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David Osio Offers His New Real Estate App For Investors

David Osio and his staff at Davos Real Estate released a new application for customers that calculates the return on investment for real estate purchases. Investors spend quite a lot of money on their investments, and they are entitled to accurate information on profitability. This is a story of how someone may use the app for their investments. Creating a portfolio is far more complex than purchasing several properties while awaiting a rise in value.

#1: The App Uses Current Market Information

The app uses current market information when calculating return on investment. ROI is an industry tool used to determine the overall value of a property, and David has spent quite a lot of time with clients determining ROI. He calls in clients every day who offer the same information requested by the app, and he believes his clients will see a surge in their profits when they check each property with his app.

#2: How Does David Manage His Clients?

David manages his clients using a simple system he shares in every meeting. His clients learn quite a lot about real estate investment before they leave his office, and they discuss each investment with him before writing a check. He is quite knowledgeable as he has industry experience that outdoes many others just like him.

#3: A Mobile App Saves Time

Investors who invest in real estate with David Osio need not place calls to his office over every property they find. The client sees ROI information on a new property, and they may choose to speak with David and Davos Real Estate about a new location. The two sides are on the same page as the investor uses information from the app to consult with David.

#4: Money Is Saved

The Davos CAP Calculator saves money as investors no longer make hasty decisions about their purchases. They visit Davos Real Estate for information on a new property, but they know before their meeting how much they may earn on the location. Locations around the world may be researched using the app, and David often refers his clients to the app when necessary.

David has created a far better investment circle for his clients using the Davos CAP Calculator, and clients are urged to use the calculator at every opportunity. Money and time is saved when the client sees a result in the calculator that informs their choices.

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David Osio Along With other Executives of Davos Real Estate Group has Launched the Company’s New Real Estate Application

David Osio, together with other executive directors, Gerald González and Pablo Bausili of Davos Real Estate Group, have officially launched and presented the company’s new mobile application to their clients. The new application, Davos CAP Calculator, is expected to help estimate the return on real estate development and serves as a fulfillment of their customer’s interest.

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is one among the independent companies that forms Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group, on the other hand, is an international group in the Latin American that leads in offering comprehensive financial advice. It has been in operation for more than 20 years now, and its primary focus is on formulating investment strategies that meet their client’s needs and expectations.

For six months, Gerard González has been working in collaboration with Tecknolution Company on the design and development of useful tools. These tools will allow one to estimate returns from an investment property when the costs associated with the property are put into consideration. The application is based on the latest technology and is available for both the Android and iPhone devices. The application marks the beginning of a chain of other complementary applications that will help clients identify properties and forward any real estate report through a mobile device.

David Osio says that the mobile application was a long due requirement that Davos needed to help assist in guiding their clients financially as they invest in real estate across the United States. His counterpart Gerard González added that the innovative tool would help investors understand better the financial vision when buying any property. Apart from the developing the new application, Davos is also establishing new strategic partnerships to expand their services in Europe.

About David Osio
David Osio is a graduate from the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela and also holds a degree in International Banking Law from Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA. He is the founders as well as the CEO of the Davos Financial Group since its inception in 1993. Davos offers financial advises to their esteemed groups customers. He has boosted the company’s profitability which has allowed him to uplift other independent companies in the country.

He has also worked for other different companies including the OPED Enterprise, LETCO Commercial Companies, Caracas law firm MGO, and Banco Latino International (BLI). Later in 1993 is when he established Davos Financial Group of Companies which in years has successfully maintained an enduring corporate responsibility. The companies also collaborate with other non-profit organizations to support art and culture among other social responsibilities. David Osio and Davos has received several awards for the job well done.

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Geoff Cone Knows New Zealand

New Zealand has many benefits to it that cause people to want to move there. It is a beautiful country that has something to offer most people and many people move there for different reasons. One reason that people should not be moving there for is because it is a tax haven.

In fact, New Zealand isn’t even a tax haven. This is just something that people started saying and haven’t stopped saying. Other people are moving to the country because they think that it is a tax haven, but it isn’t. The people who move to New Zealand for that reason are often sorely disappointed that they moved to a country that is not a tax haven. People who live in New Zealand do have to pay taxes and they will likely always have to pay taxes when they live in the country.

There is a list of countries that are tax free or tax havens in the world. These countries guarantee that people will not have to pay taxes on the money that they have and, if they do have to pay the taxes for some reason, they are so minimal that they will not make a difference in the person’s wealth. There are many countries on the list, but New Zealand has never made the list. It has never even come close to some of the countries that are on the list and the low tax options that they can offer to all of the citizens there.

