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Premier Food Provider, OSI Group

OSI Group is a leading worldwide food provider that partners with foodservice and retail food brands to the joy of consumers around the globe. The food network has over 65 facilities and over 20,000 employees in 17 countries across the world. It has full-fledged resources in the culinary department, food processing, and the product development. It has maintained its excellence by networking with Global Councils to communicating ideas and exchanging practices and stellar solutions for their clients.

OSI Group acquires companies whose products and brand complement theirs so as to broaden its presence across the world so as to serve the ever-changing needs of its customers. In this spirit, it recently acquired ownership of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of fast foods, deli meats and snacks and Flagship Europe, Group, from the Flagship Food Group, Denver, Colo.

However, the amount used to purchase the Dutch company remains undisclosed. The Dutch company has five holdings with processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands which cater to customers in 18 European countries.

Flagship Europe provides products like mayonnaise, poultry, dressings and sauces to the UK food market. Flagship Europe also copped Calder Foods, a UK- based firm that provides sauces, marinades, etc. so as to extend its market.

The OSI Group has also acquired ownership of a Chicago plant so as to save the company and its remaining employees. The company, Tyson Foods, shut down one of its plants at 4201 s. Ashland Avenue which resulted in the loss of 480 jobs. Documents at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds show that the OSI Group acquired this plant at $7.4 million.

OSI Group ensures that its business activities have a positive impact on the people, their communities, and the environment. It is forever delving into ways to improve its sustainability. These relentless efforts have continually been recognized by the food industry and have led the group to bag numerous awards.

In 2016, it received the prestigious Globe of Honor Award and the Sword of Honor from the British Safety Council. These awards were in respect to OSI’s brilliance in the management of the environment. The firm was among 18 establishments worldwide that got the award. Corporations that are gifted this award had to have achieved the BSC’s environmental audit scheme within the past year. They also have to show their excellence in managing the environment before a panel of independent experts.

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Securus Goes Against All the Odds to make Christmas a Special Day

Christmas is usually a tie for people to have fun, enjoy and be with their loved ones. However, the situation is not the same in correction facilities. Many inmates in correction facilities find it difficult to communicate with their loved ones and miss their families. The holidays become a sad event because they miss almost all the happenings. Many inmates do not want to go home and spend time with their family. They only want to witness the whole event and even participate a little. That has been made possible thanks to Securus Video Visitation program.


The Christmas video visitation allows inmates to see their family and loved ones during opening gifts and taking meals. They get to be part of the holiday. Even though they cannot be there in person, it makes a difference in a big way. They can enjoy and go through the holiday in a more pleasant way.


Before planning for a visit, one should submit their information electronically. The user id and photo are necessary for identification. It allows the staff and wardens in correction facilities to have more control over people expected to make the visits. The feature restricts users from bad behavior. Apart from just being a communication system, it improves the general safety in the correction facility. The scheduling system is integrated into the jail system. It ensures that visitors get the appropriate time to schedule jail visits.


Anyone that has used the video visitation program knows that it is highly advantageous. The video service gives one the ability to monitor and even record visits. It acts as a great chance for people in authority to launch an investigation. The video monitoring service has reduced violence in correction facilities. The service has created efficient communication between the parties involved. The result is that friends and family have been able to enjoy their Christmas and holiday season together.


If you may never want to take your children to prison for any visit, then I recommend considering the video visitation program. Securus has played a huge role in transforming communication in correction facilities. The company has grown to become a technology leader and provider in several prisons. Securus has improved its services and areas of operations. The firm is currently available in different parts of the world such as Texas, Canada, Mexico and Atlanta. Securus Technology company motto is making connections that matter. The firm considers family as the most important part of the community. Securus strives to bring in more advanced technology to make the world a better place.



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Patients Hold Anesthesiology Doctors In High Esteem

Whether by choice or due to accident or emergency, most of us will require the expertise of an anesthesiology department in our lifetime. Unless the family steps in, we may not have a choice of anesthesiologists in an emergency situation. However, when I had elective surgery performed, I must say that Capitol Anesthesiology was a choice I made without reservation.

Having experienced their services during a prior health crisis, I must say that I was taken aback by the caring, patient attitude of the doctors, nurse anesthetists and support staff alike. All are highly, continuously trained and the doctors are either board certified or are in the process of certification. I felt absolutely no rush as the procedure was explained to me, and all my questions were answered in an understandable way with no hint of condescension. The support staff was extremely helpful after the procedure when I had questions about insurance and billing. Since insurance is such a maze currently, their attitude was a welcome surprise.

