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GRAND RAPIDS, MI-Dick, and Betsy DeVos have contributed over $139 million to charity work over their lifetime. But Dick DeVos is no stranger to this big donations as he has grown in a family of philanthropist, over the years his family alone has contributed over $1.33 billion. All in all Betsy’s family are also people that give, Betsy is a daughter of the late Edgar Prince an industrialist and the family has contributed to a number of charity organizations and political parties. Talk of a match made in heaven. The DeVos believe in civil rights, and they feel that the current education system is not fulfilling the American Dream. This explains their huge contributions towards the education sector, in 2015 26% representing $3 million of their total contributions went to education causes. Further, the amazing couple through their foundation gave $ 357,000 to groups supporting education reforms.

Among the schools that have benefited from the funding are: Michigan school in 2015, in 2013 Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids ($ 50,000), Ferris State University in Big Rapids ($ 100,000), West Michigan Aviation Academy ($ 315,000) and Rehoboth Christian School ($50,000).On the grounds of the Gerald Ford International Airport, the couple launched the first aviation-themed charter school five years ago. The couple not only give sizable donations to the school for instance the $315,000 donated in 2013 buying the school’s first airplane, they hold galas annually to raise funds for the school and attract A-list guest like President George W. Bush and Apollo astronauts. The school focuses on STEM, robotics and aeronautical and is able to host kids from seven different counties among which 40% are economically disadvantaged. Apart from education, the couple contributes towards art, in 2015 they gave over $ 2.4 million that is 21% of the charitable giving that year. To ensure high-quality management of high-quality Arts they donated $ 22 million to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland.

Other areas that the Dick DeVos’ support includes: Civic, community, and others ($ 1.8 million), leadership and development ($ 1.5 million), Health and Human services ($ 618,000), churches ($ 488,250) and public policy ($ 1.3 million.) The couple believes in philanthropic investment returns and term such investments as remarkable. This explains their sizeable donation to the Spectrum Health Foundation that aimed at recruiting top physician and a researcher in cancer in children and neuroblastoma. Dick and Betsy are upholding the family legacy and are including their children in their charity works and in a way getting fresh ideas.

Dick DeVos is the 11th US Secretary of Education and a businessman from Michigan. He was born on October 21, 1955, and studied at the University of Northwood. He is a Republican whose focus is on supporting the education system.


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Construcap Stands Out In The Brazil Real Estate Market

The real estate market is different from city to city. The way people look at real estate and respond to real estate is unique from location to location. Although real estate markets tend to be different from location to location, the processes on regarding real estate markets are fundamentally the same no matter where the real estate activities occur.

From city to city and country to country, real estate is an area of business that is universal in many ways. A real estate agent in one location will basically do the same things in another location. The differences relate to the individual aspects of the location and not the overall operations of the real estate industry on

The real estate market in Brazil is a market that is very good. People are always looking to Brazil for real estate and real estate investments at As a location, Brazil is a location that many people go to for a wide variety of reasons. With the constant traffic that comes into Brazil, the real estate market reflects the demand that is made on real estate in Brazil.

There are many areas within the real estate industry; companies can find numerous areas where success can be achieved. In Brazil, there are many companies in the real estate market. One of the top companies is Construcap. As a leading real estate company in Brazil, Construcap has earned a great reputation. The company provides a variety of real estate related services. However, the primary service type provided by Construcap is construction. Construcap manages projects for both private and public organizations.

Construcap is a company in the middle of the real estate activity in Brazil. The company maintains an active list of clients that are handled on a continuous basis regarding project schedules. Also, the projects handled by Construcap are implemented on a set schedule. As a company, Construcap has a deep respect for the environment, and the company always aims to look out for the environment concerning any projects that it manages.

The real estate market in Brazil is very popular. People have an interest in the location for various reasons on Companies such as Construcap are key components in the way that real estate is handled in Brazil.

