The Unique Operations of Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr being the head of Colibri Studios is a fantastic achievement. It is through her that aspiring entrepreneurs get motivated to start their ventures. Her story is inspiring and is an encouragement also. Colibri Studios was started in 2016 and has been running since then. It has given her a chance to start something unique. Colibri has also provided Bridget with the opportunity to execute her creative ideas.

As the executive producer of Colibri Studios, her most significant motivation is nurturing talent and creativity. She understands the importance of having people develop their talents through production. She is also head of content development and strategy. Bridget is involved in seeking partnerships that are beneficial to the company.

As a female entrepreneur, she has worked her way through the competitive industry and is on her way to making it. She is a good role model for women who are afraid to have their startups. Bridget believes that with creativity, anything is possible. She is a definition of an all-in-one package. Bridget can sing, she is an author as well as a songwriter.

Her over a decade experience has helped her become competent in the market. She has worked in TV production, digital production, marketing, branding and so much more. Her tremendous work has paid off as she has shifted from being employed to being her own boss.

Bridget admits that the road has not been easy, but with persistence and determination, you are more likely to make it. One of her secrets towards the success of a business is that before venturing into any venture, analyze your competition and know the level of demand.

Another point is that Bridget understands the importance of branding. She believes that creating your brand is important as it differentiates you from the rest. Branding can include having several social media pages and making business cards with the services you offer as a business.

Bridget points out that branding is what will lead you to have your business website. Come up with samples for your proposed project if possible as that will make clients see how serious you are. Also, having long-term goals helps in the success of your business. Execution also comes into play as it will be actualizing the business plan.

One of the most significant assets of Bridget is her passion for production. Her creativity has enabled her to come up with compelling content that connects with the intended target market.


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