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Dr. Mark Mofid: A Phenomenal Plastic Surgeon Giving the Gift of Beauty and Beyond

Beauty is not a characteristic that everyone is born with, but it is something that can be definitely achieved with the right plastic surgeon. Thanks to Dr. Mark Mofid, San Diego has one of the best plastic surgeons the west coast area has to the offer. I can say so many things about Dr. Mofid. When describing Dr. Mark Mofid and his work, it’s not enough to say that he is just a phenomenal Plastic Surgeon. Especially, when in fact, he is much more than that. According to the opinions of several of his previous patients, he is an absolute artist, perfecting physical features on the canvas of the human body—creating one masterpiece at a time.

So Who Is Mark Mofid?

Dr. Mark Mofid is a well-versed plastic surgeon, specializing in several areas of medicine. Some of his specialties include the following: adjacent tissue transfer, head and neck surgery, breast reconstruction and reduction, nipple reconstruction, nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty), wound repair, excision of skin lesions, and skin grafts. Furthermore, he has over 14 years experience in practicing medicine. Also, he is currently employed as a staff surgeon to three different hospitals in the San Diego and La Jolla area: Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and Palomar Medical Center. Equally important, he is not hard to locate and is more than happy to be scheduled for new upcoming appointments. Customers often express a deep appreciation for Dr. Mofid and his talents. In the same fashion, patients are quite pleased with his work, stating that the quality level of care that he provides is nothing short of amazing.

Are You thinking About Becoming A Future Patient?

A decision to have plastic surgery is a big deal, but there are some other factors to consider, besides what kind of work to have done. Prior to making an informative decision to get plastic surgery, it’s a great idea to do as much research as possible on the doctor who will be performing your future surgery. You want to be confident that whatever doctor that you choose, will give you the highest level of quality patient care. Well take a deep breath and relax. Because future patients can rest assure that Dr. Mofid is more than qualified and has a plethora of accomplishments to confirm his well-established reputation; a reputation of being one of the best surgeons in the medical profession today. Read on and allow me to elaborate.

Things To know About The Man With The Gifted Hands

First, I would like to point out that Dr. Mofid has demonstrated remarkable achievements, both academically and professionally. In his academic career, he obtained his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude. He then attended John Hopkins University, completing his medical degree with a specialty in plastics. In his professional career, he is Board Certified in two distinguished areas of medicine: the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Fascial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mofid is not only a remarkable surgeon, but he is also exceptional teacher. He has presented at several medical conferences both in the United States and internationally. In addition to teaching, he has authored several publications on facial and breast surgeries. Some of his publications have been featured in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal. The accomplishments of Dr. Mofid just go on and on.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s Passion For Safety: Safety Before Beauty

It is also safe to say that Dr. Mofid has a high regard for patient safety. Listen carefully. What all future patients should ultimately know about Dr. Mofid is that safety and quality are his primary concerns. Taking this into account, please be mindful that safety does and will always come first. Dr. Mofid is not going to put a patient’s safety at risk by performing a surgery that is deemed unsafe. To quote Dr. Mofid’s stance on buttock augmentation implants, He commented, “I place only intramuscular implants, and I never overdo it even if patients try to push for larger implants,” he replied to Plastic Surgery Practice during an interview session.

What To Expect During A Visit?

During your initial visit with Dr. Mofid, he will perform a medical evaluation and customize a treatment plan for you (the patient). The treatment plan consists of every thing the patient needs to know about the approved surgical and recovery plans. Beauty sometimes is blinding that people do not always know what’s best for them. Not to worry, Dr. Mofid is highly skilled and has the capability to assist patients in making the best decision possible. Again, Dr. Mofid is great what he does. However, he will not put your body in harms way. Plastic Surgery should never be performed at the expense of someone’s safety. If you want it done right the first time and safely, then Dr. Mofid is your guy every time.