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Cotemar, the Most Important Part of Mexican Energy Sector

Cotemar is the company which is believed to be the most important part of Mexico’s energy sector especially for its services to Petroleos Mexicanos, also known as Pemex. It was 1971 when Cotemar was founded to cater the needs of Mexican oil & gas industry. Gradually the company transformed into a leading service provider in various fields especially accommodation, catering, and specialized vessels. Most of Cotemar’s work is in the area of Campeche Bay.



To provide efficient processes and solutions to the oil & gas industry, Cotemar uses the latest technology. It has been thirty-eight years since Cotemar is providing Pemex with result-oriented and highly efficient solutions for meeting their requirements. Pemex gets a wide range of services from Cotemar which includes engineering, maintenance, modernization, construction, specialized vessels, catering, and accommodation.



Unfortunately, the unstable oil prices in the international market forced Petroleos Mexicanos to cancel two of its contracts with Cotemar. According to Cotemar, they will come out of the crisis soon. A company official said it is normal to happen in the energy sector, and mainly the reason is a budget cut. Other companies are also affected by the step taken by Pemex. Cotemar had to delay the boats which it was seeking from Prosafe—a specialist in this field.



Prosafe also confirmed that the budget cut made by Pemex had affected its contracts with Cotemar. Prosafe was working on three platforms for Cotemar that are semisubmersible. However, the cancellation of the order has forced Prosafe to dismiss two thousand of its workers. Now there is about five thousand personnel left in the company’s workforce.



Despite all that, National Oil Company is getting specialized vessels service from Cotemar. They are used for different tasks like production platform construction, maintenance, and personnel transportation. The Prosafe’s Manager said that Cotemar uses boats made by other companies too. Pemex and Cotemar still have many other contracts for which Cotemar is providing a huge number of boats. The manager said things are expected to get better soon.



Two years ago, the per barrel price of crude oil was reduced to fifty dollars which forced Cotemar to reduce the renting price of its equipment. The Prosafe’s Manager denied of criticizing Pemex. He said he supports the actions taken by the company to make changes in the management and contracts. He admitted that the actions taken are by international trends. Meanwhile, Cotemar is continuing to innovate and modernize its processing centers and offshore rigs.


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White Shark Media Understands Online Marketing

The Internet has changed the way many people handle daily tasks. Before the Internet became popular, most people handled daily tasks by going wherever they had to go to complete the tasks. However, the introduction of the Internet changed this for many people. With the Internet, many people go to the Internet to handle many tasks that use to require them to go to particular locations.


Some of the tasks that people go to the Internet to handle on a regular basis include paying bills, shopping, watching the news, attention classes, conducting research, and many other tasks. For companies that have company websites, the Internet has become a place that provides tremendous business opportunities.


Millions of dollars are spent on the Internet every year regarding the purchase of products and services. All types of products and services are purchased on the Internet. The size of the companies does not matter. In actuality, it does not have to be a company selling items on the Internet. Individuals sell items on the Internet everyday.


While companies and individuals can have great success on the Internet selling a wide range of products and services, there are still several important things that must be done before anything can be sold on the Internet.


One of these things is that there must be a sufficient amount of website traffic generated to the desired website. There are many ways that traffic can be generated for websites. One of the best ways is by using online marketing such as PPC and SEM.


The use of these online marketing methods takes a level of experience and understanding that most individuals and companies do not have related to the methods. As a result, many companies and individuals use a digital marketing agency to provide the necessary expertise regarding online marketing such as PPC and SEM.


A digital marketing agency that has an outstanding reputation in the online marketing arena is White Shark Media. It is a full service digital marketing agency that can deliver amazing results for any online marketing campaign.


 White Shark Media primarily provides digital marketing services for small to medium size companies, but any size company can benefit from the expertise of White Shark Media.


