treats others and more

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Tony Petrello Makes All His Friends Jealous

Life does not always end up where you think it is going. It is funny like that. You may come out with all your plans, but fate very well may take you its way. This certainly was true in the life of business juggernaut Tony Petrello.

Petrello was on the road to forever change the landscape of mathematics. Being a prodigy, he attended Harvard to hone his skills in this exciting field of numbers. Upon arriving, he was immediately noticed by Professor Serge Lang. Seeing his one-day replacement in Petrello, Lang began taking Tony with him around the world to promote new theories in mathematics. Petrello seemed to have a knack for challenging long standard assumptions and tweaking new theories. Unfortunately, Petrello did not see his future leading him this direction. Petrello picked up the phone and called Lang to inform him that he would be pursuing a degree in law.

Petrello would continue his time at Harvard pursuing a justice degree. However, he would continue growing in mathematics by receiving a degree in that field from Yale.

Once Petrello graduated, he hit the ground running in the world of corporate law. He was picked up by Baker and McKenzie in 1979. He would work for them finding nuances in the law that allowed them to win dozens of cases and a ton of money in the process. His skills earned him a promotion to the position of Managing Partner in New York City.

Read more: Mathematics, Law, Business, and Charity: The Unique American Dream of Tony Petrello

After working as a Managing Partner for Baker and McKenzie, Petrello was approached by Nabors Industry. There were interested in him becoming the Chief Operating Officer of their company and in 1991 he accepted the offer.

Petrello would rise quickly through the ranks at Nabors Industries due to his ability to combine laws and mathematics in such a way that gave them an edge in all fields. In 1992 the board informed him that they would like him to be promoted to the role of President in the company according to This promotion only lasted for one year since in 1993 he would be promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer

Petrello would also turn his attention to charity. After his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, he would give the Dallas Texas Children’s Hospital several millions of dollars to aid them in research. As a thank you, he received a position on the hospital’s board.