Geoffrey Cone knows a thing or two about taxes in New Zealand. He was originally from New Zealand and learned about the tax transparency in the country. He knew that he had enough capital that he would be able to benefit from a tax haven. For this reason, he left New Zealand and moved to a tax haven country. He knew that this would be the right decision to ensure that he was getting the most out of the money that he had and that he worked hard to build up during his time as an attorney.

As a global attorney, Geoff Cone has experience all around the world. He lives in a tax haven and he often advises people that they should do the same if they have a lot of money. He wants people to be able to hang onto as much of their money as possible. This is something that he has done and something that is an excellent way for people to continue making money off of the money that they already have. There were many different ways that Geoff Cone has helped people to figure out what they needed to do with their money and with the different things that they had.

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New Zealand Discusses Its Foreign Trusts Policy

Contrary to what the media has been making New Zealand’s foreign trusts policy look like, New Zealand is not becoming a tax haven. The truth is actually nothing in even close to such a story. In reality, New Zealand’s tax situation is the same as most other countries’ tax situation; boring and uneventful.

The New Zealand government isn’t quite sure where people got the idea that they are a tax haven from, but they are adamant about correcting the perception. The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) keeps a list of all countries that could be classified as ‘tax havens’. Tax havens are characterized as having no imposed or nominal taxes, they lack transparency, and they have laws and procedures that inhibit the exchange of information with other countries. Considering these key characteristics, New Zealand doesn’t come close to qualifying as a tax haven. They don’t even have any form of secretive, private banking.

New Zealand actually takes pride in its tax transparency. According to the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters, New Zealand is one of the leading countries to embrace transparency. The OECD Model Agreement supports the exchange of tax information between governments. Due to New Zealand’s forward thinking, it was one of the first countries the OECD placed on its white list.

The countries new foreign trusts policy required any persons having a foreign trust must submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form and have financial and other records at hand. The other records may include documents such as the trust deed, details of settlements and distributions, any details about the trust’s assets and liabilities, and any money the trustee is receiving and spending. If the trust is business related, the trustee must keep records that pertain to the accounting system.

New Zealand has one of the most advanced tax systems in the world with 39 double tax agreements. This extreme system reduces tax impediments and prevents tax avoidance and tax evasion. With such an effective system, the trust lawyers and accountants of New Zealand are rather remarkable. They specialize in dealing with international clients, which elevates the country’s reputation with the OCED.

One of those remarkable lawyers is Geoffrey Cone. Geoffrey has spent decades working in the tax industry and knows how things work. He graduated with LLB honors from the University of Otago. He also has a post-graduate degree in tax and trust law. His career started shortly afterward when he began working in Auckland. He worked there for a while before moving to Christchurch where he became a partner and the Chairman of Partners.

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It’s Time For Brands To Shift To Reputation Marketing and Not Reputation Management.

Correct me if you think am wrong, but I think “reputation management” doesn’t have a good reputation. There is a tendency of many businesses and brands owners associating “reputation management” with a form of “crisis management.” It can only mean one thing. Companies and individuals would not see the need for managing their reputation until there is a problem.

According to, the reputation management industry has long reinforced this negative thought to promote the concept as a form of salvage and not a smart move to promote a brand. All brands and business owners have a reason to feel desperate when their brands are in trouble because they face forces beyond their control. In a world where consumers have the immediate and total access to information at their fingertips, professionals, and brand owners have to think about their reputations, both professionally and personally.

When people engage your brand through recommendations, comments, mentions, and reviews across a buzzing pool of online publishers, this is not a problem center for your brand but a place to catch valuable information that can help you manage brand and businesses. Most brands and business owners are aware of the facts. It is the job of the brand owner to exploit opportunities that come with these forums and using them to manage reputation as well as marketing the brand.

The today’s environment of business demands the brand owners to not only think about reputation management as a crisis management strategy but as a constant competitive advantage to drive growth and prosperity to the brand. When reputation management is treated as a marketing strategy, it has the chance of improving the brand to new heights. The new form of reputation management is referred to as reputation marketing. However, it also demands a lot of attention from the brand owners requiring them to be online on various platforms including Google, Amazon, Yelp, Angie’s List, and TripAdvisor.

The golden rule still stands that consumers trust what others like themselves are saying. Therefore, you can conclude that online reviews from many of the platforms consumers use can have a big influence on other consumers.


