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The Aftermath of the Sale of Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is known for many activities amongst them is his participation in philanthropic initiatives. For example, at one time, Levenson has served as a Washington-based organization called I have a Dream Foundation, an organization whose aim according to PR News is to help low-income children pursue higher education. The U.S Holocaust Museum a Museum who’s the primary goal is to provide the Home program that educates the local city students the outcome of the Holocaust. Despite participating in major philanthropic Bruce Levenson is mostly known as the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC that owns and runs the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena.

In the year 2015, Bruce Levenson sold his controlling shares of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. The sale price was estimated to be $850 million. The sale was led by a team that had been contracted by Mr. Levenson, he hired Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs evaluation experts. Their responsibility included selling both operating rights arena and the Hawks.

After the sale the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, Bruce Levenson included filed a lawsuit against an insurance company based in New Hampshire, the complaint was against an insurance company that had breached a contract.

The case against AIG the insurance company was insurance bad faith and a civil action for breach of contract. The former Atlanta Hawks owners claimed that the policy the losses that are linked to the employment practices that includes workplace torts and wrongful termination amongst others were insured by the policy for coverage.

The court’s document indicated amount claimed in confidential. According to the lawsuit, the AIG had declined to recognize that a claim was made and failed to acknowledge that the policy had been triggered. It also states that the AIG refused to take part in the defense of the claims. In addition, the AIG had no good reason to refute that the claim had not been made either covered.


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End Citizens United is Still Fighting To Make Their Name a Reality

The 2010 the Supreme Court of the United States decided the case of Citizens United v. F.E.C., a case which changed the face of American elections forever. One of the landmark decisions that the case decided was the notion that corporations where people, a idea that has caused incredible harm to the integrity of the US political system by allowing millionaires and billionaires to funnel enormous and untraceable sums of money into political campaigns to potentially swing the outcome of entire elections. This has caused a massive deficiency in financial transparency for campaign donors which has subsequently lead to more corruption and less accountability.


Many people have complained about the previously mentioned court decision, but few have either the interest, resources or confidence to do anything substantial to combat it. That is where End Citizens United came in.


End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that seeks to bring about an end to ending the dangerous and corrosive effects of the 2010, C.U. v. F.E.C. supreme court decision and bring democracy back into the realms of accountability. Recently, the End Citizens United group has seen a resurgence in popularity and news coverage due to the prospective selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court by the Trump Administration. Gorsuch, though well liked and extremely successful, has been rebuffed by the Democrats in the senate due to the prospect that he would likely confirm the 2010 Citizens United court decision which Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia has publicly called, “-one of the worst decisions the Supreme Court has ever made.” However, Warner and the senate democrats are not the only ones who have vociferously taken issue with Gorsuch’s stance towards the infamous supreme court decision, End Citizens United have also entered the fray, declaring their stalwart opposition to Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. End Citizens United’s executive director, Tiffany Muller recently released a public statement after Sen. Jon Tester stated his opposition to Gorsuch:


Judge Gorsuch has ruled that corporations are people. If confirmed, he would put the rights of corporations ahead of everyday Americans. He’d allow more money and less transparency in our elections, and he’d give big campaign donors more influence in our government — the exact opposite of what Montanans want.”


Only time will tell if their efforts will bear fruit and help return transparency to the financial donation process, but for those citizens concerned about the state of big money in politics, it is certainly a case well worth following.

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Accomplishments Of Brian Torchin in the Financial Sector

Brian Torchin is the President of Health Care Recruitment Staffing, and is also a chiropractor. He graduated from the University of Delaware. Although the company is based in Philadelphia, they provide services nationally.

They cover medical jobs, chiropractic, dentistry and more. Medical companies can expect to establish long term relationships with this staffing company, in order to meet their current needs, and needs in the future. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

According to Wellness, Brian Torchin is also an active Facebook member, which he user to promote business. Many of his posts are job advertisements, and he continues to promote job vacancies.

One of Mr. Torchin’s biggest accomplishments is growing HCRC to a database of thousands of clients. He regularly updates the company blog, and he ensures that the service is available even after hours to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get questions answered around the clock. He always remains positive, even in a bad economy.

Brian Torchin is also committed to ensuring that people around the world can access professional health services. He realizes that it is not always easy for medical graduates to find jobs, so he has made it his mission to help these graduates pursue employment. Doctors, nurses, chiropractors and other medical professionals around the world can credit their job placement to the hard work of Mr. Torchin.