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Five Reasons why You Should Consider Making Gold Investments




Founded in the year 2001 in Austin, Texas, U.S Money Reserve is one of the biggest companies dealing with the distribution of silver, gold, and platinum coins issued by the U.S government. The company also distributes foreign gold, silver and platinum coins. Thousands of clients across the United States rely on the U.S Money Reserve to exchange of precious coins. Here below are some of the reasons why you should invest in gold.






In the world’s history, gold has been known as the best hedge against inflation. Whenever the cost of living goes up, the price of gold increases. In fact, in the last fifty years, the people who had invested in gold had made more profits and lost little compared to those investing in the stock market.








It is hard for the prices of gold to go down even when there is deflation. Sometimes, the price of commodities may fall, countries suffer in debts, and business slows down, but there are more chances of gold prices rising rather than falling, but such an instance was last experienced in the 1930’s during the great depression where even the price of gold soared as all others went down.



Supply Constraints



One of the factors that have contributed to soaring prices of gold is the supply constraint. Since the 1990s the supply of gold in the market reduced. The amount of gold that came from the mines reduced. The scarcity of gold in the market has a made gold value even to appreciate.



Geopolitical Uncertainty



When world tensions are high, the smart businessmen invest in gold rather than everything else. There are low chances of the value of gold depreciating; it is often called the ‘crisis commodity’ because it maintains its value through the financial and geopolitical uncertainty.



Increasing demand



By having all the above qualities, people need the gold more. It also has many uses; some people use it to make ornaments while others use it for cultural purposes. These factors have contributed to increasing demand for gold.






According to testimonials and review of the service the companies offers, the U.S Money Reserve can be termed as the best dealer of gold in the United States as well as among the best in the world. The company offers a money-back guarantee if you doubt the deal after you have already purchased the gold. It focuses on providing the customers with the best services a move that has helped in establishing long-term relationship with customer.

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Anthony Petrello is a Talented Executive and Operations Leader

Anthony Petrello is a philanthropist, president, and CEO of Nabors Industries Limited, the largest company involved in oil exploration in the United States. Anthony Petrello has served as CEO since 2011 and has acted as the company’s president for over two decades. Petrello majored in mathematics at Yale University. He is also an alumnus of Harvard law school.

Anthony Petrello’s responsibilities at Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is an oil & gas, drilling, and exploration Company, which was established in 1968. The Company is based in Houston, Texas. Petrello began working at Nabors Industries in 1991 as a chief operating officer. In 1992, he was appointed the president of the company. In 2003, he was promoted to deputy chairman of the board of directors, a position he held for nine years. Since he joined the company, Petrello has strived to expand the company globally. In 1992, he facilitated an increase in the company’s revenue to US$40 million. The same year, Nabors Industries featured in the S&P MidCap 400 Index stock market.

In the 1993-1994 financial years, Petrello helped the company stabilize following a serious economic regression. Under the guidance of Petrello, Nabors’ stock has continued to rise in stock exchange market. In 2007, he facilitated the company’s sale of Sea Mar Fleet, a vessel management agency. This transaction earned the company over US$180 million.

Anthony Petrello’s previous work experience and philanthropic acts

Prior to working at Nabors Industries Limited, Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie. Petrello was the managing partner of Baker & McKenzie from 1986 to 1991. In 2011, Petrello was the head of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC a company that deals in manufacturing of specialized equipment. Additionally, he also served as a director of, a creative market and design agency that deals in web design, and promotions.

Anthony Petrello is involved in a variety of philanthropic activities. He has been serving as director of the Texas Children’s pediatric hospital for several years. This hospital is a non-profit organization that pioneers in treating children with conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart-related conditions. He donates generously towards organizations whose goal is to eradicate diseases.


