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Issues With Insurance That Need to Be Considered before Renting

Among the ways to bring forth greater finances involve renting out rooms. Homeowners are actually getting more involved with that so that they can bring in more income. In order to rent out rooms, homeowners are using different rental platforms in order to help them achieve their objectives for renting. The only issue is that there needs to be a lot of thought paid to the implications, both legal and financial of renting as an amateur. Among the things to consider is that short-rentals are not covered by many homeowner’s policies. There is also a lot of risk that a tenant will bring to the homeowner.

Fortunately, there are people that are willing to help others when it comes to financial decisions. Among the people that are very helpful is Richard Blair. He is the owner of Wealth Solutions Inc. which helps people make financial decisions in many different aspects of their lives which include retirement and other potential issues that need to be solved. Richard Blair is also a Registered Investment Advisor. He is very passionate about helping people manage their finances so that they can achieve financial independence and even avoid certain problems down the line.

One thing that Richard is drawn to is the world of education. He understands that education is the key to success. Another thing that draws him to education is that he is part of a family of teachers. His grandmother, mother and wife are all teachers. For one thing, he understands that teaching can help people become more confident as a result of the knowledge that they have gained. His field of interest has turned out to be the financial services industry.

He eventually founded his firm called Wealth Solutions in 1994. Through his firm, he provides advice to people without any biases or subjectivity. This allows people to make sound decisions about their finances. They will also be able to assess all of the risks in order to come to a decision as to whether or not to go through with something that they are considering. Richard Blair wants to make sure people are able to make profitable choices.

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Business Tycoon Dick DeVos Leads Gold Cup Yacht Race

Recently business tycoon Dick DeVos has participated in the Lauderdale Yacht Club Gold Cup sailing race. He is currently leading the race by one point over the reigning champion. With the addition of a number of junior sailors there are now 32 contestants in the race and therefore it will be the most competitive race to date. Since this is a very competitive event, there are a number of people who are looking to win the race and get some bragging rights. So far it looks like Dick DeVos is on pace to win and become the new champion of the Lauderdale Yacht Club Gold Cup race.

Dick DeVos is a well known business leader who as experienced a lot of success over the years. After experiencing much success with his business endeavors he has been able to make a number of charitable contributions. Over the last several years DeVos has made charitable contributions to a number of causes such as artistic, educational and also free market economics. With these charitable contributions he has been able to help make a difference in his community. These philanthropic activities have resulted in people gaining more knowledge, improved professional development, expanded businesses and also expansion of artistic programs.

The first cause that DeVos has made contributions for is artistic. He has regularly donated lots of money to a number of artistic organizations. These have helped provide professional development for arts managers as well as holding events such as ArtPrize to allow artists to submit work and show it to others. With these artistic donations, a number of organizations have been able to offer more programs for entertainment and educational purposes. Therefore Dick DeVos has made a number of key contributions to the artistic community.

Another cause that Dick DeVos has made charitable contributions to is education. He has offered a number of scholarships for business students. His programs have been able to give business students the opportunity to attend business school. By getting through business school, individuals can increase their educational level as well as get the credentials they need to advance their career.

Dick DeVos has contributed to programs that support free market economics. These programs have led to funds for buildings and business development. As a result a number of people have been able to get the resources they need in order to start up a business and expand it. The contributions have also been able to help entrepreneurs expand their operations along with providing better products and services.

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Marc Sparks Advice For Entrepreneurs

If an individual went through a lot of struggles as they were progressing through their life, he or she will want to pass on wisdom to others going through similar trials. There is much that can be done to avert struggles.

A man who suffered embarrassment while dating or in some other context in high school may want his son to avoid that, so he will share his wisdom. In his page, Marc Sparks has done something similar. Since he has gone through a lot throughout the course of his journey (as narrated in his book They Can’t Eat You), he actively labors to share his wisdom with people who are going through something similar. In this article Sparks shared a bit of his wisdom so that young entrepreneurs would be able to take steps toward success.


If we apply ourselves, we can accomplish anything. Marc Sparks believes that the key to success is internal rather than external. It is about focusing one’s mind and inclining oneself to achieve what he or she has always wanted to.

The reason that people fail is that they give in to a negative mental disposition, which informs them that they will fail and that they should quit. But Sparks believes that focus is the key to success and through that, one can accomplish anything.