Media outlets such as and have featured Mr. Torchin. Impressive articles have been featured on these sites regarding his accomplishments. He has also been featured on CNN, where he received generous praise for his hard work in the industry.

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Statement Issued By Squaw Valley On Quality Of Water In Upper Mountain

An extended statement has now been issued by Squaw Valley. This had to come after the news broke out this week regarding the E. coli along with coliform bacteria being found in the drinking water that is being supplied at the upper mountain at Squaw Valley.



This is a serious health hazard. Hence this issue got reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. This incident took place on Nov. 9.



The drinking water has now been undergoing treatment as well as monitoring. It is showing a lot of improvement now. This is something that has to be announced so that the confidence of people returns regarding the quality of the drinking water here.



All the four wells serving upper mountain have been tested. Out of these, three have been showing no trace of E. coli and very low levels of coliform. All this has been confirmed by the Placer County Environmental Health.



The fact is that the eating places at the upper mountain are still shut down. Skiers are not drinking this water until this issue gets fully resolved. But there have been no health issues that have been reported so far. Also, skiing continues as usual at this ski resort.



The Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has issued a statement regarding the background of this water contamination. There was reference made to the rain storm that was unusually heavy. It was due to this reason that a number of water systems were impacted in the Placer County. Even at Squaw Valley, it was this weather issue that led to the water system getting inundated. This resulted in the system getting contaminated. All this only impacted that system. The other water systems were not affected in any way. But such contaminated water was never made available to the common public here, under any circumstances.



Once the routine testing confirmed this detection, the Placer County Environmental Health was immediately contacted, along with the Squaw Valley Public Service District in order to bring this issue to their notice. A number of water safety experts are being contacted in order to seek their help.



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Hope for Aspiring Models- Nine9 Modeling Agency

Nine9 is a modeling agency which its primary mission is to search for talent and make them rise in the modeling and the entertainment industry. Nine9 Talent Agency trust in numbers and they have been working with a strong belief of 99% is greater than 1%. The modeling company was established in 2003 with one mission of offering tools and resources to aspiring models to make it big and become successful in the entertainment sector. Nine9 modeling agency wants to make a difference in the modeling industry where it offers the 99% which most modeling agencies would never offer to aspiring models in the country.

Since the inception of the Nine9 modeling agency, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion. The organization has been working with the latest technology, and their success story is also contributed by their staff who has a vast experience of more than ten years in booking, advising and managing top client relations. Nine9 has been working continuously to ensure their customers gets the required training and are getting castings as well as opportunities at the right time. Nine9 provides satisfying training as well as work opportunity, and some of their clients had this to say.

Vanessa James is grateful for Nine9 and does not regret joining the modeling agency. According to her, the organization has offered, her an opportunity to be in various commercial advertisements as well as music videos including Thornetta Davis music video, Hattie ice cream commercial, as well as an extra in Dream Sequence film.

Barbara S. is more than glad for the opportunities that Nine9 has provided her and the platform to expand her modeling career as she was cast f or a runway show courtesy of Nine9. She is looking forward for more openings? Just follow

Another excited model Steve H. said that within few months at Nine9 he was able to get an opportunity to be a co- host of a television show and also featured in a short film. He further said he cannot wait to see what Nine9 has in store for the future.

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Experts Convene to Discuss Transit Issues Facing the Austin Region

When most discussions about transportation in the Austin area are mainly focused on the city of Austin, the recent Williamson County Growth summit was different. It provided experts with an opportunity to talk about transportation issues in the suburbs of the region.

Experts That Were involved

Among the experts was Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Other experts that took part in the discussion were Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign, Leandre Johns from Uber Technologies Inc., and Joseph Kopser from Ride Scout LLC.

The discussion, which took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, was mainly focused on how technology is influencing transportation globally and in the region.

What the Experts Said

Mr. Heiligenstein noted that while new technologies were having a major influence on transportation in the Austin region, there was still a need to invest in more capacity. He was of the opinion that the only way to meet the mobility needs of the region was to build more roads that incorporated modern transportation technology. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

He said that Williamson County had made a commendable effort to expand its infrastructure in the past decade and a half. However, they still needed to do more.