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Madison Street Capital In The Running For Another Award

Madison Street Capital is an excellent place to come with a business is in need of help with valuation reports. Benzinga has just reported that Madison Street Capital is in the running for yet another M&A award for their work in valuation. This is a special part of the business community that works on valuation for companies that need it, and the companies that are most in need of a report can get one from Madison Street Capital.

Their company is based on customer service, and they want to be sure that they have done a lot of work to help their clients while also making sure that their clients are going to find what they need when they are working with the company. Everyone has a specific set of needs that can be met pretty easily, and that is why a company needs to make sure that they are working with Madison Street Capital closely. They can explain what they need, and then their reports will reflect those needs.

Most of the reports that are used by clients of Madison Street Capital are for the purposes of doing a business deal with someone else. The business deals all have to do with the information that is requested, and then that information is used to create a plan that helps both parties get what they want. Knowing the exact value of a company goes a long way, and it prevents problems that most people have been they do not have business information.

Madison Street Capital is willing to close deals for all their clients, and it is all done using the information that they found. They will host the sale, and they will make sure that they can get the cash for the sale. It is very easy to complete to sale with help from Madison Street Capital.

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Town Residential Will Assist You With Your Real Estate Needs

Are you looking for real estate in NYC? If you are, then you will want to talk with TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential is a company that will assist you when you are buying or selling in the real estate market. They are the best in the industry, resulting the most positive results for anyone that uses them.

Use TOWN Residential For Personal Needs

When you want to find a great place in NYC, then you want to talk with TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential agents know the areas in NYC very well, and they can answer any questions that you might have about the area. You will find out where the best schools, entertainment and shopping sections are when you deal with the TOWN Residential agents.

For Business, You Can Use TOWN Residential

TOWN Residential also deals in the business sector so if you need a place for your business, they can help you. Ask them questions that you might have, and TOWN Residential will answer them in all cases. Make sure that you tell them what you do so they can pinpoint a place that will work for you.

TOWN Residential Agents

The TOWN Residential agents are trained professionals that know their trade well. They are a harbinger for great information about the different boroughs in NYC. They know all about the best restaurants and places to go. TOWN Residential agents are proud of their city, and they will find a place where you will fit in.

TOWN Residential Is Excellent With customer Service

When you are with TOWN Residential, you will find that customer service is an important issue with them. TOWN Residential is always aware that you might have questions, so please, ask them. At TOWN Residential, they are ready and willing to assist their clients in any way that they can.

TOWN Residential specializes in the NYC area, but if you want to go beyond that, they will accommodate for that. Be sure to look up TOWN Residential when you are planning a move to or from the NYC area, because they offer the best services around.

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IAP Worldwide Services Buys Two Business Units from the DRS Technologies

IAP Worldwide services announced its acquisition of TCNS (Tactical Communications & Network Solutions, Aberdeen Proving Ground) and Aviation and Logistics business based in Oklahoma. The two business units were formerly owned by DRS Technologies. The A& L offers aircraft repair management, mission support and logistics services. TCNS provides communication support, engineering and information technology solutions to the United States Department of Defense and various agencies. IAP Worldwide Services is looking forward to integrating the unique talent and capabilities of the two recently acquired businesses for its lasting growth strategy.

This acquisition will favor IAP greatly as it will increase its capabilities when delivering its services to customers globally. The two companies will help in doubling the size of the addressable market held by IAP Worldwide Services. The company plans to integrate the two acquired businesses to form a fresh unit to be known as Aviation & Engineering Solutions together with IAP’s former unit, National Security Programs. Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, stated that the new acquisitions will help IAP in expanding its services portfolio and solutions to international government organizations, agencies and the U.S. The Acquisitions came in the wake of a new strategy that was established by the company earlier in the year. This was to acquire and integrate companies that complement its core business.

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About IAP Worldwide Services Incorporated

IAP Worldwide Services is a top international services company that has been in existence for over 60 years. It provides a plethora of solutions and services to the U.S. and various international government organizations and agencies. It is a proven world leader in offering tested program management and integrates as well as leverages its own capabilities to providing innovative, reliable and safe solutions to meet customer demands that are complex and diverse. IAP has its corporate headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL and has several offices in Panama City, FL; Washington DC area; the Middle East and the UK.