Communication is central to everything that we do. If you are going into a job interview, you need to be able to relay to the potential employer the reasons that you would be an ideal candidate.

Even if you do have strong skills in your industry, you will not succeed if you cannot communicate those skills to other people. An unskilled person can even convince a potential employer to hire them on the basis of their communication skills. A proper presentation can define success. Sparks believes that there are three ingredients to a good presentation. Read more: Marc Sparks – President @ Timber Creek Capital and Spark Tank DFW

A Real Story Theories will only get us so far. Rather than focusing on what might work, Sparks believes that it is important to focus on what has worked. That is what captivates an audience.

Good Images It can be easy to zone out during a presentation. People often have a very short attention span when reading a big blog of text or listening to somebody drone on for a long time. An well-constructed image will keep the attention of the audience.

Simplicity You have a lot of knowledge.

But technical jargon can be overbearing. Explain it in simple terms. Use The Team Everybody on your team has different skills. Bring them in to the presentation so that the audience can see what everybody is contributing.

Learn more:

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Fabletics will now offer swimwear

Originally announced on Elite Daily:

Fabletics made public that they will be offering a swimwear line. The swimwear line will make a debut on April 12 and it will be available in sizes XXS to XXL. Fabletics is also expanding their clothing line with summer dresses. Kate Hudson, who is the co-founder of the brand, says that she loves summer and she is exciting about this new line of clothing. The material of the swimwear is created from recycled fabrics. The muse for the design of the swimwear comes from tribal designs, tropical designs, and nautical designs. UV Protection is built in the swimwear.

Fabletics was established in 2012. The clothing line started because Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg saw an opportunity in the active wear clothing world. They wanted to offer active wear at a much affordable price without skipping on quality and style. In 2014, Fabletics expands to Germany, France, and the U.K. Later that year, they expanded to Canada.

By January 2015, they had shipped out one million orders. A month later, Fabletics started shipping in Australia. In June 2015, the clothing line added a men’s clothing line called FL2 and expanded to Spain and the Netherlands. In September and October 2015, they opened six physical stores. On the website, customers can see each month what Kate Hudson likes in the clothing line. They can order what she likes too.

In a Youtube video, Fabletics offers a VIP membership. The VIP membership is where you get a hand picked choices of clothing every month in an email. You can look at the clothing until the fifth of every month. If you don’t like the clothing they picked, you can skip the month. But you have to skip the month before the fifth unless you want to be charge for the clothes. With the VIP membership, you can get forty to fifty percent off the clothing line, reward points for free gear, and for orders over 49 dollars free shipping.

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Positive Comments, Positive Actions

Did you ever think that positive thinking alone could provide clean water to those who need it?

The RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind – Foundation is doing just that, with the help of QNET. The Positive Thought campaign is collecting positive thoughts on this Facebook post; if they can reach 500 positive thoughts in the first two weeks, QNET will donate a Homepure RED seven stage water filtration system to Taarana – the RYTHM Foundation’s school for children with special learning needs.

If it can reach 1,000 positive thoughts within the second two weeks, another Homepure RED system will be donated to Rashid Centre, where therapy and education are given to disabled children in the UAE.

QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies – an approach that allows entrepreneurs to leave behind the shackles of a traditional retail business. Products and services become directly available to the consumer, while maintaining the essential client relationship.

Prove them wrong. Right?#QNET #SuccessTips

Posted by QNET (Official) on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Operating under the core values of care, service, and integrity, QNET has customers in over 100 markets, worldwide, helping their clients reach a market that is otherwise impossible.

QNET’s positive business model all started in 1998, as a way to get out from under corruption in the market, and help entrepreneurs all over the world realize their dreams; their first big success was procuring the official rights to distribute commemorative coins, for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Following that triumph, in 1999 turned the direct selling market on it’s head, by being one of the first Asian companies to embrace eCommerce, leading to a boom in Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

Ever since it’s conception, QNET has made it their mission to enrich the lives of others.

As a note, QNET the global network is not the same as the internet company, QNET.

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Why Women Matter

Women are told all the time that they’re not as good as men; I hear it all the time. “Why didn’t you speak up?”; “That was Tod’s idea, wasn’t it?”; “Go get some coffee while the men talk” and other phrases all come up. We women even face a glass ceiling in many traditionally male jobs – CEO, business partners, welding, firefighting, police work, and many others that have only recently opened up to females.