Alan McGraw, the mayor for Round rock said that policy makers needed to keep building land use policies flexible. He noted that even with autonomous vehicles, things such as parking garages and roads would still be required. However, he noted that the garages of the future might be quite different from those of today.

John from Uber said that there needed to be an emphasis on providing first and last mile connectivity that way, people would be more enthusiastic about using public transportation.

Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent agency that was created in 2002. Its goal is to provide solutions for the transportation needs of Travis and Williamson counties. The aim of the authority is to create multi-modal and innovative solutions that reduce congestion, enhance economic vitality, and improve the quality of life.

The authority employs a small group of professionals who are led by Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director. It operates under the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370. It is authorized to fund projects through the issuance of revenue bonds. Besides that, the authority is allowed to utilize taxes and user fees to repay bonds and fund operations.


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Construcap – Helping The Infrastructure Development In Brazil At Various Levels

Brazil ranks among one of the most developing nations in the world and has a fast growing economy. Any country that is on the road to achieving economic success must have a develop infrastructure to meet its long-term goals at The real estate market has seen some downfall in the recent times due to the volatile economic situation globally as well as some the most important political issues in the country.

However, even with so many internal and external issues acting as a hurdle to the country’s economic growth, the government of Brazil has continued to make advances in infrastructure development across the nation on Facebook. There are many dams, highways, flyovers, bridges, subways, metro rail expansion, railroad expansion, and more happening across the length and breadth of the country. It has helped in attracting foreign investors to the country, and the domestic real estate market noticed some improvements too in the last few quarters as a result.

The demand to supply ratio for the residential housing market hasn’t been very encouraging, but as the internal issues in the political sphere continue to settle, the market is slowly holding a firm ground. There is some very encouraging upward movement in the real estate prices, especially in the metropolitan and developing cities and areas in the country. There are also many new factories being set up, which is sure to help the manufacturing industry in Brazil. Find more on

Construcap is one of the most prominent names in the field of construction, engineering, and infrastructure development in the country. In 2015, it received the “Best Construction Company” award by the popular Exame Magazine. It entered the field of infrastructure development and construction in the year 1944 and is today listed among the top ten construction companies in the country. In 2015, it also received the highly prestigious ENR Global Awards, which reflects upon the quality of its projects and high professionalism maintained by the company over the years.

Construcap follows only the highest standards in its construction and infrastructure development projects. It follows the set standards and central guidelines, such as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001, and others. Construcap does internal audits regularly to ensure safety and federal guidelines are followed accurately, and the end users only get the best.

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Mike Heiligenstein Heads the Well-coordinated Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a transportation infrastructure development agency determined to improve and develop the transportation system in counties of Williamson and Travis. This agency handles other projects that do not fall into the category of infrastructure development. Below are five key facts of the CTRMA:


CTRMA is non-governmental organization


CTRMA was unveiled in 2002 after the enactment of a state law. The agency does not collect, assess, or levy taxes. It possesses condemnation authority. In the 2015 financial year, this organization had expenses and operating revenue worth $38, 135,309 and $55, 814, 033 respectively. CTRMA generates three-quarters of its revenue to finance construction projects from the sale of bonds in the stock market. Currently, it has $1.8 billion worth of assets. The other quarter comes from the Texas Department of Transportation.


The CTRMA’s Board of Governors


CTRMA has seven members six of whom are appointed by the Travis and Williamson County Commissioners Court. County Governor names the chairman of the board. The seventh member is a woman of African-American descent. Most of the members are men with keen interest in development and business.


The agency’s travel assistance


This organization operates a Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO). This division assists motorists by changing their punctured tires, removing roadblocks from travel lanes, and providing refreshments to drivers awaiting towing trucks.


CTRMA executive director’s salary


Mike Heiligenstein, who serves as the executive director, is one of the highly paid executives in the Central Texas transportation sector. He receives a basic salary of $274, 912 with additional compensation of $366,112. The Mobile Authority has about 11,775 employees.


The MoPac Improvement Project


MoPac is a project aimed at adding toll lanes on the highway from West Cesar Chavez Street to Parmer Lane. Additionally, this project will solve the traffic issue when the toll lanes open in December 2017.


Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority


Mike Heiligenstein is the principal of the CTRMA, a development agency based in Texas. This Mobility Authority specializes in the designing of the smart roads as wells as developing a modern, regional transportation networks in Texas. Heiligenstein began working with this authority in 2002. He has supervised all the agency’s projects including 183A in Williamson County. This organization recently launched the 290 Toll project and is finalizing the Express Lanes on MoPac. Heiligenstein serves in several other associations and boards related to mobility matters. His main objective is to build modern transportation system that will solve the problems faced by Central Texas’ residents.




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Lori Senecal Bracing The Global Presence

To be a leader in the advertising industry, one must be able to advertise themselves. This means that clients can only trust a person or an advertising corporation that has already established its name to the world. Unlike most advertising agents and persons, Lori Senecal is quite unique. In various interviews she has confessed that she is a shy introvert which may be quite confusing to most people. However, even with a shy personality she has been able to turn around it to become one of the most prolific advertising agents in the world, working with various corporations with the game names.

Lori Senecal is the current global chief executive at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. It was an honor for the company that she accepted to work for them such that they had to create a position for her that did not exist earlier on. Her experience and training in global advertising was the one thing that lured the company to seek her expertise. Not only was she delightful to join the team but also promised to help steer the company into global excellence and growth.

Despite leading Crispin Porter & Bogusky, she is also the acting president and chief executive officer at MDC Partners, reveals Ad Week. She is able to juggle between the two firms, which are doing so well in the global markets. At MDC, she is in charge of the company’s global strategies, making sure that the company’s strategies are planned and executed according to plan. Her leadership has seen the company increasing their revenue and brand growth in various countries.

Prior to joining MDC Partners, she worked at Kirshenbaun Bond & Partners as the global CEO. Throughout her career, she has proven that shy introverts can also excel in the advertising world, competing with the bigwigs in the industry. In all the years, she has mastered great knowledge and skills, increased her network and established long lasting relationships with her clients and other firms and individuals in the industry. She uses her interpersonal skills to help her and guide her in relating to others and seek clients and retain them for the long haul.

Lori Senecal is a role model, a global leader to look out for. According to a report by the NY Times, she has been approached and currently appeared in the 3% conference, a project that acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of the few women in the male dominated creative leadership industry in the world.



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GRAND RAPIDS, MI-Dick, and Betsy DeVos have contributed over $139 million to charity work over their lifetime. But Dick DeVos is no stranger to this big donations as he has grown in a family of philanthropist, over the years his family alone has contributed over $1.33 billion. All in all Betsy’s family are also people that give, Betsy is a daughter of the late Edgar Prince an industrialist and the family has contributed to a number of charity organizations and political parties. Talk of a match made in heaven. The DeVos believe in civil rights, and they feel that the current education system is not fulfilling the American Dream. This explains their huge contributions towards the education sector, in 2015 26% representing $3 million of their total contributions went to education causes. Further, the amazing couple through their foundation gave $ 357,000 to groups supporting education reforms.

Among the schools that have benefited from the funding are: Michigan school in 2015, in 2013 Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids ($ 50,000), Ferris State University in Big Rapids ($ 100,000), West Michigan Aviation Academy ($ 315,000) and Rehoboth Christian School ($50,000).On the grounds of the Gerald Ford International Airport, the couple launched the first aviation-themed charter school five years ago. The couple not only give sizable donations to the school for instance the $315,000 donated in 2013 buying the school’s first airplane, they hold galas annually to raise funds for the school and attract A-list guest like President George W. Bush and Apollo astronauts. The school focuses on STEM, robotics and aeronautical and is able to host kids from seven different counties among which 40% are economically disadvantaged. Apart from education, the couple contributes towards art, in 2015 they gave over $ 2.4 million that is 21% of the charitable giving that year. To ensure high-quality management of high-quality Arts they donated $ 22 million to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland.

Other areas that the Dick DeVos’ support includes: Civic, community, and others ($ 1.8 million), leadership and development ($ 1.5 million), Health and Human services ($ 618,000), churches ($ 488,250) and public policy ($ 1.3 million.) The couple believes in philanthropic investment returns and term such investments as remarkable. This explains their sizeable donation to the Spectrum Health Foundation that aimed at recruiting top physician and a researcher in cancer in children and neuroblastoma. Dick and Betsy are upholding the family legacy and are including their children in their charity works and in a way getting fresh ideas.

Dick DeVos is the 11th US Secretary of Education and a businessman from Michigan. He was born on October 21, 1955, and studied at the University of Northwood. He is a Republican whose focus is on supporting the education system.