The company offers facility management, sophisticated methodological and specialized services and international-scale logistics. It has a workforce of over 2,000 in the over 25 countries it operates in around the world. The company thrives by engaging the “unexpected” that is to say overseas battlefields and natural disasters. IAP is ready to deliver within a moment’s notice. It is highly experienced in planning, coordinating and carrying out complex technical and logistical challenges. The company maintains, operates and manages military installations that equal a small city in size, remote research laboratories and civilian facilities.

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Doe Deere: The Woman Behind the Make-up

Doe Deere is a New York City based make-up artist, author and entrepreneur. She is most recognized for her vibrant and artistic style which helped launch the success of her internet makeup brand Lime Crime.

Doe Deere’s unique style and brand have been dubbed a fashion anomaly. Lime Crime has managed to make waves in the fashion industry since it’s introduction to the market in 2008. The brand was launched for online retail and was niched for the girl with a more dramatic taste. The brand focuses on the use of intense lip color and twisted patterns that create a bold look for any user. The company also prides itself on making cruelty-free vegan products.

The line was invented by Deere after she struggled to find a make-up line that matched her vibrant clothing style. Deere was designing, stitching, and selling garments on Ebay at the time and wanted to establish a make-up line that was just as expressive as the clothing she was selling. Finding herself at a dead-end, she introduced Unicorn Lipsticks as her first product under Lime Crime. The product was an instant success and prodded Deere to introduce additional lip products under the brand name.

While Lime Crime has been a tremendous success as a company, many people are interested in the mystery of the designer and owner, Doe Deere. The fashionista is avid on social media but rarely shares the personal story behind her creative genius. With almost half a million followers on Instagram, it’s clear the world is intrigued.

The journalists who have managed an interview with Deere have discovered that there is more than meets the eye with the young entrepreneur. Behind the glitz and the glam is a sensitive, hardworking businesswoman dedicated to her company and her people.

The young entrepreneur was born in Russia before relocating to New York City. While growing up in the Big Apple she was introduced to fashion and make-up and was instantly hooked. This introduction sparked her dive into online retail and the eventual development of Lime Crime.

Deere claims that her two passions are make-up and fairytales and promotes Lime Crime as a collision of these two things. She names her products and customers after fairytale themes and designs all of her make-up with a fairytale vision. Doe Deere admits that her passion for color stems from a very early age. She had always been into art and fashion and was always decorating herself with the most colorful ensembles as a child. She was quite imaginative and this side of her personality carries over into her work even today.

Deere’s work and entrepreneurship has not gone unrecognized. Most recently, she was named one of the top inspiring women entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. While she appreciates the recognition, she is more interested in being a role model and example for any woman on a journey of entrepreneurship. Deere seeks to inspire women of all ages and interests but she seems to have a firm grip on the dreamers who are bold, brave, and dare to be different. Her story is one of hope for anyone looking to make their dreams a reality!

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Brexit Vote Could Help Brazil’s Struggling Economy

Theresa May, the new Prime Minister of Britain wanted to stay in the European Union. David Cameron did too, so he resigned. May took over because she wanted to respect the will of the people and make a success of the decision to leave the EU. Leaving the European Union is not something that happens overnight. Britain has to evoke an agreement called Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, and it takes someone schooled in EU bureaucracy to translate that agreement. The agreement gives both sides two years to agree on terms for the exit, and Mrs. May isn’t going to start that process until the end of 2016. The world is watching Britain go through the separation pains of leaving the EU, but business people like Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the international construction supply company Eucatex, based in Sao Paulo Brazil, wants the process to speed up.

Flavio Maluf has been running Eucatex for almost 20 years. Eucatex was born from a family owned sawmill in the early 1950s. The sawmill was cutting eucalyptus trees for domestic construction companies back then, and Flavio’s father decided to make ceiling tiles for those construction companies out of eucalyptus wood. The ceiling tiles were a success in the domestic consumer market, so Eucatex got into the export business based on that success. Flavio joined the company in 1987 after spending time in New York to continue his education. Portuguese is his native language so Flavio spent time studying English as well as business at New York University. Maluf helped his college friends translate English into Portuguese, and years later some of those friends relocated to Brazil to work.

Today, Eucatex is one of the top export companies in Brazil. Maluf is excited about the Brexit vote because there is a chance that Britain may decide to do more business with his company and with other companies in Brazil. Some members of the government are talking about developing a bilateral trade agreement with Britain once all the preliminary details are put to bed. Brazil needs a trading partner like Britain. When China cut back on imports from Brazil, it left a big hole in the export business. Maluf and other business leaders are trying to plug that hole.