Probably one of the primary reasons I like Capitol Anesthesiology is their commitment to community involvement. This strikes me as a rare commodity in our society and illustrates to me the overall philosophy of their practice.

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A Smooth Leadership Transition at Capital Group, Inc.

Leadership is an important driver of success especially in multinationals operating in a diverse environment characterized with diverse markets and human capital. Good leadership ensures that various departments, units and subsidiaries operate as an effective and efficient unit. Good leadership is a multifaceted concept that is determined by various factors including smooth transition and the qualities of the incoming leader.

Therefore, experience and familiarity of the organizational culture and market are important factors in determining the success of any incoming leader. Timothy (Tim) Armour, is one such leader; a veteran in the investment sector who spent over three decades at Capital Group before being elected as its Chairman.

Education and Work History

Since graduating from Middlebury College in 1983 with his first degree in economics, Timothy D. Armour has never changed employers or careers. He has spent an incredible 32 years at Capital Group working his way through the company’s ranks from an associate to the chairman of the multinational’s management committee. The eight-man management committee, which he is the current chair, is the apex of the company’s leadership tasked with making vital decisions that has since seen the company emerge as one of the leading investment management companies globally.

Armour’s rise was crowned on 28 July 2015 when the Group’s Board of Directors formally elected him as the successor to Jim Rothenberg, who passed away suddenly. While Rothenberg, the then Chairman, passed away suddenly there was nothing sudden about Armour’s ascension to the position. His taking over as the overall Group’s Chairman was eminent as he had served in various positions within the company including serving as an investment analyst specialized in equities. Before his election, he was the Group’s Deputy Chairman.

Views on Market Selloff

Having served in the industry for many years and as part of the Group’s eight-man collegiate management structure, Timothy D. Armour has a deep and well-informed insight into how investment industry operates, locally and globally. On the recent tumble in stocks across global markets triggered by China’s decision to lower interest rates while relaxing banking laws to entice investors, Armour believes that such tinkering with the markets are necessary to jolt them and remove excesses.

Therefore, the U.S. Federal Reserve should consider revising interest rates upwards to reduce cases of investors taking unnecessary risks. Additionally, he believes the recent turbulence should be expected in the future as China, a global market leader, continues to adjust. Despite this, he believes China still offers investment opportunities as its economy is still robust.

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The Success Story about Sam Boraie

When you think of real estate development in New Brunswick, the person that comes to mind is Sam Boraie. He is the vice president of Boraei Development Company which is one of the development companies located in the north east United States. This company is located in New Jersey and has dedicated it’s entire existence in changing the face of New Brunswick. Under his watch, the company has developed a multi-use facility that has attracted many businesses and residents to the city in search of office space, retail shops, and even residential apartments. The company is also dedicated to changing the landscape of Atlantic City which has not improved economically.

His development projects

Sam Boraie has worked with other experienced developers and other likeminded individuals who manage and develop properties and top notch projects in a variety of communities across the country. Sam Boraie also liaised with basket ball star Shaquille O’Neal to bring his home town a new residential building. The Boraie Company boasts of having built “The Aspire” which is a 238- unit high rise near the New Brunswick Train station and a spring street. The company has also built a health club, a roof deck, among other social amenities. The 25 story mixed used space of 400,000 square feet is also one of their projects. The beach at south inlet Atlanta city which hosts 250 residential units near the Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean is a project done under their watch. A project in the downtown area which features commercial spaces and 20,000 square feet of retail space was built by Boraie Development Company.

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His philanthropic character

Sam Boraie is not only a developer but a philanthropist who is involved in several charity organizations. He is also involved with Elijah’s promise which is a charitable organization involved with the welfare of the community. Its main mandate is to end poverty in the various communities located in New Jersey. The company which largely depends on donations seeks to end hunger and provide healthy food to the community. They also create businesses that empower individuals to get sustained employment that will help them provide for their needs with ease. He sits on the board of this noble organization.

Summer projects sponsored by Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie sits on the board of the historical state theater. The theater which largely depends on donations got a sponsorship from Boraie Development Company to air a free summer movie series to the community. The program gave families an opportunity to share quality time together by sitting together to watch these family movies. The theater was also renovated to its old form. Today it’s the place where teachers and students gather to watch performances. It also hosts dances and performances from various groups.


Sam Boraie has done a lot of development projects that have improved the lives of so many individuals in New Brunswick. His development projects have impacted the lives of those residents positively. It has also brought closer state of the art amenities which has greatly improved the status of the town.