Another woman who knows how hard it can be to shatter that glass ceiling is Helane Morrison. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. When she attended college, she got a degree in journalism. However, she was never one to stop after one goal had been accomplished and promptly set off to study law. While she was studying for her law degree, she put her journalism degree to good use and became the editor in chief of the law review at the University of California Berkeley School of Law.

After she graduated with her law degree, Morrison worked as a law clerk in the 7th circuit US Court of Appeals. Shortly thereafter, she began to work under Harry A. Blackmun. From there, she worked at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin law firm in 1986. In 1991, she became a full partner at the firm.

During her time at this particular law firm, she became a force of integrity in the financial world. There are people termed “untouchable” due to how much money, power, and influence they accrue in whatever job they have. These are the people she started to take down; one at a time, she would find a way to bring the “untouchables” down in the financial world using the law. A couple of said people she brought down include the CEO of Google and of HBO and Co.

In 1991, Morrison changed jobs again. She went to work for the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC. Here, Helane Morrison continued her work of taking down those that had too much power, money, or influence for the regular courts to bring down. Smaller courts would have the same issue if it weren’t for Morrison.

Her crusade to bring integrity to the world of business continued via the SEC until 2007. She now works at Hall Capital Partners, LLC.

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Alexei Beltyukov is an Established Businessperson and Great Investor

Alexei Beltyukov is a self-established billionaire, active philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He began his career in the medical field, but developed a business interest in the process and opted to venture into the corporate sector. He is a holder of master’s degree in business administration from the INSEAD Business School. He serves as a head of several international companies comprising of Endemic Capital (2013), New Gas Technologies (2006), A-Ventures, as well as SOLVY.

Philanthropic activitiesHe established Endemic Capital back in 2003 to offer funding for new firms in Russia. He has set up several organizations aimed at assisting Russian nationals interested in starting businesses or attending business school. A -Venture LTD is a Russian Company that was established by Beltyukov to help other companies in the identification of alternative sources of capital.

Beltyukov supports needy students to not only pursue the college education, but also establish a successful professional career. He is the founder of Russian Alumni Scholarship that has paid tuition fees for many Russian students studying at INSEAD University. He serves as the vice president of Skolkovo Foundation, which collaborates with the Russian government to help Russians to make wise investment decisions. Additionally, the foundation provides financial support to technology investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to expand their operations throughout Russia.Alexei has held senior roles in established companies and uses his extensive experience to market his firms across the globe.

The Launch of SOLVY

Alexei Beltyukov is a staunch supporter of education cause and attributes most of his business success to his education. On April 24, 2015, He launched SOLVY.COM, which is an app that assists high schools students in handling various task via the online platform. The technology was launched during the celebration of Educator Day. Beltyukov will discuss the future of SOLVY technology with professionals in the teaching sector.

Benefits of using SOLVY

The technology can generate homework assignment covering the set parameters. Teachers can administer learning exercises that address the unique needs of each student. The platform trains students to think progressively in tackling of various tasks since it does not offer multiple-choice questions. Through this platform, students will acquire problem-solving skills. According to Alexei Beltyukov from Twitter, SOLVY will help teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses of students and to assist them where necessary outside a classroom setting. The platform will help high school student to develop skills that will simplify math problems.

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Fabletics Moving To Brick and Mortar Shops

Just recently an active wear brand known as Fabletics announced that they will be opening several more store fronts around the country, according to an article on Fabletics was first launched online but has since opened actual brick and mortar stores. The company plan to expand up to 100 stores over the next 3-5 years according to the co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg. The Kate Hudson active wear line has been under allegations in recent months as some customers complained that the subscription model run by the company was a scam. However things are looking up as problems are being ironed out.

Shifting from being purely online to allowing for a brick and mortar store gives customers and opportunity to actually try on the clothing in person. Activewear can be difficult to size when buying online as different brands use different fitments. Fabletics is also known to provide customers with an option for a subscription service that will be charged to their credit cards accordingly. The monthly subscription will send out outfits that have been Kate Hundson approved, giving members the opportunity to stay ahead of the active wear trend and enjoying the newest combinations and colors.

In the past customers had complained that they did not remember agreeing to the subscription service and then found it very difficult to opt out. The parent company of Fabletics, JustFab and its co-CEO Adam Goldenberg told Forbes that the number of complaints had slowly been declining as issues were being addressed. He said the vast majority of the users really liked the subscription. 800 000 items were typically shipped out on a monthly basis which proves of its popularity.