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The Success of Doe Deere


Doe Deere is a prominent individual who is mostly known for her success within the makeup industry and is known for her leadership skills that have inspired both men as well as women to change the way that they wear makeup and the way that they put on their makeup every morning. Doe Deere has always loved being a creative individual and has worked hard to make sure that her hard work is felt by other individuals all over the world. Doe Deere is the proud owner of Lime Crime, a company that was created in order to help others not only feel confident, but to also feel beautiful. Doe Deere wants individuals to not only try her product to feel beautiful on the outside, but also wants individuals to try her product in order to feel confident and to spread an infectious smile on the outside. In regards to the future of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has many plans.


Doe Deere is a passionate individual when it comes to creating new and improved makeup products. What makes Lime Crime a company that stands out is the fact that Lime Crime specializes in offering beautiful and vibrant colors that even encourage neon colors. Doe Deere has made these products and has instructed her clients to specifically use these products on their cheeks, their eyes, as well as on their lips. As the name of the company suggests, Doe Deere loves to use the color of lime as she believes it brings out the beautiful features of all of her customers.


Doe Deere is an individual who has worked hard to create her business. As a businesswoman, Doe Deere is an advocate for individuals to pursue their dreams and to pursue a career that truly inspires them to be the best that they can be. Though Doe Deere is presently living her dream as a businesswoman, Doe Deere has experienced a job that she felt as though sucked the soul from her. It was not until Doe Deere found her true calling within the makeup industry that she began to know exactly what she wanted to do in the future and knew how to challenge herself.


Doe Deere is an inspirational individual because she was able to create and to develop a company within the competitive industry of makeup. Doe Deere has not only made her company successful, but has also changed the way that individuals look at wearing makeup. People now look to makeup as a way to express themselves rather than a way to coverup the blemishes or the imperfections on the face. Doe Deere believes that imperfections do not exist and that bright colored makeup is a great way to express oneself.

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Brian Bonar: Award-Winning Business Executive

Brian Bonar is a business executive, investor and financial expert. Educated in Europe, Bonar attended Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland where he earned his BSC in Mechanical Engineering. He also earned an MBA and a PhD in International Business Development Studies at Stafford University in England.

He then spent 18 years working with IBM in Europe, Asia and the U.S. He then went on to found or play a leadership role in numerous companies in a wide variety of industries over the next 20 years in Europe and the U.S. He has recently gotten involved in the restaurant business.

The first job Bonar took was at QMS Incorporated as executive director of engineering from 1984 to 1988. Next, he became the Rastek Corporation’s vice president of marketing and sales from 1988 to 1990, Adaptec Inc.’s worldwide sales manager for a year, then vice president of Bezier Systems Inc.’s Worldwide sales and marketing from 1991 to 1992.

In 1992 he became involved with Dalrada Financial Corporation, first as director of technology sales for two years, vice president of marketing and sales for 6 months, acting chief accounting officer and in 1997 he became the company’s chief operating officer until 2004. He was the company’s CEO from 2004 until 2009.

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar was also the Solvis Group’s chairman and CEO from 2003 to 2006. The company provided staffing, ASO and PEO services to the call center and medical markets. In May 2009 Bonar was named to the board of STTN and became company president in September of the same year.

He has also worked with or was on the board of Trucept, Inc., The Amanda Company, Smart-tek Automated Services, American Marine LLC, Warning Management Corporation, Tradeshow Products Inc., Greenland Corporation, Alliance National Insurance Company and Allegiant Professional Business Services. He also founded AMS Outsourcing with customers in Mexico and the Czech Republic.

Recently Brian Bonar has gotten involved in the restaurant business. He opened Bellamy’s in San Diego which has quickly become one of one of the top-rated dining places in Escondido. The restaurant features the cuisine of world renowned French chef Patrick Ponsaty.

Bonar is also in the process of building another restaurant on 144 acres with a working farm. It’s called The Ranch at Brandy Canyon and it features a superb restaurant and a four-star event space. Everyone that knows Brian Bonar expect his mini restaurant empire to be a rousing success, especially with Patrick Ponsaty doing the cooking.