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Only Trust A FreedomPop Review That’s Written By A User Of The Services

Many who write a FreedomPop review may simply be regurgitating information that they received about the services and have not used the services themselves. The most recent reviews are written from the experience of someone who’s actually used the services, which makes the review that much more valuable and more credible than other ones that are found online. A lot of reviews want to talk about the free cell phone service, which is still running strong after several years of being offered by FreedomPop. Even though FreedomPop has added paid services, many still like to use the free service.


Since the free service comes with 500 MB of data, 200 minutes, and unlimited text messages, this may be enough for those who don’t use their cell phone lot. Anyone needing extra data can choose to pay two cents per megabyte after they’ve used the 500 MB, but that’s only if they turn off the automatic top up. One must go into their account to turn off the top up if the don’t wish to be charged the $10 fee each time their data comes within 100 MB of be used up. There are also other great options for wireless services from FreedomPop.


One such service is the paid plan, with unlimited talk time as well as text messages, but the data is limited to only 500 MB per month. Similar to the free plan, using other sources for Internet service or purchasing additional data is possible. It’s also important for customers to know that they can complete offers from FreedomPop as well as adding friends to gain free data when they need it. The paid plan costs $10.99 each month. Another paid plan is the unlimited everything plan, which is a bargain at the price of only $19.99 per month.


The unlimited everything plan is all inclusive. Even 1 GB of 4G LTE data is given with this plan as well as unlimited 3G data afterwards. Many love using the unlimited everything plan since it’s very similar to plans that other carriers offer, but the price difference is very significant with the plan from FreedomPop. The FreedomPop company allows their customers to bring cell phones from any company as long as the phone is unlocked or is a Sprint phone that can be switched to FreedomPop, and there is also the option of buying a phone from FreedomPop too.

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How Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Can Protect Your Retirement

Richard Blair is a well-experienced financial expert who has been giving great investment advice for decades. After finishing up his education in 1993, he founded the independent investment firm Wealth Solutions as a way of giving his clients the kind of objective advice that they need in the difficult world of investment.

Blair was dedicated to pulling away the kind of “opinion-based” advice he’d seen ravage the industry and wanted to provide his clients with real-world and fact-based advice that would get things done.

One of the biggest focuses of his firm has been providing investment advice to those who are looking to fund their retirement. Blair believes that everyone deserves to have the kind of funds later in life that they need to live a comfortable and happy life.

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is what is known as a Registered Investment Advisory or RIA firm, one that offers three different pillars for investment.

The first of these pillars is used to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of each client. It also involves gauging their risk tolerance and their ability to grow their savings in a safe and comfortable way.

The idea is to get a feeling for where the client is coming from as an investor and to use this information to fuel a sound and realistic investment strategy.

This strategy will be focused on in the second pillar. Using the information learned in the first pillar, a long-term strategy will be developed, including reallocating assets to maximize portfolio success.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions will tweak your portfolio repeatedly, and as the market changes, to ensure that your hard-earned savings don’t disappear in a puff of smoke when stocks take a little tumble. The idea is to protect your investment and to add valuable years to your retirement.

Last, but not least, is pillar three. This is the final endpoint of the whole solution and it is designed to provide you with the kind of insurance you need to live a happy life.

For example, you will find a way to earn long-term care insurance, life insurance, and various annuities that will help protect your family in the case of an untimely death. Too few companies focus on this aspect of retirement and leave their clients high-and-dry.

That is what sets Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair apart from their competitors. They have worked hard for decades to become a successful and helpful retirement investment firm. The goal, as always, is to help you save money, earn money, and retire when you want and with the money you deserve.

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Madison Street Capital: The Most Reputable Investment Banking Institution


Madison Street Capital is a leading investment bank that does Debt Financing Investment and Private Equity. Madison Street Capital’s reputation is on the rise following their success over the many years of experience in the industry. The company has experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships to match the dynamic middle market of investment banking and financial services. The company is one of the leading providers of mergers & acquisitions and corporate financial advisory. Madison Street Capital wide base of financial experts can arrange the appropriate capitalization structure and finance to suit your unique needs.

The Chicago-based company is targeting the top middle investment banking markets. Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. The company draws out a full set of skills to prove a wide range of services in the investment banking industry. The company has a reputation to protect. Their seasoned experts understand every client’s unique problems. For this reason, they will develop the most appropriate solution to your company. For the company owners looking for prospective investors and buyers, Madison Street Capital has the best solution for you. The offer services including building a sound exit strategy, selling a business, favorable lending, and the simple corporate matters concerning governance. The company has a reputation and history for excellence in the industry.