The Better Business Bureau commented on the question by Forbes wether customer complaints were on the decline. They confirmed the claim but also said the reason for complaint numbers reducing was due to the parent company and Fabletics listing its subsidiaries separately.

Fabletics has been doing their best improve their customer experience by addressing the system as well as re-writing the FAQ section on the website. This should improve the over all understanding of the subscription by the customer says Adam Goldenberg.

The company had initially started in October 2013 and has come a long way from being a women specific brand to now also providing a mens line. Their idea with the brand was to fill a gap that existed within active wear. This gap was the quality vs affordability which was not evident at the time. They have succeeded and the small brand is steadily growing.

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The TV series Queens of Drama

If you love reality soap opera television series, you’ll love Queens of Drama. This American drama scripted series debuted on April 26, 2015 on the POP network. Even though the series offered viewers only 30 drama-fied minutes per episode, most viewers felt like those 30 minutes gave more action than expected which was satisfactory. When the first episode, “I Don’t Do Ugly”, aired reports show up to 169,000 U.S viewers tuned in to see what Queens of Drama had in store. The second episode, “People Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves” also had an estimate of 169,000 U.S viewers.

On the contrary, Queens of Drama entails ex daytime and primetime soap stars that create a production company to introduce a new program filled with drama. Crystal Hunt, one of the cast members, is 1 of 6 soap stars who were lucky enough to star in and successfully complete the entire first season of Queens of Drama.

Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida on February 5, 1985. Not long after birth, Crystal’s career began. Her first gigs involved participating in pageants starting from 6 months old. Her adorable looks, acting and singing lessons got her noticed quickly as she won a role in a hit movie known as the “Problem Child 2” in 1991. Crystal was also able to work with stars such as N-sync and Tom Hanks.

As Ms. Hunt’s Soap Opera career continues to progress, she was offered jobs involving commercials. Two of the most memorable commercials she starred in were As Crystal developed into a skilled actress over the course of her career, she started landing roles in soap operas such as the Guiding Light, One Life to Live as well as films including The Derby Stallion and Sydney White. Due to her hard work and dedication, in 2005 Hunt received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.  Crystal is also a photographer, and her website has seen her popularity skyrocket.

Although Crystal Hunt is known on her Facebook as the youngest actress in the drama television industry, she was able to accomplish a lot of things including things outside of her acting life.  Ms. Crystal Hunt opened an upscale pet boutique in her hometown called “My Pets Dream Boutique”.

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Brian Torchin Has Moved Up Through The Ranks Of Healthcare Management

In the healthcare industry, there are quite a number of different ways that one can make it big. Healthcare management is one route to attaining great success in the field. There are different types of healthcare managers. Some healthcare managers will run a single doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare enterprise. Other healthcare managers will run companies that assist other healthcare managers. Healthcare staffing agency managers work to bring the right employees to healthcare companies. When someone hasn’t found their healthcare job yet, they often will go through these companies. Therefore, healthcare staffing agencies are an important part of the healthcare industry. Brian Torchin has made it big by being the president of a healthcare staffing agency. His company is HCRC, which brings in employees for companies around the world. However, to get to this level, Brian Torchin is highly experienced and skilled in healthcare management. He really knows just what healthcare businesses are looking for.

Brian Torchin started out working with patients at his chiropractic business. This business did very well, because patients were impressed with his chiropractic services. His major in his undergraduate years was exercise science, so his services have been exceptionally good for those with sports and exercise related concerns. He continues to run this business, and it is still doing quite well.

Then, Brian’s resume shows he graduated from being a chiropractor to healthcare manager. When he did this, he became a fairly successful healthcare manger. In fact, Brian Torchin started to manage quite a number of different businesses. These business actually were quite spread out through Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. The healthcare businesses did well with his management. In fact, he became well known enough that he was actually able to continue to advance his career even further.

Quite a while back, Brian Torchin first got his position as President of HCRC. In this position, he’s had a lot of success in taking HCRC to new heights. The company is currently thriving. Brian Torchin has turned HCRC into a very customer service oriented company. Rather than just talking to bureaucrats in lower levels of the company, anyone going through the company can have a conversation with Brian Torchin. Additionally, he’s enhanced the company’s ability to find the right employees for healthcare enterprises.