Brian Bonar’s top notch academic background, his professional qualifications and his decades of executive experience in both finance and management have led the Who’s Who at Cambridge to select him for their prestigious award for Executive of the Year.

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Premier Food Provider, OSI Group

OSI Group is a leading worldwide food provider that partners with foodservice and retail food brands to the joy of consumers around the globe. The food network has over 65 facilities and over 20,000 employees in 17 countries across the world. It has full-fledged resources in the culinary department, food processing, and the product development. It has maintained its excellence by networking with Global Councils to communicating ideas and exchanging practices and stellar solutions for their clients.

OSI Group acquires companies whose products and brand complement theirs so as to broaden its presence across the world so as to serve the ever-changing needs of its customers. In this spirit, it recently acquired ownership of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of fast foods, deli meats and snacks and Flagship Europe, Group, from the Flagship Food Group, Denver, Colo.

However, the amount used to purchase the Dutch company remains undisclosed. The Dutch company has five holdings with processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands which cater to customers in 18 European countries.

Flagship Europe provides products like mayonnaise, poultry, dressings and sauces to the UK food market. Flagship Europe also copped Calder Foods, a UK- based firm that provides sauces, marinades, etc. so as to extend its market.

The OSI Group has also acquired ownership of a Chicago plant so as to save the company and its remaining employees. The company, Tyson Foods, shut down one of its plants at 4201 s. Ashland Avenue which resulted in the loss of 480 jobs. Documents at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds show that the OSI Group acquired this plant at $7.4 million.

OSI Group ensures that its business activities have a positive impact on the people, their communities, and the environment. It is forever delving into ways to improve its sustainability. These relentless efforts have continually been recognized by the food industry and have led the group to bag numerous awards.

In 2016, it received the prestigious Globe of Honor Award and the Sword of Honor from the British Safety Council. These awards were in respect to OSI’s brilliance in the management of the environment. The firm was among 18 establishments worldwide that got the award. Corporations that are gifted this award had to have achieved the BSC’s environmental audit scheme within the past year. They also have to show their excellence in managing the environment before a panel of independent experts.

Click here to learn more about OSI Group.


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Securus Goes Against All the Odds to make Christmas a Special Day

Christmas is usually a tie for people to have fun, enjoy and be with their loved ones. However, the situation is not the same in correction facilities. Many inmates in correction facilities find it difficult to communicate with their loved ones and miss their families. The holidays become a sad event because they miss almost all the happenings. Many inmates do not want to go home and spend time with their family. They only want to witness the whole event and even participate a little. That has been made possible thanks to Securus Video Visitation program.


The Christmas video visitation allows inmates to see their family and loved ones during opening gifts and taking meals. They get to be part of the holiday. Even though they cannot be there in person, it makes a difference in a big way. They can enjoy and go through the holiday in a more pleasant way.


Before planning for a visit, one should submit their information electronically. The user id and photo are necessary for identification. It allows the staff and wardens in correction facilities to have more control over people expected to make the visits. The feature restricts users from bad behavior. Apart from just being a communication system, it improves the general safety in the correction facility. The scheduling system is integrated into the jail system. It ensures that visitors get the appropriate time to schedule jail visits.


Anyone that has used the video visitation program knows that it is highly advantageous. The video service gives one the ability to monitor and even record visits. It acts as a great chance for people in authority to launch an investigation. The video monitoring service has reduced violence in correction facilities. The service has created efficient communication between the parties involved. The result is that friends and family have been able to enjoy their Christmas and holiday season together.


If you may never want to take your children to prison for any visit, then I recommend considering the video visitation program. Securus has played a huge role in transforming communication in correction facilities. The company has grown to become a technology leader and provider in several prisons. Securus has improved its services and areas of operations. The firm is currently available in different parts of the world such as Texas, Canada, Mexico and Atlanta. Securus Technology company motto is making connections that matter. The firm considers family as the most important part of the community. Securus strives to bring in more advanced technology to make the world a better place.