For all these years of professional experience, Madison Street Capital has helped their clients in numerous ways. The company has an in-depth understanding of the vertical industries. Their experience has stretched beyond corporate finance and governance areas. For this reason, they remain the leader in financial services advisory, mergers & acquisitions, and other property valuations. The company has a worldwide view that emphasizes on business networks and local relationships.

Madison Street Capital’s know-how includes:
Tax Planning and Wealth Preservation
• Tax Planning
• Build Wealth
• Business Exit Planning

Asset Management Industry Focus
• Portfolio Valuation Services
• Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
• Financial Sponsor Coverage
• Restructuring Services

Financial Opinions
• Solvency & Capital Adequacy
• Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions

Valuation for Financial Reporting
• Structured Finance Products
• Purchase Price Allocations
• Share-Based Compensation
• Goodwill & Intangible Asset Impairment

Business Valuation
• Tax Compliance
• Company Valuation

Corporate Advisory
• Private Placements
• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
• Reorganization Services
• Capital Restructuring
• ESOP Advisory
• Bankruptcy Services
• Corporate Governance
• Buy Out Advisory

Madison Street Capital is one of the companies in the world that are committed to excellence and integrity. Their services and leadership portray the benefits of operating with them. For them to stay at the top, they have taken the great interests of their highly-esteemed clients at heart. For every tenacious opportunity, they are there to respond quickly. Their approach creates financial transactions for both the investors and business owners. For all special needs presented to the company, they have a better way to provide solutions in finance and mergers & acquisition. Learn more:

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All about Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup line ‘Lime Crime.’ Back in 2008, she searched everywhere for bright colored lipstick, but couldn’t find it anywhere. The only thing she found was the typical nude and natural colors. She eventually got tired of looking and made her own. She eventually came out with her own unicorn lipstick products. Doe Deere has always been a unique individual and you can really see that in her makeup line. lime Crime is very different from the other makeup lines. Her unicorn lipstick line was one of the very first odd and radical colored lipsticks to hit the market. And apparently, Doe wasn’t alone in the drive for crazy colored lipstick because her lipsticks were a huge success. And still today Doe is coming up with unique products that are really popular. Lime Crime has a brand new matte liquid lipstick line that has been a huge success!

Doe states that she has always been a dreamer. She was born in Russia, but moved to New York City at the age of seventeen. She wanted to pursue a music career, so she joined a band while she was there. Doe says that longing to be a musician is what started her idea to dream big. Later on she really got into makeup and fell in love with it. She wanted to do something different and she did just that. Doe is also known as the “Queen of Unicorns.” She makes all thing rainbow and you can tell by her line that she is and always has been a dreamer. She always has a new color of hair, and a new shade of lipstick. Doe has always been into makeup and fashion. Makeup and fashion has always been the perfect way for her to express her uniqueness. She has her own sense of style and wears it proud. Doe encourages others to follow their heart and to “Go where you love,” and to explore it. She also encourages others to be themselves and she is a perfect example of why we should listen!

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Town Residential Expanding their Business; Opening another outpost

You know that your business is really growing when you are able to afford a 10th outpost less than 3 years after you started out. Well, this is the success story that Town Residential has had. The company, which was started in 2011, was able to open their 10th outpost in 2013. The office was to be located in a position between TriBeCa and Hudson Yards so as to serve those communities. It is important to note that raising the rent for the meat packing district is no mean fete.

The great thing about the new location is that it is close to the residential homes of the affluent. This means that the company is now close to the type of clientele that they have been targeting. In addition to getting this wonderful location, they have found a great building, where they have rented out an entire floor, together with a private roof. The private roof will be the perfect place to take the clients they are trying to close deals with. Andrew Heiberger who is the CEO at town residential states that getting a branch in this side of town, and the building was a step in the right direction because they needed better office space for their expanding base of clients.

He stated that he was happy about the new place because it would provide the ideal environment with the needed relaxed environment where the deals would be struck. The move they made was to help them tap into the high profile clientele base in the area and close on the deals. He expressed optimism that this move would help them grow their sales.

It is interesting to note that in this area, rental space goes for as much as $90 per square foot. The fact that the company has made a commitment to pay this amount of rent shows that they are really confident about their growth and profitability. The owner of the rental space is a shareholder at the company ad they have been engaging him in talks over the further expansion of the company.

Thor Sitts, the owner of the building is one of the many people that have invested in Town Residential. His support for them came at the perfect time because as a startup, they were having a hard time convincing investors to get on board. However, he must be really proud of his decision to invest because the little boutique company has now turned into a fully fledged real estate investment that is dealing with clientele from all the parts of the town. It is the hope of the company’s leadership that as they continue with their plans to expand their business, they will achieve more success.